Gone are the days when swimming and listening to your favourite music was like water and oil. Today, you can swim while still enjoying your favourite tunes thanks to waterproof headphones.Although we have countless options, you have to differentiate between sweatproof and waterproof headphones.

We have show-off headphones which are submersible and we also have some so-so knock-offs which break at the slightest mishandling. If at all you want to have the best waterproof headphones, you have to consider the following factors:

Although we have countless options, you have to differentiate between sweatproof and waterproof headphones. We have show-off headphones which are submersible and we also have some so-so knock-offs which break at the slightest mishandling. Let’s go through the list of the top 9 best waterproof headphones now!

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9. HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

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We open up our list of the top nine products with HydroActive waterproof headphones which are among the best products on the market. They introduce a stellar combination of excellent water resistance with a little bit of style and classicism to enhance your day at the pool. The wrap-around band coupled with their unique jack makes these headphones a must-have item for any music enthusiast.

Given their versatile design, they can be used for canoeing, aqua-aerobics, SUP, swimming laps, kayaking or any other aquatic activity of your choice. In a jiffy, they can be used for any water-related activity. Their incredibly impressive design makes them easy to get on and off. And yes, the wrap-around design never interferes with the head gear as you swimming which means that you can conduct your normal swimming activities freely.

  • They are lightweight headphones.
  • They are watertight.
  • They deliver excellent sound quality; clear and un-muffled.
  • They come with a 1-year warranty.
  • They aren’t adjustable for a precise fit.

8. Edelin Waterproof Headphones

Edelin Waterproof Headphones

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If you’re looking for stereo sound and precise bass, these Edelin waterproof headphones will do the magic. They deliver excellent bass quality while at the same time keeping treble in a tip-top condition. In a nutshell, they balance the music to deliver a breathtaking experience as you swim. Their excellent noise isolation ensures that distractions and interferences from outside noise aren’t an issue for you.

This gives you an opportunity to fully get your mind into the music for maximum enjoyment.  With IPx7 water resistance rating, you can use these headphones for almost every water-related activity without fear of getting them damaged. Whether you want to listen to your favourite music while jogging, riding or at the gym, you don’t have to worry about having your headphones getting destroyed by sweat.

Given the fact that it’s a Bluetooth headphone, you don’t have to worry about having to walk around with cords which hinder you from achieving excellent workout results.

  • They come with a 1-year warranty.
  • They can be used on two gadgets simultaneously.
  • They connect up to 30ft away.
  • They have an excellent battery life.
  •  They don’t fit accurately so they come out at times.

7. Swimbuds Sports Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds Sports Waterproof Headphones

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Almost every audiophile knows about Swimbuds. This is a company which has been on the frontline in the manufacture of excellent waterproof headphones. The sports model boasts an excellent design which offers a better fit, a rugged design and unsurpassed comfort.

If you have been using those headphones which irritate your ears making you uncomfortable, then you can trust Swimbuds Sports waterproof headphones to offer more than just comfort. With four different types of earbuds, these headphones give you an opportunity to choose your desired earbuds for convenience and comfort. And yes, you also have to get the earbuds which best fit you without leaving space for water to get into your ears as you swim.

Their rugged construction which features unique material and stronger cords ensure that you get to a long time of excellent performance. And yes, the improved design which features the third generation of Hyrobeat TM sound makes these headphones a must-have for any melomaniac.

  • These are short cord earphones.
  • They reduce carbon footprint by the use of a green package.
  • The headphones offer excellent sound quality.
  • The headphones are quite expensive.

6. H2O Waterproof Headphones

H2O Waterproof Headphones

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H2O, just like the name suggests, are totally waterproof headphones which are ideal for swimming, canoeing or any other water activity.  They are submersible up to 12ft under the water which means that you don’t to worry about going deeper into the water when still listening to your favourite music. What’s more, the headphones are rated IPX8 in terms of water resistance. For that who don’t know, IPX8 is currently the highest water resistance rating.

This means that you don’t have anything to worry about when you’re getting inside your swimming pool. They also come with a case with total control of the iPod for you to easily select your favourite music easily and conveniently. The iPod shuffle it comes with easily attaches to your swim goggles thus ensuring that you get to listen to your music without getting distracted.

These in-ear headphones have shorter wires to reduce cord issues which affect one’s movement inside the water. Of course, swimming with music in your ears is like a dream come true for most of us.

  • They feature a bass amplified surge.
  • They offer a secure fit for adequate safety.
  • They offer minimal drag
  • The earbuds might come out when you do flip turns.

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5. Hussar Waterproof headphones

Hussar Waterproof headphones

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The fifth position goes to Hussar waterproof headphones which are extra comfortable. They offer a secure fit ensuring that you don’t have to worry about making those moves as you swim. They come in an ergonomic design which is secure and comfortable on your ears. They get in the ears and rest comfortably in the ear canal offering adequate noise reduction.

Their smooth and extremely soft silicone gel surface keeps your ears in a crescendo condition without causing irritations or any discomfort. Whether you’re going to the gym or simply want to go jogging, cycling or hiking, you can trust these headphones to give you a great time. The amazing volume and superior sound which is beefed up by their advanced APTX technology make Hussar headphones irresistible.

