Never allow your shoes to get dirty, stained, or damaged by moisture, precipitation, or water spills when you can take control. It is said, “Prevention is better than cure,” and I subscribe to the same belief since curing is costly if it is the option. For the shoes, once they are damaged, you only have the option of getting new ones. Mending them will not give you the real and original quality glitter, but they may turn to look like the result of the First World War rag remains. To take care of the same, you need to have the best waterproof spray, and we have below the top 10 best waterproof spray for shoes in 2021 reviews guide to enable you to choose the suitable spray protector for your shoes.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Spray for Shoes 2021

10. Scothgard Fabric Shoe Protector

 Scothgard Fabric Shoe Protector
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  • By: Scothgard

If you would ever want to have one of the best waterproof sprays for shoes and you want to have one that is effective, then I would recommend this option since it comes with qualities and features that make it repel all kinds of liquids and block stains as well. Therefore, you will always have your shoes shining and hence can last long due to the same effect. Of course, before you can acquire, you should know the capacity, and for this type, the bottle capacity is 14-ounce.

The strength that comes with this spray is what has made the product gain high demand and to attract positive reviews from consumers. Of course, no one would want to have a product or spray that is not effective or the one that will just cost you for nothing. The advantage of this spray is that it does not change the looks of your shoes and hence is the best since it will only protect your shoes without causing any unusual appearance. The other benefit is that the spray does not block the shoes as it maintains its breathability.

9. Kiwi Boot Protector Spray

Kiwi Boot Protector Spray
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  • By: Kiwi

This protector spray is suitable for leather shoes and hence is the best for anyone looking to protect the same and to elongate the lifespan of the shoes. It is not just a matter of making your shoes look glittery or to shine, but the main idea is to protect and to make them last longer. The product is just one of the best waterproof spray for shoes found on the market, and you would not struggle to acquire since the price is just friendly.

If you have hunting, hiking, or outdoor boots, this spray is just the best for the same since it will ensure that your shoes repel all liquid that could tarnish and destroy the quality and shine of your shoes. Apart from that, it will limit the life of your shoes if you do not take care of them with this beautiful waterproof spray. The waterproof spray is odorless, but you have to dry your shoes once you apply the same so that you can achieve that and remove the spray odor. In addition to that, the capacity is 12-ounce and hence suitable for personal use.

8. Kiwi Rain and Stain Waterproof Spray Protector

Kiwi Rain and Stain Waterproof Spray Protector
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  • By: Kiwi

Kiwi, of course, is one of the renowned brands when it comes to shoe products and it has been proven for quality. Therefore, when purchasing a product from the same brand, your worries should not accompany you, but rather, you should put on the confidence knowing that you are purchasing a product that works. As if that is not enough, we have chosen the best of its products, and that is an added advantage for you since you only spend few minutes to find what you need.

When you take the reviews and what the consumers are reporting regarding the same product, it shows that the product has won their hearts and most report great satisfaction. Therefore, if you are going for camping, hiking, or hunting and you want to have the best waterproof spray for your boots, or just for your official wear shoes, this brand choice is the best for that purpose. It is suitable for any shoes that requires the same attention and is effective. Therefore, you have no reason to wait since this product is just there for you.

7. Grangers Performance Repel Waterproof Spray

Grangers Performance Repel Waterproof Spray
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  • By: Grangers

Grangers Performance Repel Waterproof Spray is another best waterproof spray for shoes that come with high quality and effectiveness. When you wear your shoes and get the same spray over them, you will never worry about anything since the spray cover you of the worries. The spray comes with the power to repel all the liquid and to give you what you want. Therefore, no other reason to hesitate since this beautiful spray for shoes is just the best option if you want something that will work better for your shoes.

The recommendation that this product has received from the users of the same and the worlds leading outwear is just excellent. When you have them, you expect high performance and effectiveness, optical brightness with no scent, and other benefits. The other thing that most people look at or ask is the capacity, and for your case, this product comes with 16.9-ounces and hence is just the best for personal use. If you need more, you are just free to plan and make the right choice so that you cannot run short when on your vacation.

