Waking up may be a bit easier

Being a heavy sleeper won’t matter when one of the best alarm clocks are on the job. When you use one of the top 10 best wake-up light alarm clock in 2019 to wake you up. You know you won’t be late for your early morning appointment.

When you are on time, rested and ready to go, you get a lot more respect.

Our wake-up light alarm clock review

List Of Top 10 Best Wake-up Light Alarm Clock in 2019

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp, with Sunrise Alarm and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3650/60)
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3510)
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Radio, White (HF3505)
$74.25$96.41 (23% off)
Bioxo Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock, 5 Colors Atmosphere Lamp Wake-up Light, 3-Brightness Bedside Light, Touch Control Morning Alarm Light with Nature Sounds & FM Radio White
Sunrise Alarm Clock- Wake Up Light LED Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light-6 Natural Sounds/FM Radio/7 Colors Switch/10 Brightness Levels/Snooze Function for Heavy Sleepers
LED Alarm Clock Radio for Kids , Lorretta Wake Up Sunrise Simulator Touch Control Digital Light Alarm Clock with 6 Nature Sounds, 7 Color Light and FM Radio, White
$28.99$69.99 (59% off)
Home-Neat Wake Up Light Alarm Clock,Sunrise Alarm Clock With Blutooth 4.0 speaker,FM Radio,Nature Sounds,7 Colors Night Light,Smart Snooze Function,3.5mm AUX,Touch Control With USB Charger
Alarm Clock Radio Wake Up Light Bluetooth Speakers Clock FM Radio for Bedroom USB Charging Port LED Color lamp Touch Control Night Light Stereo Sound & TF Card & AUX-Pink
Warmhoming [2018 Upgraded] Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light with 8 Alarm Sounds, Wireless Charger, Color Light, Bedside Sunrise Simulator for Bedroom, Bedside and Kids (White)
AngLink Wake-up Light, Sunrise Alarm Clock with USB Output Interface, FM Radio, Temp Humidity Monitor, Sunrise & Sunset Fading Night Light, Multi-Color Mood Light (The Gift for Your Lover)

10. Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light

Philips Somneo Sleep

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A little light therapy may go a long way. You can wake-up to a sunrise color even with the drapes closed. Plus, you get white noise to help drown out annoying sounds that keep you from falling asleep.]

In addition to that there are 7 built-in natural sounds and FM capability for a relaxing wake up call. Also, a USB brings you the power to keep the clock on duty all the time. The time is displayed at the bottom of the alarm clock in easy to read coloring.

9. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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The built-in sunrise and sunset lighting systems do not hide the clock numbers. You can easily see when it is time to go to sleep or get up. After your purchase, this clock helps you reenergize and feel better.

Beside those features, you get 20 sunset light settings, and 3 wake-up sounds. If you need an extra 5 minutes of rest a snooze feature is on hand to let you grab extra shut eye. The alarm clock doubles as a reading lamp. It has 10 brightness levels.

8. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm

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Waking up to the sunrise is a charming way to get out of bed. This light alarm clock gives you the sunrise even when you can’t see it. Plus, it uses 2 natural sounds to make sure you are fully awake and ready to go.

Also, 10 brightness levels allow you to read in bed before you go to sleep. Beside this, you also get a 9-minute snooze function for those extra winks of rest you need.

7. Bioxo Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Bioxo Sunrise Simulation

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The digital display lets you see the time clearly. Then the 5-button control panel allows you to access all the features on this light alarm clock with ease. Plus, you can wake up to one of 6 included lights. From red to green to blue and more, you get to make up as you want.

Also, a sunset timer gives you up to an hour of light before shutting off. After waking up you can touch the 5-minute snooze bar for extra sleep time.

6. VegasDoggy Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock

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You can switch between FM radio and 6 natural sounds when it is time for you to wake up. The choice is yours. Also, with 7 colors to choose from, you can wake up to a very decorative light alarm clock.

Beside all of this, the 10 brightness levels gently put you to sleep or wake you from your slumber. This light alarm clock has a clear digital display as well as 5 buttons on the control panel.

5. Lorretta Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Lorretta Wake Up Light

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The digital display uses clear numbers to let you know if you are early or late for an appointment.  The light turns on 30 minutes before the alarm goes off to help you gently wake up.  Also, you can use the included 6 natural sounds for an alarm.

Plus, the 5 buttons give you the opportunity to select the light you want as your gentle alarm.  You get a choice of 7 colors. In addition to this, you only need to hold the FM button for 3 seconds to save your favorite FM station.

4. Bestech Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Home-Neat Wake Up Light

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Along with the FM radio feature, you can use the Bluetooth capability to ensure you wake up to your music. The separate FM button switches you from radio to Bluetooth to AUX options.

Plus, 3 AAA batteries provide the power for your 7 light display and 10 brightness levels. Also, you can wake up to the lights or the 6 included natural sounds. Then the rubber anti-slip feet keep the clock from moving from its position.

3. HuiNiu Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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The simple digital display brings you the time clearly and without confusion. Then you can use the control panel to set the clock to alarm or to your Bluetooth function. Stream your music your way.

Also, a 3 ½ hour charge brings you up to 6 hours of playback time. You are in control when and how you wake up. You get to customize the light alarm clock to fit your needs. It doubles as a night light as well.

2. Warmhoming Sunrise Alarm Clock

Warmhoming Sunrise Alarm

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With this light alarm clock, you get the humidity and temperature levels at a glance. You also get the time. All the numbers are clearly displayed for your convenience. Plus, the alar will ring for 2 minutes to make sure you wake up.

Also, you can use the 12-hour or the 24-hour timing system to get the exact time of day.  Its 8 alarm options give you plenty of choice in how you wake up the next day.

1. AngLink Wake-up Light

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The 20-minute sunrise and sunset feature lets you fall asleep or wake up to dimming or brightening light. Then once awake, you can get the exact time, humidity level and temperature.

In addition to these features, you get 6 brightness levels to read by, 7 mood light options and a night light. Your lighting options are well covered by this light alarm clock. A USB port provides you with the ability to charge you smartphone.

Some final words

Waking up has never been better. With one of the top 10 best wake-up light alarm clocks in 2019, you can avoid hearing those harsh alarms. Instead, you get natural sounds and sunrise like lights to get you out of your deep sleep.

Using the best wake-up light alarm clock is the modern way of getting ready for a new day.

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