GoPro is undeniably one of the most versatile cameras in the camera history. As photography enthusiasts, we always love to bring a GoPro with us everywhere we go.

Besides, in order to use a GoPro to its best potential, GoPro selfie stick is a tool you need to help you achieve your perfect selfie/scenic shots at all time. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce to you the top 10 best GoPro sticks that we always swear by.

List Of Top 10 Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks For GoPro In 2020 


VVHOOY 3 in 1

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Here is VVHOOY 3 in 1, which is a very popular selfie stick for GoPro users. It is also compatible with all models of GoPro and many camera devices. The selfie stick can adjust to 8-inches to 48-inches, making it easy for you to store it in the pocket or backpack. Especially, the length of this selfie stick would easily fit to take the group of people into your selfie. More than this, the kit also features the adjustable chest strap mount and head strap mount, allowing you to record all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities.

You don’t need to worry about the unsteady or unclear picture or video, because they are well made and well-balancing in order to ensure that you will get a high-quality picture and video. No matter you are alone or with your group, this selfie stick kit will do the best job to capture any special occasions for you, friends and family.

9. HSU

 Selfie Stick

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Whether it is fishing, skiing, hiking, swimming or snowboarding, this HSU selfie stick is a must-have item for your adventure. Because of the 1/4″ threaded hole, it is suitable to use with numerous model of cameras. This selfie stick is also constructed of heavy-duty materials, and lightweight. It can be seen as the selfie stick for GoPro and iPhone users.

With the slip-resistant rubber and wrist strap around the pole handle, they are all actually designed to prevent it from falling off from your hands. Additionally, it is waterproof and rustproof, allowing you to enjoy chilling happily underwater. All in all, this item is a great selfie stick that provides you the best companion for your outdoor activities, especially it is the ideal gift for your beloved people, who love to take a selfie at any circumstances.

8. Smatree

Smatree F1

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If you are looking for a multipurpose selfie stick, then you may choose this remarkable Smatree. To ensure the durability and great performance, this selfie stick is made of high-quality carbon fiber material, along with super lightweight aluminum. That is the reason why it is very comfortable to hold in your hands, providing more convenience to take your amazing selfies or take video. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the weight pressure.

With a sturdy 1/4 inch threaded hole at the bottom, you can easily attach mounts or tripods. Beside of using this best selfie stick for a GoPro and other camera models, likewise, it can be used as a hand grip. We highly recommend this item, if you are searching for the selfie stick that is usable underwater.

7. CamKix

CamKix Replacement

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What’s the best point of CamKIx Selfie stick? Well, this CamKix selfie stick can be used as a bobber hand grip or as a telescopic pole. The handle is constructed of heavy-duty rubbery, while it provided a nice grip while wet. Coming to this point, this selfie stick is also waterproof and dustproof, which is a very great function for recording any outdoor activities.

About the length of the selfie stick, it will give you enough length to capture any special moments, as it can be adjustable between 6.7″ to 15.7″. With this smart design, you can easily pack it into your bag or backpack. Through all of these special features, it is very well-know selfie stick for GoPro Hero 5 users, plus the tripod Connection also can be used with other CamKix accessories.

6. Mystery

Mystery Waterproof

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Next, we have another best selfie stick for GoPro users, which is from the brand, Mystery. It is a very reliable brand that you can put trust in its quality and affordable price. This selfie stick is made of premium quality plastic and EVA material, offering the sturdiness and great performance; meanwhile, it will keep your GoPro afloat when it drops into the water. With all of the high-quality materials, the handle will not slip easily from your hands, nevertheless, it will provide more security to your cameras.

Featuring with replacement warranty, friendly customer services, as well as 45 days back money back and lifetime support guarantee, making this selfie stick become more reliable. No matter which sports activities you join, you can always record the best moment of yourself and sharing this great quality time, pictures and video to your friends and family.



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Another best selfie stick for a GoPro is from TELESIN. This one is very unique because of its super long selfie stick design. It can extend from 3 Lengths 22″, 47.2″ and 106”, so you can take a selfie at short extended while, you can easily take a group picture at fully extended. Plus, you can even capture any moments from the far distance.