6. Bickmore Gard-More Waterproof Spray

Bickmore Gard-More Waterproof Spray
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  • By: Bickmore

We start with the benefits that you will gain when you get yourself one of this best waterproof sprays for shoes. One thing is that it is suitable for different types of materials that include leather, nubuck, felt, fabric, and suede among other types of materials. Therefore, if your shoes are not leather type and fit to any or other categories that this spray is effective, then you can still have it since it will work.

The other benefit is that it is easy to apply the same and hence you will not need to stress yourself on using your hands since you just spray them and you are done. It comes in a spray bottle and hence making it easy to apply. If your shoes are breathable, you should never worry about it getting blocked by the spray since that has been catered for with the quality of the spray. That means it will leave your shoes with the same breathability. The only thing that it does is to give your shoes the ability to repel water and stains, and that makes them durable.

5. The Art of Crep Waterproof Spray

The Art of Crep Waterproof Spray
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  • By: The Art of Crep

This is the best waterproof spray for shoes, and you will find it affordable for your budget. The advantage of this type is that you can select the right size that you want since there is a variety available. The other benefit is that you can find it easy to apply as it comes with a spray bottle and you just spray and nothing else. Of course, you need always to ensure that your shoes are protected, and that water spill does not get a chance to damage your shoes. In that way, you will be elongating the lifespan or rather the durability of your shoes.

When it comes to the suitable material for use with this spray, the same applies to suede, nubuck, and canvas. On the effectiveness, the product is effective in repelling the liquid and all stains. Therefore, it is one of the best protective sprays that you can ever have for your shoes. If you are planning for camping or hike and you have the shoes with the materials that we have listed, then you can go with this best waterproof spray for shoes, and you will never regret it.

4. Scothgard NUBUCK & Suede Protector

Scothgard NUBUCK & Suede Protector
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  • By: Scothgard

From the name, you will get to understand the material suitability that this product is effective when applied. Therefore, if you have nubuck leather shoes and you need to have the best waterproof spray for the same shoes, then this is the option since this type is effective for suede and nubuck. Of course, there is a great variety on this list and some with universal effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to know what you want so you can match the suitability of the waterproof spray available.

With this type, you will never go wrong with your nubuck and suede shoes. The product will enable your shoes to repel all kinds of liquid and precipitation, and oils, among other things that could otherwise damage your shoes. Therefore, it is a valuable spray that you should have for your shoes. The other benefit that you get with this product is that it is not only helpful to the footwear but is also effective for use with the hats, coats, gloves, and other types. In addition to the benefits, you will find this spray the best and easy to use.

3. Kiwi Protect Repellant Waterproof Spray

Kiwi Protect Repellant Waterproof Spray
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  • By: Kiwi

Kiwi Protect Repellant Waterproof Spray comes with quality and effectiveness that you need for your shoes. Therefore, if you must go with the Kiwi brand, then this is the best waterproof spray for shoes that come with this brand and at the top of our reviews. The good thing is that the product is affordable and hence you can manage it easily. No need to strain. Of course, you will want to know the capacity and the same for this is 4.25-ounces and hence is just suitable for personal use.

The product comes with the ability to repel stains and liquid and to leave your shoes with the original shine and glitter. The other advantage is that the product is not only the best waterproof spray for shoes, but it is also useful for jackets, hats, and raincoats among other products. Therefore, it is your choice to pick this product if you want something that is effective and reliable. The precaution that you should always note when using the same product is that the material that you are applying on should be clean and dry.

2. Nikwak NUbuck & Suede Waterproof Spray

Nikwak NUbuck & Suede Waterproof Spray
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  • By: Nikwak

This spray comes to give you the right protection that you need for your shoes. Of course, the first thing that you need to get with this product right before you can buy is to know the effectiveness and the type of the material suitable for it. For the answer to the same, the product is suitable for the materials that have been mentioned in the name and that include the suede and nubuck leather. The waterproof feature is the fact that the product comes to repel all liquid, stains, and precipitations and to make your shoes look shiny with the original texture.

