Volleyball is a type of sport loved by just anyone and can be played all year round. But if you decide to play volleyball, you need to be aware that there are broad range of accessories that you will need such as shoes, shorts, jersey, pads, socks and most importantly, volleyball bags.

For you to be able to have the ultimate experience, you need to have quality and durable volleyball bags for your games and practices. This bag can help you carry all the things you will need for a good game. There are numerous volleyball bags available today but it pays to choose the best one that can carry your things and can serve its intended purpose for many years. Skip to the best Volleyball Bag on Amazon.

List Of Best Volleyball Bag in 2019 Reviews:

10. FoRapid Volleyball Bag


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This functional and durable volleyball storage bag ideal for traveling just light with you volleyball accessories and your balls. This is capable of holding full-size number 7 sports ball with circumference of 29.5 inches or even less.


  •  Made of finest quality of materials
  •  With anti-tearing and waterproof feature
  •  This also comes with side mesh pockets to hold your bottled water

9. Baden Heavy Duty Volleyball Bag

Baden Heavy Duty Carrying Bag

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This is a reliable volleyball bag that can properly hold about 6 volleyballs. With its heavy duty construction, individuals can expect for its long-term use and service.


  •  Lightweight, durable and easy to use
  •  Guarantees heavy duty construction to ensure that your things are properly organized
  •  Can hold about six balls

8. Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack – Volleyball Bags

Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack

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This is a premiere backpack especially designed to get you noticed on the volleyball court. The Mizuno tea backpack is ideal for both volleyball coaches and players. This premium quality backpack features larger main compartment, additional loops, quality knee pad clips and well-ventilated shoe pouch.


  •  The Mizuno volleyball bag is easy to use and durable
  •  The bag is spacious enough to accommodate your ball inside
  •  This volleyball backpack is beneficial for players and coaches alike

7. Molten Volleyball Bags

Molten Volleyball Bag

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This is also one of the best volleyball bags available in the market today. This is a unique rectangular nylon volleyball bag particularly designed for volleyball players and even coaches. This bag can even be utilized by travellers.


  •  This bag can hold six inflated official size volleyballs
  •  Ideal for players, coaches and travelers
  •  The shoulder strap can be adjusted
  •  There is a give space where you can write the name of the team

6. Wilson Sport Backpack, Volleyball Bags

Wilson Sport Bag/Backpack

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This is also one of the best volleyball bags that can be used as duffel bag and backpack. This bag comes with conversion straps, vented end pockets for shoes and balls. This also comes with wet compartment.


  •  There is a compartment for your wet clothes and towels
  •  Easy to use and durable
  •  Sturdy and is ideal for everyday use

5. Tachikara Nylon Volleyball Bag

Tachikara Tv 6 Nylon Volleyball Team Bag

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This is also one of the top volleyball bags based on positive 2019 reviews. This bag measures 24in in length, 8in in width and 15.75 in height. This durable volleyball bag comes with shoulder strap that you can easily adjust. This can hold six inflated volleyballs. With this bag, organizing and carrying your gear and other personal items will become easier and more convenient.


  •  Different colors available for you to choose from
  •  This volleyball bag is perfect for transport and storage
  •  The zippers are sturdy and can withstand everyday use
  •  Durable bag and can be used when traveling without experiencing any issue

4. Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack – Best Volleyball Bags

Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack

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  • By: Mizuno Volleyball Bags

Mizuno volleyball backpack is a top-grade product which guarantees convenience and safety for your volleyball gear. It comes with a very large main compartment for carrying large loads. Also, there’re various smaller compartments to help you sort your items for easy and quick access.

With knee pad clips, this bag offers comfort and convenience for any volleyball enthusiast. It also features additional loops just in case you need more. Also, the backpack is fairly priced given its quality.

Extra features:

  • There’s an extra mesh volleyball bag
  • The ventilated pouch meant for the shoes keeps them fresh

3. ASICS Unisex Volleyball Bag Individual

ASICS Unisex Volleyball Individual

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  • By: ASICS Volleyball Bags

ASICS has always been at the top of the market. First, this is a fairly priced basketball backpack which boasts a 600D polyester construction. This material guarantees durability and offers years of service.

Again, the numerous compartments let one sort their items conveniently thus offering quick access. And yes, there’s a toggle closure for easy opening and closing of the bag. Lastly, the backpack comes with plastic hooks which let you attach the mesh bag for boots on the exterior of the team bag for easy carrying and storage.

Extra features:

  • It offers enough space for a volleyball
  • The price is fair

2. Mizuno Tornado Volleyball Backpack – Volleyball Bags

Mizuno Tornado Volleyball Backpack

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This volleyball backpack measures 21” tall, 14” wide and comes with compartments that can easily hold your ball. Mizuno volleyball backpack also features side foot pouch keeping the shoes safe and completely out of the major compartment. Your valuables and personal items will also be kept organized if you use this bag.


  •  Durability
  •  Supreme comfort
  •  Very functional volleyball bag
  •  Abrasion resistant fabric to guarantee unmatched quality and durability
  •  Can accommodate all your essential things like jacket, towel , bottled water and more

1. Mikasa 12 Basketball Duffel Bag, Best Volleyball Bags

Mikasa 12 Basketball Duffel Bag

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If you want your games and all your practices and games to be smooth and organized, you need to bring a durable and premium quality volleyball bag with you. In such case, the Mikasa Volleyball Carrying Bag is a smart choice. This bag is actually included in the list of the best bags available in the market today.


  •  This is beautifully designed volleyball bag that also comes with lively colors of blue and yellow
  •  This can securely hold six balls
  •  Side pockets and straps can be adjusted

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