Are you looking for the best whey protein supplement for men? You should not settle for those items that are not able to guarantee the best possible results to everyone. Here is a list of the best whey protein for men in 2020:

List Of Top 10 Best Whey Proteins for Men in 2020 Reviews

10. Six Star

Six Star Pro Nutrition

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Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein is a product that is very famous in the U.S. It is made 100% from whey protein which is very essential for men’s muscle development. It is a great product that is made with combination of best ingredients that helps to build greater strength of yours everyday. Compared to placebo.2, this product is able to help build your muscles 4 times faster and stronger. That is why, it is best for athletes. It helps to get all of your broken muscles from workout together and allows them to recover faster as it has BCAAs and glutamine.

It has very little carbs and fat of only 8g and 3g per scoop which never allow bad fat to stay in your body at all. It is the best mate that help you to build more protein intake every time you drink it. Moreover, by drinking this regularly, it even helps with your digestive system. With the total amount of 2 pounds, users can take it up to 2 weeks of workout days.

9. Cellucor

Cellucor Whey Protein

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If you are looking for whey proteins for weight loss, this product from Cellucor is what you should choose. This is a protein powder that offers you up to 24g protein nutrition for every two scoop. It consists of very low carb, low fat, as well as free of gluten. Therefore, it is the best meal to replace your breakfast or dinner. More importantly, it has many good ingredients that helps your muscles to recover faster than ever after post workout period. It is also combined with energy boost ingredients which gives you more energy to re workout again the day after.

On top of that, this might also be a great product to own for those who have problems with digestion. Cellucor Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Blend Powder also helps to digest foods quicklier and helps to strengthen your stomach, bowels, and digestive system. You will also like the fact that it comes with peanut butter flavor which never gives you headache everytime you drink it at all, delicious and energetic at the same time.

8. NAKED Nutrition


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For every man looking to gain more strong muscles without gaining fat, this NAKED Nutrition Whey Protein can help you achieve your goal. This is a product that is free from gluten and preservation substances or additive color and flavor. It is made free from soy and GMO as well which helps to rebuild your muscle after every workout. Within one serving, you will get enough of protein for 15g, les sugar of around 2g, very little 3g carbs, 5.9g of BCAAs. In total, you get calories as little as 120 only which is best for those who want to keep muscles but not fat or high calories inside their body.

NAKED Nutrition Whey Protein Powder also has no artificial sweetener which can cause weight gain and diabetes either. Additionally, it is a cold processed  product which is very easy to take care of. It features a 5 pound big bottle which allows you to make up to 76 servings totally.

7. BN Labs

Grass Fed Whey Protein

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BN Labs is well known for providing pure and natural grass fed whey protein which is considered as the purest protein for body and muscle development. It consists of non gluten, soy, GMO, hormone, as well as artificial coloring and flavor. Moreover, it is not added with additional sweetener that makes the taste of this whey protein become too sweet to drink. With less than 1 percent of the taste of sunflower lecithin, it smells good and is not difficult to consume. It becomes even more delicious when you mix this whey protein with your smoothie or juice. But, it will always remain delicious just with water.

This BN Labs is great for breaking down food and also offers the best recovery to your muscles. It also helps with your digestive system which greatly prevent constipation from happening. This one comes with a 5 lbs capacity which serves you up to 75 times which mean you can use it around 1 or 2 months.

6. BulkSupplements

Whey Protein

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BulkSupplements is known as whey proteins for weight gain as well as for weight loss. It comes with 35.2 ounce package which allows you to make up to 33 serving. Per serving consists of 30g protein which is perfectly enough for muscle mass building. This is a great product to choose for those who love to keep their muscles strong and burn the fat from their body. It is sorely made of whey protein isolates which has up to 90% of pure protein. Thus, it is perfect for treating post-workout soreness, rebuilding damaged muscles, and making you feel energetic for gym again.

BulkSupplements Whey Protein Powder contains a chain of essential Amino Acids which helps to increase muscle growth and decrease workout fatigue. What is more, it is a great fighter to liver disease as well. This one is not hard to drink because it only has natural smell and flavor of milk and soy.

5. BSN


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This one from BSN is a whey protein that is made of milk protein isolates. It serves as a strawberry milkshake which is very delicious to drink. It is a product that is made based on 6 protein combination including whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, and egg albumin. All of these are the best sources that help your muscles to recover faster after any high intensity workout. In addition to this, it also consists of 10g of essential amino acids which is very useful for soreness elimination.

