With the rise of number of women working, there is an increase Daycare centers in the world. Every parent want that his/her child should be safe in daycare and for the same, they want that their child’s product should be personalized i.e. should not mix with the food of someone others baby. The reason of personalize the products can vary, it may be because of some allergies, some diseases or it can be any, but the main concern is the health of child and his/her care. Here, we are introducing some best quality waterproof labels that not only personalize the products of baby but instead give those products a very attractive look. These labels can be used for different items such as bottles, sippers, toys, small food containers etc. Above all, the secret is to find a best quality labels which are water-resistant, durable, good looking and last but not the least with effective prices. So, here we have Top 10 best Waterproof labels for decorating and personalizing your baby’s products.

List of Top 10 Best Waterproof Labels 2021

10. Mabel’s Labels for Boys and girls

Labels for kids

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Buy these differently designed labels for boys and girls which are rectangular-shaped and have high adhesive quality. Only with 3 steps, you can have water-proof and self-laminating labels on your child’products i.e. bottles, sippers, lunchboxes etc. This is a pack of 30 labels that can be used for daycare products, school student bags or in any way. Try these and customize your products with elegant designs according to the gender. If you will not be satisfied, return it and get your money back.

9. Waterproof Essential Oil Labels

Waterproof Essential Oil Labels

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Try these rectangular shaped labels for essential oil bottles of 5ml size and bigger sizes. This pack contains 200 rectangular shaped labels of high quality, good adhesive properties and is waterproof and oil proof. These labels will last on the bottles for long time and does not get smudged with water or oil. Another thing, if you are not happy with the product, you can have your money back.

8. Avery Weather proof Labels

Avery WeatherProof Mailing Labels

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These polyester based labels made with True block Technology are used for labeling boxes, envelopes, tubes etc. They can resist moisture, tearing and smudging. The Adhesive sticks to your package and ensures that your labels will not fall off under harsh conditions. These labels are compatible with laser printers and we can customize it with free deigns and templates at avery.com/templates.

7. Labels for Aromatherapy products

Bottle Stickers Labels

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Buy these 5 sheets of differently sized and differently shaped labels for identifying easily essential oils. These are available in oval-shaped and rectangular-shaped very simple designs and also One Marker for clearly writing the names and above all, reducing the risk of lightning of text in comparison to normal Ball-point pen. These are water-resistant and oil-resistant and must be applied after cleaning the oil from the bottle to make it stay longer.

6. Essential Oils Bottles Labels

Essential Oil Bottle Labels

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Don’t confuse yourself with different fragrances and put a separate label on each of them. Try these differently shaped, simply designed and varied sized labels for differentiating easily various essential oils for your body. These 696 pack labels contain oval shaped and round shaped labels of small sizes for 0.5 ml bottles and bigger sizes for 2 ml or 3 ml bottles. Along with this, you will get 2 Bold Markers to easily label the oils for effective identification.

5. Avery Self-Laminating Labels.

Avery Kids Self-Laminating Labels

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Say No to misplacing of your child’s daily use material by using these ecofriendly and attractive labels with different colors, sizes, shapes and designs. These 48 differently designed labels are permanently adhesive and self-laminating labels will not fade with time and are easily wipe able. They can tolerate numerous numbers of washes and ironing. Apart from baby products, they can easily be used on school water bottles, lunch boxes and many more items.

4. Cartooned Baby Product Labels

Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare

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These cartooned labels with different colors and sizes go best with any bottle size, sipper or any of baby-related products. These 64 pieces labels on 06 sheets are eco-friendly and their differently sized feature make it flexible to use with any size of the product. Not only these labels go well with baby bottles or sippers, we can use for teens, school children for their bags, bottles, toys, pencil boxes and a lot more to avoid misplacing and losing of their belongings. The key is just to write the name with a good permanent marker and paste it. These are very effective and even after removing from the product; they don’t leave any sticky residue on bottles.

3. Writable Fabric labels

Kids Clothing Labels

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The fabric labels with extremely good qualities offers you the attractive and differently shaped labels that can be used on shirts, hats, bags, bagpacks, jackets, sports products etc. No Iron concern, permanent adhesive, dryclean safe and dryer-safe are the best qualities that will force you to buy these attractive labels. This is a set of total 45 labels on 03 sheets of different shapes i.e. rectangular, oval and some more and also different sizes according to the product on which you are applying. Reduce the risk of losing your baby products and misplacing with someone else products with these labels. Just write the name with marker and stick it to the clothes, bags etc…

2. Whoozems Bottle Self-Laminating Labels

Baby Bottle Labels

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This is the perfect label for baby bottles, sippers. You just have to write the name, peel off the backing and seal it, and stick it to the bottle. You can write it with the ball pen or any good quality permanent marker to prevent the smudging. These labels are to be stacked only once in comparison to customized stickers or adhesives that is to be applied again and again. The quality of the text will remain same after washing it 100s of times. These are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. These labels also prevent moisture and dirt from entering into the labels. These labels will remain stick to the containers until and unless you will remove it.

1. Animals Design Write On, Self-Laminating Waterproof labels

Daycare Waterproof Labels-Best Waterproof Labels

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These interesting self – laminating labels made in the USA and can be used to first write the name and later on laminating the label so that it will be sealed and does not get messy. Once it will be done, you can wash it again and again. You just have to write the name, peel overlay backing and seal it and when it will be dry, just stick it to the product. These labels can be used as a reminder in allergy cases for example “No Wheat” for wheat allergic babies and “No Milk” for milk allergy patients or “Only Soya Milk” as a hint for lacto allergic babies. These are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe, you can use it in any possible way. This 24 pieces animal printed designs labels can be used for sippers, bottles, pencil boxes, bags and a lot more. Also, you will get 2 Bonus gifts along with these labels.

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