The handle has Carbon Fiber Material, which is very light to hold, also prevent the selfie stick from falling down. It is very well-balancing. Whether it is indoor or outdoor activities, this selfie stick helps to increase stability.

In addition, it is also compatible with all GoPro models and other most mini sports cameras as well as action cameras. Basically, if you want the multi-function and long selfie stick, we highly recommend this Telesin selfie stick that you should keep in your backpack. For the budget, it is well spent on gating this useful tool.



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At some reasons, we understand that it is very difficult to find the reliable and best selfie stick for GoPro and iPhone. Thus, we would like to introduce you this waterproof SANDMARC selfie stick. It is designed with black aluminum and rubber grip to provide the user with a comfortable handle. With the black edition, this is definitely a cool design to fit all the black lovers. More than that, the wrist strap also helps to keep your camera safe and provide more stability when you take the pictures.

One more thing is that it can be adjustable in three different sizes, which make it easy for you to hold or keep it in your backpack. Most importantly, it can be used as a telescope that can extend from 17 to 40″.  Because of its waterproof function, you can use it for diving, surfing, skiing and more. Apart from its various functions, SANDMARC selfie stick kit also offers a 100% lifetime guarantee.


ORBMART Waterproof

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To ensure you can enjoy taking selfie or group photo without any worries, here is the high-quality ORBMART, the best selfie stick for GoPro and iPhone user. This is a simple and plug-in selfie stick, but it features many smart functions. Its handle is made of premium quality ABS and the featuring Floating EVA, helping to keep your camera or other devices afloat.

Additionally, It is very light and compact design, which allow you to keep in a backpack, small bag or even pocket. The most important point of this selfie stick is that the price is very great among all of these 10 selfie sticks. Featuring a 1/4 inch standard thread at the top, this selfie stick can use with any type of action camera

2. Fotopro

Fotopro UFO mogo

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Are you in need of best selfie stick for GoPro and iPhone with the affordable price? Then you should consider this model from Fotopro. It is a very popular brand in the photographic industry. In addition, it can turn from a normal selfie stick tripod mount into an awesome photo and video tripod as well. You can easily notice how convenient it is.

About the design, it is only made of environment-friendly materials, however, this selfie stick is extremely light, sturdy and durable. At first handling, you will be amazed at how great this selfie stick is. Especially, this is a must-have tool for capturing any special occasions. We really highly recommend you if you want the selfie stick that can be used for GoPro and iPhones.

1. MiPremium

Waterproof Floating

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Worry aside when you have this best selfie stick for GoPro. You just can simply use it for skiing, snowboarding, diving, swimming or any purposes. This item is available in many options of color, allowing you to choose your favorite one. Especially, this selfie stick can be used with various types of camera and smartphones as well.

The handle is made of high-quality materials and various functions, yet it is very light and friendly pocket design. Besides, it is a waterproof selfie stick and can be floated on the water surface as well. The handle also features non-slip foam, which prevents it from falling down. One thing that should be noted about this selfie stick is that it comes with a money back guarantee to make sure the user buy it with

Buying Guides

Before making the purchase, you should get to know more about the important points of as selfie stick to avoid getting the product below your expectation. So you should minimize the use of the type of selfie stick that you want, so when you make an order, you can get the most suitable for yourself. These steps below are the significant parts, which will help guide you to get the best functioning selfie sticks that you need.

1. Compatibility

This is a really important point that every selfie stick users should not be missed. Basically, some selfie sticks can only be used with GoPro, while some items can be used with both GoPro, phones, mini cameras, and action cameras. It is definitely a great feature, but it might get you to lose as well.

Also, we would like to recommend you to choose a selfie stick that is compatible with many devices because it helps you to save your money. Therefore, you should read the product’s description carefully, before making any purchase.

2. Waterproof

With creative technology, many selfie sticks are designed with a function of waterproof. It can protect your cameras as well as your selfie stick from error functions and also allow you to use in any types of occasion or weathers. More importantly, some selfie stick also features the float on the surface, which prevent both selfie stick and camera from drowning into the water. This is the best special feature for those who love water sports such as swimming, diving, boating, fishing and more.