For every serving, it contains only 200 calories which is very low. Therefore, it is also best for weight loss program if you replace 1 or 2 meals with this. It offers only 6g of fat which equals to 8% only. This means that you can keep yourself full of protein but very little fat that can burn down quickly and easily.

4. Muscle Pharm

MusclePharm Combat

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Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder has a vanilla flavor that is very yummy to take. It is made of isolate whey protein, egg protein, BCAAs, Glutamine, and Casein that are very important for muscle growth and muscle pain treatment. Choosing this product for post-workout meal will definitely give you the best result if you hope to achieve leaning muscles, bicep building, as well as abs. It also offers greater support strength which allows you to start workout again with full energy. Besides the fact that it has so many good protein, Muscle Pharm Whey Protein Powder contains very little fat which is only 1.5g in total.

With 130 calories per serving, this is very good for those who do not want to leave up so many calories in their bodies. What is more, this product has about 1g dietary fiber which is also great for your digestive system. Together with up to 12% of calcium, it is literally a healthy diet to take.

3. Optimum Nutrition


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This is a product that is designed specifically for chocolate lover. It comes up with delicious double rich chocolate flavor which is very yummy to consume but will never put you in weight at all. Coming with 5 pounds container, this allows you to serve yourself up to 70 to 75 times. It has 120 calories only within one serving, yet it offers up to 24g of protein which is amount to 48% of entire intake.

Furthermore, it consists of 1g fat only which is 2% out of all. This product is not added with artificial or additional sugar at all. It only comes with natural carbohydrate of 3g. It is also added with 25g of dietary fiber which means that it also helps to boost your digestive system greatly.

2. CurcuminPro

CurcuminPro Total

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CurcuminPro is ranked as the top second best whey protein for men in this 2020. It is actually a great product to consider for weight loss and detox. It features a great flavor that tastes like a real chocolate but never gives you a lot of calories at all. It helps you to feel energetic and full as it consists of 27g of good proteins. Users can use it as their meal replacement for 1 or 2 meals each day.

It contains up to 26 vitamins and mineral that is very essential for healthy diet. Other than this, it has very little amount of carbs which is only 12g. However, it comes with up to 6 grams of dietary fiber together with boost probiotic which is the best for detoxifying and maintaining healthy stomach and bowels. It consists of 2g fat, but it is healthy fat that is very necessary for weight loss process.

1. Muscle Pharm


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Product number 1 goes to Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder which is the best and delicious product for both weight loss and weight gain. It comes with chocolate flavor which is as yummy as you eat real chocolate bar. But what different is, it provides you very little carbs, fat, and calories which you need not worry about. This product offers 25g of protein per serving which is what you need for post-workout meal. This helps your muscle to recover faster and get ready for the next combat.

It put only 1.5g of total fat in your body which is very low. This one also offers 12% of calcium, and 2% of iron to keep your strong. Simply serve yourself 1 full scoop of this whey protein every time you finish workout to recover your muscle faster and to get your leaning abs and muscles.

Whey Protein Benefits

Build More Strength: you all know the first benefit of whey protein which helps drinkers to build more muscles. It is because whey protein contains up to 90% of pure protein which is essential for growing more muscles on your body. More than this, it also helps to strengthen any broken muscles from the workout as well.

Reduce Body Fat: whey protein powder is also great at reducing body fat from your body. It is rich in good protein but not in fat. Therefore, it does not build more fat and you get to reduce a lot of fat every time you exercise. For every serving, it contains as little as 2% of total fat which is about 1g to 2g only.

Reduce Hunger: it is what cannot be denied that protein actually helps you feel full. Therefore, another benefit of whey protein is to reduce your hungry which is perfect for weight loss plan. All of the whey protein product we have brought to you here offer you up to 15g to 20g of protein for every serving which means that you can receive up to 40% to 50% of protein. This allows you to omit your hungry up to 3 or 4 hours. It means that you can actually take it for meal replacement or simply consume it to decrease your hungry of food which is bad for your health.

Help with Type 2 Diabetes: it is important to know that by drinking whey protein, it also helps you fight with type 2 diabetes. Why? It is because whey protein is known to have contained with very little carbohydrate, sugar, as well as blood glucose level. And for diabetes patients, it is very crucial for them to avoid taking any kinds of food that contain high level of carbs and sugar. Because it is dangerous if they develop higher glucose level in their blood which can cause even more serious diabetes disease.