Spray on the application is the method that is used and you will find the same process easy and you can do it within a few minutes when your shoes are dry and clean. Of course, it is always the best practice to use the same when you have clean and dry shoes so that you cannot achieve unexpected results. The benefit or rather the advantage is that the product is waterproof, water-based, and is biodegradable. That means it contains zero fluorocarbons and hence is effective for its protecting your shoes.

1. Rust-Oleum 280886 Waterproof Spray

Rust-Oleum 280886 Waterproof Spray
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  • By: Rust-Oleum

Water and moisture are what can damage your footwear if you are not concerned about funding the solutions to protect and cover your shoes from the same. Now that you are searching for the best waterproof spray for shoes, this option is not just ranked high on this list but is based on the many factors that we saw on the market. Therefore, it is a reliable waterproof protector for shoes that work.

Into the features, Rust-Oleum 280886 Waterproof Spray allows your shoes to breathe, is suitable for different types of shoe materials, and comes with the effectiveness to repel all the agents that can damage your shoes. In this case, the spray effectiveness can repel dirt, stains, water, and mud just to mention a few. The spray is versatile, and you will find it the best waterproof spray for a variety of uses. Of course, you need to apply the same on clean and dry shoes for excellent results.

Waterproof spray buying advice

You have known the different types of waterproof sprays on the list above, but that is not only enough for you to make the right choice. It is always important to know what you need. If you are perhaps buying for the first time, then you need to know different things regarding the same since you do not have prior experience with any of the same products. In that case, here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

  • Capacity of the spray bottle
  • Effectiveness of the spray
  • Suitable material
  • Breathability and scent

Capacity of the spray bottle

Number one factor that you need to check is the capacity of the spray bottle. This will enable you to plan on the number that you need for personal use. It is also important for costing and planning on your budget for the same. When you know the capacity, you will approximate the time that each bottle will last depending on the purpose. If you are going for camping for some days with family or friends, it will also help you to plan so that you cannot run short of the spray before your camp is over.

Effectiveness of the spray

One other thing to check is the effectiveness. Of course, no need of having the product if it does not yield the results that it promises. Fortunately, we have listed the effective products as per our analysis, and you have no reason to worry about the same, but you should again not be ignorant.

Suitable material

Are you looking for the best waterproof spray for suede or nubuck leather? Of course, there are so many brands and types of waterproof sprays available, and that requires you to know the type that is suitable for your shoes depending on the materials making up the same shoes. Of course, you will also find products suitable for other types of materials apart from leather, and that is your work depending on which shoes you wear.

Breathability and scent

Another factor worth your consideration is the breathability of the spray. Does the spray allow your shoes to breath as they could do without? Is that is the case, then that is the best spray that you should acquire. Another thing to check is the scent, and that is important since you will not want to have odors that portray that you have used the spray on your shoes.


Having considered on the effectiveness, suitability, breathability, and the capacity, the list above is just enough to make a choice that will see your shoes receive the best treatment and protection. The benefit is that your shoes will last for long and will always maintain the original texture and shine

One thought on “Top 10 Best Waterproof Spray for Shoes 2021 – Buyers Guide

  1. They say the first thing anybody notices about anyone is their shoes. As much as one might propagate the idea of not judging others by what they wear or what they own, let’s face it. People constantly judge each other no matter what and form opinions accordingly. Shoes are said to be the most important part of any outfit as the entire attire always compliments the shoes but never is it the other way round. To keep your shoes squeaky clean and sparkling throughout the year it is important to keep good care of them and keep them well maintained. The worst enemy of shoes being water which causes bad odor, mold, decay of leather items, loss of strength of materials, wearing out soles before time, threading of lace fabric and much more. To keep this particular danger at bay we bring you the Top 10 Best waterproof spray for shoes in 2018.

