Owning a wireless security camera can be incredibly beneficial. It helps you keep an eye on your home, your belongings, your baby, the elderly, your pets, unusual occurrences; the list goes on and on. However, finding the perfect wireless security camera is not an easy breezy task either. There are a lot of research to do, and a lot of shopping criteria to be ticked off. With these factors recognized, our team wants to help you.

In this article, we are going to put into play the review of the top 10 best wireless security cameras of the year. And, we will wrap the article with a handy buyer’s guides for you to read through. Shall we begin?

List Of Top 10 Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2020 Reviews

10. Blink Home Security

Blink XT Home Security

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Packed with features, Blink is an exceptional wireless security camera. This unit is available in a number of options in terms of number of camera system, and whether or not it comes with Echo Dot. The camera is compatible with Alexa. It is a heavy duty unit for its weatherproof properties. Hence, this one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Equipped with motion detection, this camera rings an alarm whenever motion detector is triggered. Alerts are to be sent to your smart devices while the camera records the footage to be sent to the cloud via Wi-Fi. The power source of the camera is 2 lithium batteries (not rechargeable but can last for 2 years). Plus, the resolution of the camera is about 720p.

10 cameras can be installed with the Blink system. Data storage is wireless and free of charge unlike most cameras; no hassles with monthly subscriptions whatsoever. Set up is easy, and controlling the camera system is simple, too.

9. isotect

[Newest Strong Version

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With wireless security cameras becoming a now-essential for every home, here let’s have a look at an outstanding option from isotect. This bundle from isotect is a pack of 6 cameras; suitable for using at home as well as other places like the office, cafe, shop, warehouse; either indoors or outdoors since it is weatherproof. It works great both day and night – thanks to the superb night vision equipped.

Camera resolution is better than 920p. With these cameras, you can view live footage at the site nice and smoothly. As of alerts on motion detected, you can either choose to get it sent to your emails or via notifications to your smart phone. Motion detection can be set based on area and zone. Besides, recording as well as playing back and forth are also available.

Set up is not complicated. The cameras system works even when there is no internet connection. Every item is backed by a 1-year warranty, and a free service on part replacements as well as an inclusion of a 10dB antenna free of charge as well.

8. Arlo Technologies, Inc

Arlo - Wireless Home

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Another option that may suit your purpose is from Arlo Technologies. There are many options you can choose from regarding number of cameras and other add-ons. The maximum number of cameras is 5 camers. These cameras offer HD vision both day and night. They have no wires getting getting in the way. They area capable of recording and sending alerts to its application installed in your small devices or to your emails. Made weatherproof, feel free to install these babies anywhere (wall mount).Video’s resolution is about 720p. All recordings will be sent and stored in the cloud for free. The cameras are powered by lithium batteries which have its life up to 6 months. Remaining battery life is shown on the cameras as well.  Motion detection can be customized to detect particular zones or certain persons. Plus, setting these cameras up can be done in a snap.


 ZOSI Wireless Security

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The next camera that sure offers you peace of mind when it comes to knowing what’s going on around/inside your home is from ZOSI. This bundle contains 4 cameras. Able to standing strong even during tough weathers, ZOSI is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. And, when used at night, the night vision works as far as 100 feet long.

Resolution is 1080P HD NVR/720P. You will receive push notifications on your phone at times unexpected movements are spot. And, the company takes pride in their product by offering a 2-year warranty of every item purchased.

6. Wyze

Wyze Cam 1080p

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Wyze Cam is a good-looking, top-performing security camera you shouldn’t miss. This camera features the resolution of 1080p. At night, it can view about 30 feet in the distance clearly. As of storage, it uses cloud, but you can insert a microSD card of up to 32GB for added storage space.

Interestingly, this camera features 2-way communication. It lets you talk and listen via the cam. On the Wuze App, you can look at more than 1 camera, share the cameras with more users, record footage and share pics/videos instantly.

Coming in the compact size, this cam can travel with you to just about anywhere. Be noted that the unit is not weather-resistant. But, it is compatible with Alexa. Wyze is one of the best security cameras with video you shouldn’t skip.

5. xmartO

Audio Compatible

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xmartO is another top performer among its peers. It comes in a set of 4 unit of cameras. The cameras boast 1080p resolution and the night vision of 80 feet. Being well made, these are rugged cameras that can withstand harsh weathers. Thereby, they are ideal for using outdoors.

