If you are a professional weight lifter or a regular trainee who wants to spur weight loss or improve body strength, this article about weightlifting belts is for you  Keep reading it. Do you sometimes feel back pains after a workout session? Or have you ever suffered a back injury while weightlifting? Well, the solution lies right here with you. All you need is a weightlifting belt and viola! Everything will be easy and awesome. They are designed to lower muscle stress and reduce hyperextension.

Although they are simple and always ignored by more than a few workout enthusiasts, weightlifting belts stabilize and reduce stress on the spine by up to 40-percent. They help improve the overall performance of most weight lifters by lowering body flexion that often leads to injuries. However, not all of these products will serve you well. You need the best quality item for great weightlifting experience. And that’s what we provide through the following top 14 weightlifting belt in 2021 reviews.

List Of Best Weight Lifting Belt in 2021 Reviews:

What Is The Best Weight Lifting Belt?

14. LIFT Powerlifting/Weightlifting Belt – Weight Lifting Belts

 s Guide Weight Lifting Belts in 2021 Reviews 10 LIFT Powerlifting Weightlifting Belt

Are you fed up with cheap, wimpy belts that offer no support at all? Get fed up no more because the LIFT Weightlifting Belt is within reach. It is a stiff 4 inches wide belt that allow the abdominals and back to firmly brace for superior support.

Weight Lifting Belt dramatically increases stability and will protect you from back rounding during heavy lifts. By so doing this, it allows you to lift heavier and safer. The LIFT Weightlifting Belt is backed by 5-star experience guarantee, so buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be refunded if something’s not right.

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13. Serious Steel Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Be attentive because we are about to review one of the finest belts you’ll ever come across on the market; the Serious Steel Fitness Weight Lifting Belt! Made with genuine leather suede and leather blends, this top performing belt will surely serve you for ages before it wears out.

It measures in at 3/8 inch, or more precisely, 10 millimeters thick, and it’s perfect for general weightlifting, competition powerlifting, or in the CrossFit box. The belt is not “padded” but it’s rigid enough to offer maximum support.

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12. ProFitness Weightlifting Workout Belt, Weight Lifting Belts

Made with the highest quality leather, the ProFitness Weightlifting Workout Belt will not stretch, tear or slip while you are working out. It is strong and will support you regardless of the amount of weight you throw up. In fact, it features an adjustable, double prong roller buckle that will help you stay in place while bending, straining, squatting or lifting.

Weight Lifting Belt will also help you maintain proper form and balance to make sure you don’t lose sight of your goals because of injury. The ProFitness Weightlifting Workout Belt comes with a 60-day full refund money-back guarantee.

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11. Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belts


  • By: Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belts

Ideal for both men and women, this weightlifting belt is ideal for all tough exercises. It helps promote perfect form when one is lifting weights. And yes, the belt also ensures one avoids injuries so they can focus on the exercise. There’re various color options so that you get your favorite.

Options like blue, black, Camo, grey or pink are available for you to choose from. Perhaps what makes it even better is the excellent construction which guarantees comfort and durability. It lets you explore your weightlifting desire like a pro. The lightweight and contoured design makes the belt even better.

It supports your back while at the same time offering mobility when exercising. Although the design is ideal for weightlifting, one can even use it while doing back squats, overhead squats, power cleans and clean and jerks among other exercises.

Extra features:

  • It offers support for abdomen and lower back
  • The belt offers extra support for most exercises.

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10. Master of Muscle Weight Lifting Belt

 Master of Muscle Weight Lifting Belt

The Master of Muscle Weight Lifting Belt is ideal for both men and women. It offers the ultimate form of maximum protection. It features a contoured design that supports your lower back to make sure your form is not put under question when lifting weights. This high-quality belt promotes safe lifting technique for each movement.

It is designed to support your back while offering you the mobility to carry out numerous exercises. Use if, for powerlifting exercises and workouts like Overhead Squats, Back Squats, Clean and Jerks, Dead Lifts, and Power Cleans among others.

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9. Flexz Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Strong and durable, this belt offers great back support. It features heavy stitching on black suede lining inside and out to prevent it from sliding on the torso mid-lift, thereby, allowing you to lift heavier and safer for years to come.

The belt will keep your back straight and safe by keeping your posture stable and reducing stress on your back. Weight Lifting Belt is the best equipment for preventing hyperextension. Weight Lifting Belt comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for great buying experience.

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8. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women 

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women

  • By: Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belts

Designed to last, this weightlifting belt features a patented leather construction which makes it perfect for long use. The belt is resistant to wear, break or tear. And yes, unlike most cheap flops, this belt stays in a perfect shape throughout its life.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the fact that this belt doesn’t dig into your flesh which would be quite uncomfortable. The tough construction lets one lift up to 600 pounds without even breaking. And, this belt is fully approved and certified so you won’t have to worry about its safety. In fact, most users have confirmed and increase of like 10% on average in the weight they lift when using this belt.

Extra features:

  • There’s a lifetime replacement warranty
  • The fair pricing makes it economical

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7. Harbinger Women’s Weightlifting Belt

9. Harbinger Women's Weightlifting Belt

By: Harbinger

The Harbinger women’s weightlifting belt offers strength and stability for ultimate performances. First, this is an ultra-light belt ideal for most weightlifting exercises. Secondly, flexible nylon material makes it comfortable and quite versatile.