Improve Digestive System: people might not be aware of the fact that even by drinking whey protein shake can help to adjust their digestive system. It is because for every serving of whey protein, you will obtain about 6g to 25g of dietary fiber which actually helps to improve your digestive system. Thereby, helping to deal with your constipation very well.

Recover Muscle Soreness: in all of the whey protein products we have shown above come with essential amino acids. And the benefits of those essential amino acids is to help grow more muscles, greatly treat muscles that have need destroyed during intense workout, and to eliminate muscle soreness for post-workout. It, then, provides more strength for the next battle at the gym.


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10. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder


Natural whey protein powder | Guaranteed best results | Free from harmful side effects

This product contains pure whey protein isolate which is the main ingredient of it. The supplement also contains more than 4 grams of glutamic acid and glutamine in every serving. It has more than five grams of the naturally occurring BCAAs or branched chain amino acids leucine, valine and Isoleucine in every serving. You can truly hope for the best results with this all-natural supplement.

9. MuscleTech Pro Series Premium Gold 100% Whey Powder


Complete and advanced formula | Guaranteed effects and benefits | Premium quality

This is a famous brand when it comes to whey protein powder. It is made using whey protein that has been combined with some other important ingredients that will offer the best possible results for you.

8. Muscle Pharm Combat Powder


Available in different flavors to choose from | Improved time released protein mix

Want a powerful protein supplement that will help you to get ripped in no time? Why don’t settle for anything else if this supplement can totally provide what you had been searching for?! This supplement is complete with great features as it is made using carefully selected ingredients available in the market today.

7. Alpha Isolate – Highest Quality Best Tasting Whey Protein Isolate


Effective in building lean muscles | Great tastes to choose from | Proven effective muscle builder

This product is among the greatest choices you have when it comes to protein shakes. It is made using carefully chosen ingredients that work together so as to give you the best possible results. After a few weeks of using this supplement, you will immediately find and experience the initial effects that you will surely love.

6. NaturesTwig All Natural Vanilla Whey Protein


Made with pure whey protein | Best, high quality product | Delicious taste

This whey protein supplement is made available in different flavors to choose from. It contains 20gms of protein and it comes in a sweet taste. At a very affordable price, you will already gain the benefits that a good protein supplement promises to offer.

5. Designer Whey Premium Natural 100% Whey Protein


Great tasting whey protein powder | Made with natural ingredients | No artificial flavorings

This supplement is a high quality, great-tasting 100 percent whey protein that has been intended to support weight management, fitness & healthy nutrition. It could be used in shakes, smoothies, baking and cooking. It comes with a complete spectrum of peptides with supplementary glutamine, taurine, leucine, and phenylalanine.

4. Performance Whey Protein Powder Concentrate

Contains antioxidants and protein co-factors | Improved nutrition and formula

This whey protein powder contains all of the most important nutrients and ingredients that will help you build lean muscles and achieve the greatest results in no time. At a very affordable price, you would be able to get ripped in just a short period of time.

3. MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder


Comes with new improved formula for better results | Has six high quality sources of protein | Contains 26 grams of protein

This product contains comprehensive sustained release 8 hour protein formula that contains quick, medium & slow release sources of protein. Each bottle contains twenty five grams of protein that was derived from milk and it contains ½ half of the carbohydrates and fats contained by other brands.

2. Natural Force® Organic Whey Protein Powder


Natural whey protein supplement | 100 percent grass fed whey | High quality product

Want to have the best whey protein supplement today? Try this one and be surprised with what you can get out of it. This product is made using the finest ingredients, so the quality and effectiveness of it are both assured to you. At a very affordable price, you will be surely happy with the way it helps you reach your muscle building goals today.

1. Six Star Whey Protein Plus Powder


Better and much more effective compared to regular whey | easy to mix | improved with a proven strength and muscle builder

This whey protein powder was scientifically revealed to be seventy percent better compared to regular whey. It is 100 percent quick zed for effortless mixing and it has been improved with a proven effective strength and muscle builder. With this product, you are sure that you are on the right way to achieving well defined muscles and improved strength. At a good price, you will be getting a product that can offer everything want when it comes to muscle development.

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