Just like other sought-after security cameras, this one sends alerts whenever activities are spotted, too. Plus, they are equipped with audio jacks and microphones, making it a great wireless security camera that allows for 2 way communication.

Recordings are stored in the given hard drive. The storage can keep 45 days of recording. Product weighs about 1 lbs. A bunch of accessories are given within the package. Taking about installation, it only takes a scan to set up these cameras in its app.

Besides, every purchase comes with a reliable 1 year warranty. XmartO is one of the outstanding wireless security cameras with audio indeed.

4. Vimtag

Vimtag | Focus

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Looking for an affordable option that ranks among the best? Lay your eyes on the Vimtag wireless security camera. This camera comes in a number of style, outdoor cam, indoor+outdoor, indoor, and more. This baby has a waterproofing body, making it a unit suitable for using under the rain. It features the night vision of up to 2 meters and the resolution of 1080p, ensuring clear and crisp pictures.

What’s more, this unit comes with the lens of 3.6 mm. It can be set up effortlessly – no more than 5 minutes. It can zoom in 8 times. When strange motions are detected, the footage will be recorded and you will be notified about the incident immediately.

And, Vimtag is always there to respond to your concerns and needs. With the Vimtag camera and your smart phone, you can always know what’s happening live at home, shop or office.

3. Ring

 Ring Stick Up Cam

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Up next on our wireless security camera reviews, Ring is another simple yet effective solution to keeping an eye on your place. This camera comes in an adorable look and 2 color options – black and white. It keep tracks of things inside or outside home accurately – thanks to the 1080p HD video resolution. Made compact, this guy can be mounted just about anywhere.

Whether it’s raining or sunny outside, this camera can withstand it all. The battery that powers the camera is rechargeable. You can always purchase an additional battery pack for backup use. And, if we look at the app, we can see that it lets you review footage as well as save and share them at your finger tips.

Enabling 2-way talk, you can hear and speak to others via the camera by using your smart device. Once  strange motions are detected, you will be notified asap. Package includes all the needed tools to install and set the camera up.

Installation can be done within a few minutes. Plus, good news for Alexa users is this one is compatible with Alexa, too.

2. Cromorc

All in one with Monitor

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Check in on your home anytime anywhere with Cromorc. The cameras are 4 pieces total. They have the ability to display HD video with clear and crisp vision even at night. HD resolutions are of 960p and 1080p. Night vision range is as far as 65 feet. The motion detection settings are customizable. As multi-functional units, in addition to offering alerts and notifications, the cameras let you do preview, playback, record, and more.

Once you get the app “IP PRO3” on your smart device, the ability to monitor your home is just at your finger tips. For customers’ satisfaction, every purchase is backed by a 1-year warranty and a lifetime support. In the packing list, you will find up more than 10 accessories and tools.

1. HisEEu

 [Expandable 8CH

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And, the ultimate worthy investment that you should not miss is here. This bundle of 4 cameras is all you need to monitor your place. The cameras offers smooth HD video always. They are built-in with a hard disk of 1Tb to store data. This is equivalent to 20 days of recording. The cameras let you record, remote and playback with ease. Alarm alerts are also available in these units.

Any smartphone using Android or IOS can be connected with the camera to view footage live. At a good value, material used for constructing these cameras is high quality and weather-proof. Every purchase also comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and a lifetime support from the company.

Buying Guides for Security Cameras

We have just put into play the review of the top 10 best wireless security cameras of the year. These picks are a benchmark for what good products should look like. They are excellent options when it comes to selecting a device that can keep an eye of your home, office, shop, people, or belongings accurately and effectively. Plus, their ease of use, durability and quality are very desirable. So, now, it’s time to look into our curated buyer’s guides. With no particular order of importance, here are some useful factors you should keep in mind when shopping for a wireless security camera.

Resolution: Security cameras come with varying resolutions. The degree of resolutions of most cameras are 720p, 960p and 1080p. Hence, know your needs before getting one.

Night Vision: If monitoring your home or workplace at night is what you plan to do, check the night vision capability of the camera. Check if at night, the camera can maintain its resolution just like during daytime. And, look at its range as well.