    Kiwi Suede Protector

    This protector by Kiwi is mainly for protection of suede articles such as suede jackets, coats, bags, boots and nubuck shoes from water and stains. Made completely in the USA guarantees good quality and amazing value for money. 4.25 Oz can contains enough protector to get by your daily usage for at least a month. All you have to do is coat your precious belongings with this spray some time before stepping outside and your belongings will be completely unaffected by whatever the weather conditions might be! It is best advised to do two coats of this protector one after the other after an interval of 45 minutes for best results. Not only does it repel water and stains but it also effectively repels soil and mud which might cause damage to the product.

    Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

    As the name suggests this protector is made for all you strong hearted adventurous campers out there who love to explore the wild and be as close to nature as possible. Camping in areas away from civilization can bring a lot of challenging situations for you and your shoes. To keep them safe this Camp dry heavy duty water repellent can be used to keep the water and dirt away from your belongings. This 12 Oz can is more than enough for moderate usage and can last years. It can be used on a variety of items including shoes, gloves, outdoor gear, patio furniture, hunting apparel and even tents! It works by creating a tough barrier against liquids and is completely odorless once dried.

    UGG Australia Stain & Water Repellent

    The special protection in a bottle straight from the Blue Mountains of Australia is sure to keep your sheepskin and suede items clean and dry throughout the year even after just one application. From monsoon rains to bone chilling rains during winters there is nothing this protector and repellent cannot take care of. These work especially great with their own line of UGG shoes and boots for men and women and can do wonders to improve their appearance even after years.

    Fabric Protector Spray and Stain Guard for Upholstery Protection

    This stain guard by the world renowned and trusted company TriNova which has been in this business for the past 85 years has finally been perfected after all these years of experimentation and research by experts to keep your items free of stains which are mainly caused by accidental spills. It can be sprayed on any fabric surface such as your couch, carpet or even clothes. Unlike others it is not flammable and hence eliminating the risk of catching fire. It is a safe alternative which is easy to use and apply.

    Kiwi Protect All Rain and Stain Repellant

    This repellent was designed keeping the damage rain water can cause in mind. It works most effectively on dry clean materials only such as handbags, rain coats, hats, jackets and fabric shoes. The main advantage of this repellent is the fact that it leaves absolutely zero residue after application once dried out and doesn’t give any chemical odor.

    Forcefield Waterproof Protector

    Forcefield protectoris a waterproof and stain proof protector for all kinds of shoes, protectors, and hats and doesn’t only protect from water but also from the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun and the fading and yellowing that follows. One single application lasts up to 12 months and it completely dries up within 23 minutes of its application. It causes water to repel away and allows the material to breathe normally.

    Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield

    This heavy-duty outdoor water shield by Scothgard is the ultimate solution to all your problems. It creates a durable barrier on just one application repels water off items even when in storage and not in use. One application can provide protection for 60 square feet of nylon and around one-third on heavy fabrics. It can be used on all synthetic outerwear, backpacks, marine gear, tarps, boots, belts etc and is odorless once dry.

    Rust-Oleum Shoe and Boot Spray

    Rust-Oleum NeverWet Shoe and Boot Spray is yet again another great invention for shoe and boot care from water and other harmful fluids. It is crystal clear and boasts a silicon free formula which will not change the appearance or feel of the item in any manner at all.
    It has a simple application process by using the one single step application trigger for all your leather, suede, canvas and more.

    Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector

    Another protector from the house of the trusted brand called Scotchgard, this protector provides excellent weather resistance and is capable to block rain, sleet, and even snow with ease. It keeps your articles dry and also minimizes the probability of staining. It even resists salt stains and one application can easily last up to 6 months.

    Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector

    Finally, the truly best protector out there which works not only for shoes or boots but also for all kinds of leather upholstery whether it is in your home, your car or somewhere else. It even works for clothing like shirts, ties and dresses apart from other standard clothing items. It repels water in such a strong way that it can be removed and cleaned off the shoe or the item just by wiping with a clean cloth and leaves no stain!
    Such is the power of this particular protector which is your secret defender against all of life’s mishaps and accidents.

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