Technology has done it again

It has upgraded the light switch to make it even easier for you to turn your lights on or off. With wifi capability you now can use your voice to flick the switch. You get this ability when you turn to one of the top 10 best wi-fi light switch in 2021.

When your hands are full, you can simply speak and get the lights turned on with ease.

Our wi-fi light switch review

List Of Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Light Switch in 2021

10. TOPGREENER Smart Wi-Fi Switch

TOPGREENER Smart Wi-Fi Switch

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A 2.4 GHz frequency is required to handle the voice action included with this wi-fi switch. It is compatible with Alexa and Google voice systems making it very easy to walk into a dark room and get light.

You can also use the wi-fi connection to set timers, so the lights automatically turn on before you enter the room. Also, an away feature allows you to have lights turned on and off automatically when you are on vacation. Keep your home safe with technology upgrades.

9. meross Smart Wi-Fi Wall Light Switch

meross Smart Wi-Fi Wall Light

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Use your voice to get some light on the situation. With current Alexa and Google voice systems and upcoming upgrades with other voice activation, you can see put light in your rooms just by speaking.

You can save energy by having the lights automatically turn off when accidentally left on. The easy to install wi-fi light switch only works with 1-way light controls. Plus, you can use the meross app to give your smartphone power over your lights.

8. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light

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You get flexibility when you upgrade your light switches to wi-fi light switches. Your smartphone can turn your lights on or off from the comfort of your car. Be careful a metal light switch plate may cause some interference.

Also, the away feature operates your lights while you are away for an extended period of time. Plus, a timer feature saves you money. It will turn your lights off when the room is not in use. Compatible with Alexa at this time only.

7. Lesim Smart Switch WiFi Wall Light

Smart Switch WiFi Wall Light

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Use a neutral wire to make sure you get the full benefits of this Alexa, Google and IFTTT compatible wi-fi light switch. After installation, you can either activate the features through touch control. Or you can use your voice. It is your choice.

Before you leave home make sure you have downloaded the smart life app. This gives you flexibility and options even when you are not home. You can even have the lights turn on and off exactly when you need them to.

6. KKCOOL Wifi Light Switches

Wifi Light Switches

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Voice activation makes it easy to enter a room. You do not have to feel around for a light switch. Just speak and you do not have to enter a dark room. Plus, you can save money by having your lights on an automatic schedule.

Also, a smart life app lets you operate and schedule your wi-fi light switch from anywhere. All you need is a 2.4 GHz frequency, no hub is required. It shouldn’t take you very long to install this wi-fi light switch.

5. JACK AND THE BUTLER Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

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You can’t use these wi-fi light switches with multiple option light switches. But you can use them to turn on ceiling fans and other air-cooling equipment before you get home. Just use the programming feature to set the times and you are good to go.

With timer capability you can create your own schedule of light usage. Voice per is all you need to make sure you can see your way to your destination. The good news is, you stay in control of your electricity use.

4. TOPGREENER Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch


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It is possible to use this wi-fi light switch with a 3-way system. You may have to do some rewiring, but you will be covered. With a neutral wire and 2.4 GHz frequency you get complete control over your electrical bill and light use.

Plus, all you need to use is your voice. Simple commands make turning lights on and off simple. Also, you can schedule a light routine that can continue while you are away on vacation. The possibilities are almost endless with this wi-fi light switch.

3. iDevices Wall Switch

iDevices Wall Switch

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You may have to buy the Alexa system separately, but this wi-fi compatible light switch is ready to be used by your voice. After installation of both systems, you just speak, and you get light. You also just speak to turn the light off.

Then with Bluetooth capability, you can pair wi-fi light switches for eve more lighting possibilities. Also, you can use this wi-fi light switch on 3 and 4-way systems. That is good news indeed.

2. MAXEDOD Wifi Light Switches

Wifi Light Switches-Smart

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Before you fill your arms with packages, use your smartphone to control your lights. Then you can walk in your house without dropping anything to turn on a light. The smart life app gives you ultimate light control over your situation.

Plus, with Alexa and Google compatibility, you can use your voice to keep the lights where you need them. After installing those features, you can switch rooms easily, especially when your arms are full. You stay in control and cut your electric bill down to size.

1. Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi  LED/Incandescent Switch

Leviton DW15S

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You get it all with this wi-fi controlled light switch. Remote control access, voice control operation and even touch control. Your lighting options are up to you. You can use your smartphones to turn lights on or off from anywhere.

Also, you can just speak to make sure the lights turn off when you leave a room. All the scheduling is up to your situation and preference. You decide when you want the lights to automatically go on or off.

Some final words

Technology has made homelife a lot easier. With one of the top 10 best wi-fi light switch in 2021, you can save money and hassles. You control when the lights work, and you do not need to fumble around looking for a light switch.

Just speak and you can see where you are going. Using the best gets you the best results.

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