Weatherproof: If your purpose is to use the camera outdoors, do get the one that is weatherproof. With a weatherproof security camera, you don’t have to be worried over the camera get rust or whether or not it can withstand rain, wind or shine.

Data Storage: To store the data, the camera needs to have some kind of storage. Most cameras use a hard drive of a certain memory capacity (I.e, 1TB). And, some use cloud storage. As of cloud storage, some cameras can store the data for you for free in the cloud, and for some cameras, they require you to pay for a monthly subscription.

Alert: When it comes to motion detection on the camera, the camera is linked to some kind of alerts or notifications to be sent to you. They are typically sent via Wi-Fi to your smart devices. Anyways, when using Wi-Fi (whether it’s for the live-streaming, recording, or offering notifications), it is good if you check if the Wi-Fi usage does not effect the speed of your overall Internet, too.

Recording: Lastly, check if the camera is equipped with “recording footage” or “playback” features. These features can come in really handy when you need to view certain footages in case any incident happens.


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Are you keen on keeping an eye at what’s happening at home? Are you always worried about what the kids are doing? Or are you worried someone’s broken into your house? Thankfully, there are now devices that can help you monitor your home anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 best wireless security cameras of 2020



1. YI Dome Camera Wireless Security Surveillance System 720p HD


The YI Dome Camera features most amazing functions that a security surveillance system has to offer. It has complete coverage as it sports 112-degree wide-angle professional-grade lens and bidirectional rotation range.
It has motion tracking, bookmarks and auto-cruise functions along with 2-way audio and live video. It allows you to receive real-time alerts and uses real simple interface with intuitive app for customizing settings. YI Dome simply has all the amazing features you look for in a security surveillance system.


  •  Well-built device
  •  Simple setup
  • Very clear image
  •  Motion sensor/tracking does works well


  •  There’s no control to audio on other end of 2-way audio function
  •  App asks for Administrative and Systems Permissions

2. Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD Security Camera


Netgear’s Arlo Q HD security camera with audio is one of the best surveillance systems capable of covering every angle. This 1080p camera is capable of seeing and hearing in perfect detail, comes with 2-way audio, built-in microphone and speaker and can even see in the dark through night vision.

When motion or sound is detected, Arlo Q is also capable of receiving instant alerts to keep you informed. Other important features of this security camera includes 130-degree field of view, 24/ continuous recording, FREE cloud recording and very simple setup.


  •  Completely simple, easy and quick setup
  •  Great videos for a small device
  •  Best recording options
  •  Easy to change modify modes


  •  Bit expensive
  •  User says sound quality is not so good

3. YI Dome Camera 1080P HD Wireless IP Security Surveillance System


When it comes to complete home coverage, YI Dome is one of the best cameras in the market. It allows you to monitor and control your home, anytime and anywhere you are. Through 112-degree wide-angle glass lens, it allows 360-degree coverage of your home – 345-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical rotation range.

It also has advanced night vision capable of viewing up to 3 meters. But that’s not all, it has all the amazing features including advanced microphone with built-in anti-noise, 2-way audio, video chat, motion detection/tracking, bookmark feature and more.


  •  Clear and quality videos
  •  Easy to setup


  •  Too many Security and Systems permissions

4. PHYLINK Bullet Pro Wireless Security Weatherproof PLC-336PW


PHYLINK Bullet Pro security surveillance system is designed as professional home and business security camera. It’s a security system with all the necessary functions for home and office security. There includes IP network camera with day and night viewing.

Other notable functionalities of PHYLINK cam include infrared IR filters, videos in 1920×1080 resolutions, maximum connectivity and more. It’s also highly compatible on variety of devices for remote viewing. It’s a security camera that’s simply ideal for securing your home and office.


  •  Excellent camera and excellent signal
  •  Lots of mounting options
  •  Easy and simple setup
  •  Great technical support


  •  Poor design of connection box
  •  Not so good in terms of software

5. ProxEye Smart Wireless Surveillance Camera


ProxEye camera is one of the best security cameras you can found in the market. It has all the amazing features of an outstanding outdoor surveillance from HD camera resolution, motion detection, video recording/linkage snapshot and more.