3. Length

You should be aware of some selfie sticks because some are not adjustable.  Some selfie stick can be short and some can be very long. You have to minimize the length of the selfie stick that you want. So In case you take the medium length stick, you might face some difficulty if you want to take a large group picture. However, the long stick can fit the large group, but the length can be hard to keep in your bag.

4. Weight.

It is true that a selfie stick only weighs a few ounces, yet it might be heavy if it is a long stick. One more thing is that if you carry it all day long, it can be really heavy and too much for you. So you better choose the lightweight selfie stick to avoid getting any pressures.

5. Wrist Strap

If you forget things easily, you may need the selfie stick with wrist strap. This is definitely the best option for you. The featuring of the wrist strap is a very convenient and special design for selfie stick as it can ensure that the item will stay with you, and also decreasing a chance of falling down as well. When you enjoy doing outdoor activities and capture it, your alert might decrease, thus, having the selfie stick with wrist strap give you a worry-free.

6. Price

Regarding the price, you need to realize that the best selfie stick features many special features. Thus, the price can be very high or affordable base on the brand name, popularity, and special features. For some reasons, you might compare it with the discounted selfie or low price item at a local store or discount store, still, if you order selfie stick from the online platform, it will ensure that you will get the original and high-quality product, along with warranty from the company. It is worth your time and your budget.


If you must buy a GoPro, then it is imperative that you invest in a decent waterproof selfie stick. It makes all the sense in the world. The selfie sticks above will allow you capture amazing videos in the most difficult environments even while bringing simplicity and convenience to the table.


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List of Best GoPro Sticks


10. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod


Lastly, we would like to introduce to you the official selfie stick from GoPro! With its 3-in-1 design, this accessory can be used as a camera grip, an extension arm and a tripod all in one. Not only efficient and versatile, this grip/arm/tripod is waterproof as well.

It is a 3-in-1. And, it is from GoPro Official. Why should you still hesitate?

9. SANDMARC Compact Edition Selfie Stick

The next item is the best-selling selfie stick from SANDMARC. Capable of extending from 10’’ to 25’’ and weighing just 7 Ozs, we believe that this Selfie Stick is one of the most compact yet durable selfie sticks available today. Generally used for GoPros, this selfie stick is also compatible with some other HD cameras.

Designed for versatile and comfortable uses, this selfie stick is crafted with waterproof materials, a rubber grip, an adjustable wrist strap, and an aluminum tripod mount. Plus, every piece of the accessories and the selfie stick itself is all in black – how classic is that!

8. Selfie World 10-in-1 Waterproof GoPro Selfie Stick


If you are a gadget lover and happen to own so many cameras and cellphones, we highly recommend you this 10-in-1 waterproof Go Pro stick from Selfie World. Released in 2020, this selfie stick comes in universal 10-in-1 compatibility including Hero & Session, Omni VR 360, mini camcorders, action cams, sports cameras, digital compacts, iphones (bonus mount included), ipods, Samsung Galaxy cellphones, and android smartphones.

Unlike most GoPro selfie sticks, this selfie stick only takes seconds to extend the pole length to 4 feet with it ‘quick extend’ release clip.

7. AmazonBasics GoPro Extending Stick


Another recommendation from us is this GoPro selfie stick that is very remote-friendly. When purchased with a remote, this selfie stick can activiate its 180-degree swivel feature and be connected to your GoPro camera easily. Included in the package are the adjustable wrist strap and carabiner, and a bag strap.

Simply release the extension lock to extend the pole up to 38.2” and twist to tighten it. This will surely enhance your selfie/scenic photography skills and make photo taking a lot more fun.

6. CamKix Waterproof GoPro Telescopic Pole and Floating Hand Grip


This awesome selfie stick has so much to write about. Ideal for shooting underwater activities, this waterproof GoPro selfie stick functions as a floating handgrip and a telescopic pole all in one. The pole length can be adjusted from 6.7” long to 15.7” long. As a floating handgrip, when dropped into the water, this pole will float, and its bright color can make the pole be spotted easily.

