The tape is one of the most used items when it comes to household use. Almost each one of us in our lifetimes has used tapes for once or more. It is the core element to complete school projects or make awesome DIYs. Tapes can be seen on every desk in every household and have also extended its area of application to various departments.
So, one can easily say that tapes are used for nearly everything, from temporary repair work to making perfect school projects. Tapes vary in quality and price. It is essential for tapes to be sturdy and waterproof because you will not want that an accidental spill of water should spoil the project you worked on the whole night. So, take your time to go through our list of “Top 10 Best waterproof tapes 2020” and make your choice.

List of  Top 10 Best Waterproof Tapes 2020

10. IPG Silver Waterproofing Repair Tape

Silver Waterproofing Repair Tape

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The IPG silver waterproofing repair tape is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is a low VOC, 17 inches thick, pressure sensitive tape. It provides a durable water resistant grip to almost all surfaces. The product is suitable for usage in damp and wet surfaces like boats, pool equipment, trailers, etc. The repair tape perfectly seals all leaks and gaps as it forms a water-tight bond which acts as a seal.

9. ER Self-Fusing Tape

Emergency Repair Tape

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ER Self-Fusing Silicone Tape can be used in emergency repairs in various areas. This tape works perfectly for automotive repair, plumbing, marine applications and various other areas where water cannot be avoided. It comes with Silicone rubber material, this provides resistant to different solvents, chemicals and also provides resistance to heat. At room temperature, it can bond itself within 24 hours. The ER Self-Fusing Tape seals leaks under pressure. The tape can withstand a maximum pressure of 700psi. The operating temperature ranges from -85 to +500 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. SolutioNerd Self Fusing Rubberized Leak Tape

Tape Self Fusing

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SolutioNerd Self Fusing Rubberized Leak Tape is a waterproof tape that seals all cracks or leaks by forming an airtight blockage. This tape can be put to use in various high-temperature areas of application such as heaters or many low-temperature areas of application like the refrigerators. The tape can withstand extreme temperatures and still work perfect and remain sealed. The tape is not just limited to extreme temperature areas whereas; it can be used to seal high-pressure spots as well such as leaks in hoses, etc.

7. Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape

Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape

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Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape is a 30-yard roll of cloth tape with a matte finish. The tape has a high tensile strength, flexible, easy to tear and most importantly, it is waterproof. The tape comes quite handy and can replace Duct Tapes in areas of use. The Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape has an advantage over the Duct Tapes as it leaves no sticky residue or doesn’t catch fire. Due to its matte finish, it doesn’t reflect light like other tapes. The tape can be used in almost any weather and will keep your seams, cable connections, etc. safe.

6. T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape

T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape

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T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape is a premium adhesive tape. It has a high tensile strength. T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape is made with UV resistant material to block UV rays from weakening the adhesive of the tape. The usage of tape can be extended from indoors to outdoors on materials like bricks, concrete, painted or non-painted woods, etc. It is made with heavy-duty knit cloth and hence can come handy for long-lasting applications. It can even withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the quality.

5. X-Treme Tape Self Fusing Tape

X-Treme Tape

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X-Treme Tape Self Fusing Tape has incredible strength, and the strength is a contribution from both its thickness and the unique silicone formula that adds to the bonding characteristics of the tape. The tape has more thickness than competing brands, and hence it has an upper notch over all other rival brands. The tape can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The tape is water resistant and resists weathering.

4. Gorilla Clear Duct Tape, 1.5″ x 5 yds

Gorilla Clear Repair Duct Tape

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Gorilla Clear Duct Tape 1.5″ x 5 yds is one of its kinds. It has the crystal clear finish and will not yellow the outdoors. It provides air-tight, waterproof bond. The tape can be used to seal and fix almost every kind of surface. The tape is also weatherproof as it can bear extreme temperatures, resists UV rays and is waterproof. It is easy to tear and use.

3. Scotch’s Waterproof Colored Tape

Waterproof Vinyl Plastic Colored Tape

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Scotch’s Waterproof Colored Tape is super thin waterproof colored tapes. They are made of vinyl plastic. These are different from other tapes because it is extra flexible and even moisture resistant. The tapes can be used to repair and even decorate at various occasions. It comes in different color varieties to choose from.

2. Gorilla Duct Tape, 1.88″ x 9 yds

Gorilla Clear Repair Duct Tape

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Gorilla Duct Tape, 1.88″ x 9 yds provides a waterproof and airtight bond. It is transparent and is ideal for outdoor usage. Not only it comes with waterproof backing, but it can also resist UV rays and can be used at extreme temperatures.

1. Black Gorilla Tape 1.88″ x 35 yds

Black Gorilla Tape-Waterproof Tapes

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Black Gorilla Tape 1.88″ x 35 yds is imported, heavy duty, double thick tape that provides outstanding results. It can build a bond with uneven and rough materials and can be easily used on them. It provides with smooth grip even to forbidden surfaces such as wood, plaster, bricks, etc. It is sturdy, weather-resistant tape as it can withstand moisture, extreme temperatures as well as UV rays.

So, this was the list of “Top 10 Best waterproof tape 2020,” and it can be quickly concluded that tapes can play a lot of different roles in our day to day lives. From indoor applications to outdoor applications, we use tapes as a repair measure almost everywhere. So, keeping in mind, the requirements choose what is best for you!

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