The in-ear design offers excellent sound quality while the deep bass and precise treble take the experience a notch higher.

  • They have an excellent noise reduction.
  • They can be used with various devices like iPad, iPods, android and IOS phones.
  • They have excellent battery life.
  • The construction is a bit too flimsy.

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4. Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

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Swimbuds comes again in the fourth position. Just like their earlier sibling, these headphones are 100% waterproof and come with a plated stereo jack which is designed to prevent corrosion even when you use the headphones inside salty water.

The flanged earbuds ensure that you do flip-turns with least worries. They are designed to create a tight seal thus fully preventing water from getting into your ears. The short cords ensure that you don’t stuff long and stubborn cords under your swimcap or your swimming goggles which is a distraction of the highest level.

  • They come with an extra audio extension.
  • They come with four earbuds for you to choose from.
  • They are completely waterproof.
  • They aren’t completely watertight.

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3. Joyful Heart Wireless Headphones

Joyful Heart Wireless Headphones

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Great and awesome for all portable devices, Joyful heart wireless headphones come in on the 3rd position opening up the top three slots. Bluetooth headphones, they work perfectly with various devices like iPod, IPad, Apple Watch and MP3 players. Offering a completely secure fit, these headphones offer a lifetime water and sweatproof ness ensuring that you engage in any sporting activity without worries.

With a water resistance rating of IPX7, you can trust them inside the water as you swim. Their superior sound and excellent volume will make you want to listen even more while the advanced APTX tech offers adequate noise reduction.

  • They offer awesome HD sound.
  • They considerably reduce background noise.
  • They are quite versatile.
  • Pairing them is quite hard.

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2. TREBLAB XR500 waterproof Headphones

TREBLAB XR500 waterproof Headphones

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TREBLAB XR500 waterproof headphones take up the second position leaving only one slot for the top tier product. They offer true HD sound and ultra high output drivers with the latest Bluetooth version.

With APTX and CSR technology, these headphones offering a cutting-edge performance. Their comfortable and secure fit-ear hooks stay inside your ears without falling out. And yes, with a IPX7 rating, you can never go wrong with them.

  • They block out background noise completely.
  • The bass and treble quality is unrivalled.
  • They offer enhanced connectivity and pairing.
  • The on/off button isn’t strategically positioned you might find yourself pressing it when trying to push them for proper fit.

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1. SENSO Waterproof Headphones

SENSO Waterproof Headphones

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Finally, SENSO out-muscles its competition with an extremely large margin. SENSO waterproof headphones offer the real and true HD high fidelity sound. They feature Bluetooth 4.1 and CSR technology which offers amazingly clear and precise sound quality.

The quality of the bass and the treble is simply out of this world while the comfortable and secure fit with a water-resistance rating of IPX7 makes it quite awesome. In a jiffy, SENSO headphones simply combine all the features exhibited by the other products in a better way.

  • They come with a 1-year warranty.
  • They have a long battery life.
  • They have excellent noise suppression technology.
  • The bass quality isn’t the best on the market.

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You Also Have to Consider The Following Factors

The construction

It’s important that you take note of the construction and the durability of any waterproof headphone before you purchase it. Of course, waterproof headphones are exposed to corrosive effects of salty water at times. For that reason, you have to take note of the material used in its construction in order to establish whether it will be able to withstand the corrosive nature of salty water or not.

We have some headphones which are said to be waterproof while in the real sense they are only resistant to sprayed or splashed water. Unless you want to take bogus headphones home, check the construction keenly.

We have some headphones which are said to be waterproof while in the real sense they are only resistant to sprayed or splashed water. Unless you want to take bogus headphones home, check the construction keenly.

The Impedance

Impedance refers to how clear the sound is. You have to check the clarity of the sound before you take your wallet out and pay for something with low sound quality. Of course, any music enthusiast understands how important sound clarity is if at all they are to fully enjoy the music.

The Water Protection Rating

Water protection rating usually abbreviated as IPX is the level of water resistance exhibited by any waterproof headphones. Although we have some disgruntled manufacturers who falsely rate their own headphones, experts and technicians have arranged the waterproof rating from IPX1 to IPX8. IPX1 headphones have zero resistance to water while IPX8 have the maximum resistance.

It’s advisable that you take note of the IPX rating of any waterproof headphones before you put them in your cart only to get disappointed once you get into the pool.

The Fit

A secure fit is also quite crucial. You have to ensure that the headphones fit well without leaving spaces where water can get into your ears. Of course, we all want to do our latest moves the moment we get inside the water.

Unfortunately, if you’re using headphones which don’t fit well, you might have to spare some moves for another day since the headphones might come out as you enjoy your time in the pool.

The Frequency

Frequency also has to be considered if at all you want to have nice headphones. Low frequency results in a higher bass while high frequency results in a higher treble. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. For that reason, pick the headphones which best suite your needs.


All said and done, the next time you’re looking for nice and comfortable waterproof headphones ensure that you go for those whose sound quality is excellent, water resistance rating is impressive and their quality is incredible. That’s the only way you can get something worth your cash.

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