Besides, when added water into the hand grip compartment, the bubber will not float as it achieves neutral buoyancy underwater. Instead of adding water into the hollow compartment of the grip, you can also store small useful items in there.

What’s more, the purchase also comes with a detachable cradle for you to use with your WiFi remote. These features got us adoring this product very much, and you definitely should check it out before it is sold out!

5. Smatree SmaPole GoPro Selfie Stick


We love this GoPro selfie stick from Smatree because of the full aluminum-alloy design and the durable material that can last for years. Being very light and portable, this high quality GoPro selfie stick works well under water. And, when fully extended, the pole can extend from 16” to 40”.

Plus, you can always free your hand by using the adjustable safety line to keep the pole and the camera attached to your arm. At this price point, we believe that this Smatee SmaPole is totally a worthy investment.

4. Spivo 360 Waterproof Swivel Selfie Stick for GoPro


This Spivo Waterproof Selfie Stick is a love at first sight for us. This one enables you to swivel your GoPro 180 °, so you’ll never miss out on picturesque sights and memorable moments during your travels. It works for every GoPro models as well as some other small cameras, Sony Action cam, smartphone, etc – thanks to the universal tripod screw equipped. Constructed with a stainless steel bearing, rest assured knowing you can always have faith in this selfie stick’s durability. And, undoubtedly, it is waterproof.

Tagging along with the purchase are a tripod mount, a fully adjustable wrist-strap, and a handy travelling bag. Best yet, the item is also backed by a 5-year warranty on defects.

3. GoPro El Grande Selfie Stick for GoPro


Always be travel ready in style with the top rated GoPro El Grande. This guy is capable of extending up to 38 inches and collapsing to 15 inches. When collapsed, you will find the selfie stick compact enough to bring along with you. Featuring the advanced ball-and-socket design, you can easily adjust or swivel the mounted GoPro 360° on the go.

There is a handy, big grip, which lets you hold the stick with 2 hands for a better control over your GoPro. To lock it in place, you can use the simple and easy twist-lock function. The craftsmanship is pretty rugged and sturdy. And, of course, the El Grande is certainly waterproof.

2. HSU Waterproof Selfie Stick


For this powerful selfie stick from HSU, its most noticeable features are the extension length (from 15’’ to 44’’), and the silicon grip that makes gripping more comfortable. The premium construction of the selfie stick not only makes the selfie stick durable but also waterproof, suitable for all kinds of under-water activities.

And, comes in the package, there also includes a phone holder, a tripod mount adapter, a metal tripod, an adjustable wrist strap, a remote control clip, and a pouch bag. It is such a rare find to come across such an all-in-1 purchase at this price!

1. Waterproof Extendable Hand Grip + Floating GoPro Pole 6.5 – 23″ | FLOW by MicroJib


Floats any GoPro | Compact | Extendable to 23 inches!

The perfect gopro mount for any situation. The Flow is Designed to float on the water and extend to 23 inches long! It’s waterproof and works with all GoPro models and many other action cameras. Never lose you action camera to sinking and get great footage with this simple yet unique GoPro handle!


On a side note, most of these top 10 best GoPro selfie sticks do come with warranty and refund policies. Anyways, have you found the perfect GoPro selfie stick yet? As you have already spent hundreds of dollars on your GoPro already, we strongly suggest you to get one of these high quality selfie sticks for protection and to enjoy your GoPro to the fullest.

What is the point of having the most powerful camera like GoPro and you could not take nice selfie in the rain or in the sea because of the your selfie stick could not handle the water?

Let us introduce to you the most recommended waterproof selfie sticks that help you take amazing pictures of yourself in any wet conditions.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks for Gopro 

If you are looking to take advantage of the full range of capabilities that a GoPro brings to the table by traversing unique environments, you will need a decent waterproof selfie stick, the best waterproof selfie sticks including the following:

10). Quick Pod Sports GoPro Stick


This selfie stick is perfect for anyone who needs to capture images and videos from hard-to-reach angles, especially while they are on the move. The stick is very portable because of its lightweight; the fact that it floats on water is an added advantage. The stick is very easy to use and mount GoPro cameras on.

