Choosing the best wine for sangria may look easy. However, without knowing what you are doing and having all the best ingredient, we believe you may waste time and energy trying to make it. We divide the article into main areas “how to make sangria” and “list of best wine for sangria”.

Introduction to Best Wine for Sangria

Sangria is a Spanish alcoholic beverage mixed with lemonade, fruits, and other spices. Traditionally, it consists of red wine with chopped fruits and other ingredients like orange juice etc. It is described as the most famous and popular Spanish drink. It is commonly served in bars, restaurants, homes and throughout the whole Spain.

Sangria is loved so much in Spain not only in the summer time but also in every season of the year. The recipe of Sangria varies greatly with respect to regional distinctions. It is all-time favorite holiday drink in Spain. It has a sweet taste, kitsch appearance, and a unique charm.

Let’s see how you can prepare Sangria of your own.

How to make Sangria

Choose your wine

The base ingredient of Sangria is wine. You don’t need to buy an expensive wine to prepare Sangria. Go for a budget friendly, nonchalant approach to select wine. You may mask this cheap wine with fruits and sweet soda afterward.

Remember one thing, which ever red you choose for Sangria, goes for the one which is dry. It is suggested because of the reason that you will add much sweetness, fruits, and soda afterward.

Choose a soft mixer

When we talk about traditional Sangria, simple lemonade is often used as the most effective mixer. If you don’t want to add lemonade in Sangria, ginger bear and orange soda used in controlled quantities can work as a carbonated additions alongside. You can also choose fresh juice such as grape or apple juice and blood orange juice and can mix them it with a little bit of soda, only if you prefer to give your drink a fizzy finish.

Add a splash of spirit or liqueur

It is all a matter of personal taste that if you want to add a splash of liqueur in you Sangria or not. Many Sangria recipes do contain rum, vodka or some more common brands. If you don’t want to use rum or vodka or other stuff like that, you may add a little bit of – just a little bit of – fortified wine, Marsala, Sherry, orange liqueur, cherry brandy or red vermouth in your drink.

Add some fruits and flavors

Slices of lemon and orange are the most common choices of people for Sangria but you can add any fruit in this. Some people like to use cherries, strawberries while others go for peaches.
While adding fruits or flavors in Sangria, do keep in mind the nature of your wine and what soft mixer you have selected. You can add all this garnishing as you desire.

Ratios of ingredients

Try using more colors in your drink its combination of different colors. Choose the light amount of alcohol that you want to add in your Sangria. Depending upon the strength of spirit that you can tolerate. A good rule is to add one part of spirit in five parts of wine. Talking about mixer, try adding it a third of the amount of wine. For fruits and other flavors, add them according to your taste and desire.

Top 7 Best Wines for Sangria

Try to use wine which is dry and fruity, have good acidity and is also lower in tannins. You can use other fruit-driven wines too which include Merlot or Malbec. Go with the one which is not heavily oaken or too tannic. If you will add too much weight in your red wine and the Sangria itself, will make it overpoweringly heavy for you to handle. You may try to cut it heavily with a mixer but that’s not going to work if you are using such heavy stuff.
I have listed down some good wines that you can use in your Sangria drink.

7. Garnacha


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Garnacha is a wine from Spanish region which was introduced in 2012. It is a red wine having a cinnamon flavor. It holds medium to full weight in taste. It is not an offensive cocktail wine and has a good, food-friendly personality.

It strongly depends that where Grenache is grown because every region gives its own taste to Grenache. If it is grown in the hot region of Spain, it will get high sugar levels because of the late ripening of Garnacha grapes. Garnacha wine from this area usually smells like ruby-red grapefruit with lots of cheery flavors. Similarly, Grenache is grown in many regions thus adding its own unique taste in the Garnacha wine. For your Sangria, Garnacha wine is a good option.

6. Tempranillo


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It is a black grape variety which is widely grown to make red wines in native Spain. For a long time, this wine was ignored by the outside world as a wine with strictly local appeal and made of rustic northern Spanish grapes. But now, it is highly known as dominant grape of red Rioja which comes in the list of Spain’s most favorite wine. Tempranillo is also found in other countries like Portugal and Argentina. The flavor of this wine is essentially savory than sweet. It has a characteristic smell of fresh tobacco leaves.

This wine does not have a deep color but has a lush texture. The flavors of plum, tobacco, and berries are commonly experienced in this wine. The depth and complexity of the wine are heavily dependent on the oak aging it has undergone. For making Sangria, Tempranillo is the best choice. Many people are addicted to using this wine in their Sangria drink because of its unique taste, texture, and color. Ultimately, this may be the best red wine for sangria.

5. Zinfandel


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This wine is from the region California and introduced in the year 2012. This wine is robust is the best way possible. This wine is perfect for your Sangria drink if you are planning to have a movie night or are planning to play board games with friends and family. It has ruby-red notes of fruits like cherries, and raspberries. It also makes your drink amazing by giving you a hint of spice and lasting finish.

The wine is truly made famous by the people of California. In the mid-1800, the people of California began to plant Zinfandel everywhere in California. This wine usually have the rich flavor, jammy fruits also having a taste of spice and floral notes. It is easy drinking, rich and intense having full flavor and bit of sweetness. It is a great a match for Sangria drink.

4. Bonarda


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Bonarda is originally from Italy but now it is found in a large amount in Argentina. It is Argentina’s unique varietal wine having great potential. It is a stealthy red wine which is going to make its mark in the coming years. It is lower in price and also offers great value with its lush and fruity style.

With some notes of fresh blueberry, black cheery compote and plum, Bonarda wine are at first seems very fruity on the nose. It gives an initial burst of medium body, fruitiness, juicy acidity and smooth, low-tannin finish. This wine is also easy to drink and tastes like Merlot.

3. Nero d’Avola


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Nero d’Avola is your Sangria drink buddy if you like full-bodied dry red Syrah. This wine is also known with the name “serious wine”. It has a high tannin amount in it. Acidity range in it varies from the creaminess of the green yogurt to the tartness of the lemon. You can say it has high acidity but not too high that it will taste over spicy. It has medium plus category of Alcohol level in it. Nero d’Avola makes your Sangria drink a bit heavy but if you can handle it, you may use this wine for your drink.

2. Honoro Vera

 Honoro Vera

Honoro Vera has a really beautiful ascent of blackberry, blueberry, baking spice, plum cola, licorice and much more. This super rich, super dark wine full of dark berry fruit, some earthy notes, lots of spices, and much of minerality. It has an intense aroma of sweet cherries and dark plum. You must try this drink once in you Sangria drink because it is affordable and have a beautiful taste.

Honoro Vera ends with some satisfying spices and mineral notes and is just fantastic to taste. Sadly this is not available on Amazon. But you can find it one WineSearcher.

1. Tendu

best wine for sangria

Tendu is just an everyday table wine. Made with grapes from the regions of California, this wine is affordable, delicious and rich. Tendu offers aroma of bright red fruit and a bit of earthiness. You can use this wine for your Sangria drink as it has the healthy acidity that balances the fruitiness of the wine. It is so delicious and juicy that you sometimes have a hard time putting your glass down. The pallet of the wine is filled with vibrant cherries, raspberries, and cranberries. Again, regretfully this is not available on Amazon yet. You may have to order from KogodWine.


Hopefully, this article of best wine for sangria may help you to have a better party or movie night with your loved ones. We have introduced both how to make good shots and also the best ingredient to make it happen. If you may have any questions or comments kindly let us know.

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