A window exhaust fan, just like the name implies, is a fan built to be placed in a window. But, it has applications which make it special from any other type of fan. Most fans, such as the ceiling and the tower fans, offer a cooling experience out of the moving airflow. Similarly, window fans do the same. They cool a room or any other part of your home. However, they perform this job by drawing in cold air or forcing out warm air from your home. A lot of people can’t purchase an air conditioner because of their budget. Nevertheless, they can still cool their room adequate by the use of window fans.

The fans will operate both as cooling and exhaust fans to absorb the heated air while drawing in a flow of cool air. You may also utilize the thermostat in setting the level of comfort you desire. Majority of these exhaust window fans happen to be tailor-made for every different kind and size of the window. In fact, some even come with shutters so that you can just shut while they are not in use. This article is tailored to provide these exhaust fans for windows with shutters. So, below, find a list of the top five best window exhaust fans with shatters in 2022 which you should install in your house to go through the summer session with a comfortable interior temperature.

Top Rated Window Exhaust Fan With Shutter Review In List

#1. Iliving 10” Variable-Speed-Shutter-Exhaust-Fan

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This fan is ideal for getting rid of the excess moisture, heat, and offensive odors from your house, kitchen or practically any commercial premises, like warehouses, restaurants, factories, greenhouses and barns. This fan includes OSHA-compliant-wire guards, aluminum blades & automatic shutters which open and closes in tandem while the fan operates. The totally embedded motor is also thermally shielded and lastingly lubricated. The fan comes while it’s completely assembled. So, the only installation needed is electrical hardwire. This shutter fan is available in 8 various sizes: 10”, 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, and the 36”. On top of that, the 18” shutter fan possesses both a changeable Speed ILG8SF24V & a single Speed design. The iLIVING 30” and 36” shutter fans are just accessible in Single Speed. For the variable Speed designs, the iLIVING-ILG8SFSC-Speed controller will be sold independently.

#2. MaxxAir-IF14UPS-1400-CFM 14-Inch Blade-Heavy-Duty Exhaust-Fan-with-Integrated-Shutter

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This MaxxAir 14-inch Industrial-Exhaust-Fan is a strong fan which can be utilized in barns, garages, greenhouses, and in different other locations. The fan is thermally protected. It possesses two OSHA-compliant highlights and even a security grille and a completely contained, PSC energy saving and thermally protected motor. Its exterior shutters shut tightly to offer a draft while not in use and automatically opens when switched on. It assists in removing unwanted contaminants, odors, excess heat or moisture.

This fan’s housing is created of galvanized steel that inhibits rust and possesses pre-drilled openings for simplified mounting. Also, the included rolled flange corners provide handling security during installation. In addition, this heavy-duty fan comes with one year of limited warranty. The shutters close and open automatically. It’s important for you to note that fans don’t come having electrical plugs installed. For that, you require to do wiring to your house’s electrical unit.

#3. VES-24″ Exhaust-Shutter-Fan

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This exhaust/shutter fan will help you replace that AC system by cooling the attic, garage, chicken coop or greenhouse shop. The fan can comfortably be attached to your window opening or in the wall together with a thermostat in order to maximize the cooling. This industrial class shutter fan will solve every of your ventilation and cooling needs. The high-velocity fan will also serve as an AC to push hot air reliably compared to a ceiling fan.

#4. Fantech-2SHE1221-Series 12″ Shutter-Mount-Exhaust-Fan

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This shutter fixed exhaust fan is widely utilized for ventilating stores, warehouses, factories, greenhouses, workshops and farm buildings. The shutter frames along the pre-punched hanging holes provide for simple installation. This exhaust fan’s Heavy-duty guards possess grey polyester layer for resisting corrosion. The fan also comes with OSHA-compliant-guards and completely enclosed motors that are speed controllable.

#5. TPI-Corporation-CE14-DS-Direct-Drive-Exhaust-Fan

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This is a great shutter fixed three-speed exhaust fan that can be used in the exterior ventilation. It’s 2-amp, 1/8 horsepower, 120-volts, single-phase, lastingly lubricated, the entirely closed ball turning motor with a perpetual split capacitor. The fan has self-closing shutters which protect your fan from any rain while not in use. It features 3 aluminum paddle blades fastened to a steel hub & spider construction for durability. A junction box is included for easy wiring to your wall switch.


All the above-mentioned exhaust window fans with shutters are among the very best in the market today. From the list, you can confidently go the market and buy for yourself the most ideal fan to serve your needs. Consider carefully the various features of each to be in a better position to invest your money in a device that is worth it. All the best!

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