9). NLSD Waterproof Extending Telescopic Monopod


The attraction of this product is the fact that it can work as a floating hand grip and a telescopic pole. Because of the locking system, it is possible to extend the pole length to anywhere between 14.2 inches and 24.4 inches.

Consumers will love the fact that the monopod is built from transparent material that can easily disappear in photos; it is also worth noting that this monopod can float on water; and because it has such bright colors, finding it isn’t that hard.

Included with this device are a cradle and an adjustable wrist wrap.

8). Luxebell Aluminum Waterproof Telescopic Monopod


This pole is perfectly portable; it can change sizes, stretching from seven inches to 19 inches and back with ease. That means you can even carry it in your pocket, and there are no additional piece and parts that you might lose in the process.

The stick boasts a waterproof aluminum construction that is durable, a twist and lock system and adjustable wrist wrap that prevents this product from slipping and falling while you are using it.

7). Selfie World Professional 10-in-1 Monopod


This selfie stick is compatible with GoPro, Action Cams, and Digital Compacts. As far as telescoping, handheld pole extenders go, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tool for taking HD photos and videos.

The monopod is compatible with so many devices, from camcorders to sports cameras, iPhones and even Android Smartphones to mention but a few. A quick extend’ release clip makes it possible rapidly change the length of the monopod.

And it should be noted that the length can extend up to four feet at a moment’s notice. The monopod is waterproof and weatherproof, and it comes with a nylon bag made from water resistant material.

6). ActionSports Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Monopole for GoPro


This Gopro Stick is designed in California. With amazing aluminium mount, the selfie stick is very durable and sleek.

Compatible with action cameras, GoPros and Digital Compacts, this monopod can extend up to 35 inches, which is quite impressive. Because of the handy quick extend’ release clips, you do not even have to waste time with screw adjustments.

5). ProsPole Extendable Pole


This MiPremium monopod has a rugged and durable body built from waterproof aluminum alloy materials. Consumers can look forward to a rubber nonslip grip that only further enhances the stability of your GoPro footage.

At 150grams, this telescopic monopod is pretty portable, weighing very little. With the double mount, one has the chance to attach more than one GoPro which means you can capture videos back and forth in two directions at the same time.

It should be noted that the double mount can be used to hold an underwater light which is beneficial for anyone who is diving. This monopod is compatible with a variety of camera types and brands. It also has a long reach, extending between 7.5 inches and 20.5 inches.

Whether you are diving or snowboard, this monopod will serve your needs.

4). CamKix Waterproof Telescopic Pole and Floating Hand Grip


This device can work both as a floating hand grip and a telescopic pole. Boasting a locking system that makes adjustments easy, this stick can collapse down to 6.7 inches which makes it very easy to carry.

The fact that it floats on water, has very bright components that make it very easy to find and has a detachable cradle for your GoPro WiFi remote makes this one of the most convenient selfie sticks around.

1). SANDMARC Pole Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole


Boasting an all black aluminum build, this pole is made from waterproof materials that are highly durable; the pole also boasts a rubber grip that brings additional comfort to the table, this along with an adjustable wrist wrap for added safety and the ability to stretch between 17 inches and 40 inches.

The pole comes with a detachable mount and remote holder clip; with this pole, you are guaranteed a tool that will survive the toughest conditions.

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  3. I recommend GoRad Gear GoPro Selfie Stick, The GoPro selfie stick from GoRad is a total bang for your buck if you are into adventurous activities. Made of anodized aluminum tubing, you can rely on the strength and durability of this GoPro stick in any situation. At a great offer, this GoPro stick is equipped with the Twist Locking System, enabling the aluminum tube telescoping pole to extend from 17’’ to 40’’ at ease. These features allow you to take many different kinds of shots such as close-up shots, POV footages, selfies, etc.

    Besides, for the waterproof materials, you can always use the GoRad Gear GoPro Selfie Stick under any environment/weather condition and during many outdoor activities (hiking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc). Grab this goody now, so you’ll never miss out on great photos for your next trip again!

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