Furthermore, this product boasts a full 5-inch support panel which offers comfort and maximum support for the weightlifter. The foam core boasts a breathable, soft, and comfortable tricot lining which provides adequate support for the back and abdomen during heavy lifts. Besides being comfortable, this is a flexible belt allowing for full-range movement during workouts. In short, it won’t restrict your movements at all. The highly flexible design offers support and comfort without compromising on the performance.

Extra Features:

  • The sturdy steel tension buckle offers a customized fit
  • It comes in three size; Xs, S, M.

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6. Harbinger Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt

10. Harbinger Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt

By: Harbinger

This is a padded weightlifting belt designed using a sturdy leather material for adequate durability. Furthermore, the quilted 6-inch design delivers durability and sufficient support for weightlifters. It also features a contoured design for adequate comfort. Something else, this product boasts an excellent interior cushioning which offers sufficient comfort. Its unique suede lining adds to the comfortable construction, making it ideal for all weightlifting needs.

What’s more, this weightlifting belt boasts a double-stitched construction making it extremely durable and ideal for tough exercises. Its 6-inch width offers balanced support for the core and the back for an excellent performance. Something else, the sturdy leather material provides adequate support, thus maintaining proper posture. The many size options make this an ideal product for everyone. Of course, they could be shared, thus cutting down on cost.

Extra Features:

  • The ultra-tough steel buckle offers a snug fit
  • It comes in three sizes making it perfect for different people.

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5. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt -Men and Women – Multiple Color Choices

11. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt -Men and Women - Multiple Color Choices

By: RitFit

This is an ideal weightlifting belt perfect for men and women. It offers various color options which make it a unisex masterpiece. Additionally, the product features an ergonomic, durable, and comfortable construction. Its unique and advanced design offers adequate support for the lumbar and the back for extra comfort.

Additionally, the 6-inch width offers adequate support for the weightlifter. It also features soft bound edges and a comfortable tricot lining for maximum comfort. The adjustable design provides a snug fit and also makes it ideal for people of all sizes.

What’s more, this product features a convenient hook and loop closure design for a perfect and comfortable fit. This is a hand-washable weightlifting belt so maintenance won’t be an issue for you. The versatile design makes it a great strap for different activities like lunges, squats, deadlifts, and thrusters. Lastly, this affordable belt doesn’t just help build strength but also ensures that you are safe at all times when undertaking different weightlifting drills.

Extra Features:

  • It offers various color options
  • The many size options make it perfect for everyone
  • The manufacturer guarantees a 100% satisfaction.

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4. ProFitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt

12. ProFitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt

By: ProFitness

The ProFitness weightlifting belt comes in a comfortable and durable design, making it ideal for all weightlifters. First, it features an advanced design ideal for various activities like squats and lifting. It doesn’t just offer strength but also reduces injuries when working out. It delivers balance and stability for excellent performances.

Additionally, the product provides excellent lumbar support, thus reducing back pains and injuries. Each of these weightlifting belts boasts a 4-inch width for extra support and comfort. Additionally, the product boasts an adjustable design making it ideal for all people. The non-slip construction keeps it in place for added safety and strength. Ideally, this product doesn’t just offer protection against injuries but also ensures that you gain abdominal and back strength.

Extra Features:

  • It offers front and back support
  • The manufacturer guarantees a 100% satisfaction.

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3. Harbinger Weight Lifting Belts

 Harbinger Weightlifting Belt

The Harbinger Weightlifting Belt offers enhanced comfort with a suede lining and interior foam cushioning. It is made of genuine leather for superior durability, and it has a contoured design that will snugly fit your body to give you the much-needed support for heavy lifting and strength training.

Weight Lifting Belt does not hinder your mobility but ensures you are safe during workouts and exercises. It offers core support and protects the abdominals and lower back during heavy lifting. The split leather construction allows this padded weightlifting belt to combine support with durability and long lasting quality.

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2. Fire Team Fit 6-inch Weightlifting Belt, Weight Lifting Belts

 Fire Team Fit 6 inch Weightlifting Belt

Whether you want to exercise in the Gym or at CrossFit, the Fire Team Fit 6-inch Weightlifting Belt has you covered. It promotes good form while weight lifting by helping you to avoid injury and maximize your exercise performance.

You will feel and look your best because this top performing weightlifting belt gives the confidence one needs for safe weight lifting performance. The belt features a lightweight contour design that supports your back while offering you the mobility to carry out multiple exercises.

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1. Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belts

Best Weight Lifting Belts Genuine Leather Pro Weight lifting Belt for Men and Women

Built to last, this patented leather weightlifting belt does not break, wear out or tear. Weight Lifting Belts will serve you for years to come; thanks to its premium reinforced real leather construction.

Despite its sturdy construction, this belt is extremely comfortable and won’t feel bulky on your waist either will it ride up or dig into your hips or sides. Its heavy-duty metal buckle and extra adjustment holes ensure the perfect fit. Weight Lifting Belt measures 4 inches high and 5 millimeters thick for optimum performance.

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Never be afraid of back pains; not when these quality weightlifting belts are on the market. Specially designed to combat back pains and injuries, these belts boast outstanding features that make them a must-have in any weightlifting session.

They are sturdy and will let you workout with confidence knowing that they won’t tear or break when you are in the middle of lifting weights. Get yours today, and start lifting heavier and safer!

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