It also lets you get real-time updates to your phone or tablet you know exactly what’s happening all the time. ProxEye easily lets you get 24 hour surveillance with its best functions (night vision, motion detection, 720p resolution, etc.) designed to help make you feel safe and secured all the time.


  •  Sturdy and well-made camera
  •  Good video quality day and night
  •  Very easy to setup


  •  Motion detection gets tripped every few seconds by simplest things like rain or car lights
  •  3rd party monitoring software doesn’t seem to support the camera

6. EZVision MegaPixel Wireless IP Security Surveillance System


This wireless security camera features Wi-Fi pan/tilt dual band and is a powerfully engineered HD camera. It’s ultraHD which produces the highest image resolution all thanks to the latest technology it uses.

Through Dual-Band 2.4 GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi which makes the best connection speeds along with 2-way audio and pan 0° ~355 °and tilt 0° ~90°. Other wonderful features of EZVision camera include multiple third party compatibility, uninterrupted stream and playback and customized alerts among others.


  •  Very clear screen
  •  Can see a whole room perfectly
  •  Wide camera view
  •  Great audio both ways
  •  Excellent streaming
  •  Easy to view on android or iPhone
  •  Very easy to setup


  •  Customer seems to be having problem with connecting camera to phone and Wi-Fi

7. JTD CAM 720p HD Smart Home Security Surveillance Camera


JTD Cam makes it easy for homeowners to keep an eye on their home anytime, anywhere. The camera itself is utilizing an innovative soundwave tech that lets the cam quickly and easily connects to any mobile device. Thus, you can finally say goodbye to traditional, complex setting up like you used to do.

At the same time, the JTD package has got everything that you will need including 32GB Sandisk microSD card and a camera of all the best features. From the complete coverage to photosensitive efficiency, JTD Cam is an intelligent home security surveillance camera for home use.


  •  Pre-installed with 32GB sd card for storing hundred worth of video
  •  Great image quality even in the night
  •  Stable mobile app connection
  •  Amazing soundwave technology to connect to phone


  •  Area of the lens gets quite hot when IR/night is one

8. Amgaze HD Pan Tilt IP Wireless Security Camera


Amgaze wireless security camera makes video monitoring extremely easy through WiFi IP or network camera. Whatever happens wherever in your home, Amgaze cam can stream you clear, detailed images in 720p quality.

To keep your home secure, it comes with smart motion detection that reacts to sudden movements or records at schedule. It also comes with other smart features including night vision, 2-way communication, instant sharing and 3-min short setup among many.


  •  Really easy to use and set up security camera
  •  Real clear video quality
  •  Easy to configure app


  •  User complained setting up camera with WiFi is difficult, noisy and gigabyte consuming

9. SDETER Security Wireless Camera 1280x750P Surveillance


SDETER wireless security camera features the best functions of a surveillance camera. It is quick setup that lets you connect to WiFi in just about a minute. By installing the Camhi app, you get to access the camera on your smartphone app and pc software anytime.
Access super clear images through 720p HD resolution with H.24 compression and ¼” CMOS Sensor. Installation of the camera is also easy, on desktop or on wall. Other features for optimum surveillance includes motion detection, instant notification, 2-way audio, playback online and SD card record of up to 64GB.


  •  Works great at night time
  •  Through CamHi app, directional movement of the camera is easily controlled on the phone screen.
  •  Setup to Wi-Fi is easy and setting up of all other functions is as easy as well
  •  Cheaper than others


  •  You can’t hear much unless camera is close or sound is really loud

10. Agazer WiFi 1080P Megapixel Wireless Surveillance System


Agazer’s wireless IP surveillance camera lets you monitor your home and family in stunning 1080p HD quality videos. Using 1.0 megapixel lens for streaming video, it is capable of covering every corner of your home. It also includes 12 IR LEDs capable of seeing through the night up to 10 meters. But those aren’t the only amazing functionalities of Agazer wireless camera.

It also has 2-way audio function, built-in mic and speaker, remote motion detection alerts for snapshot and adjustable tilt or pan. The camera is indoor use model and requires a wired power outlet as well as wired access to Internet or Wi-Fi. But still, it features amazing technologies such as sonic transfer technology among other features.


  •  Great camera and a good value for the money
  •  Excellent camera sensitivity
  •  Viewable image under different lighting conditions
  •  Good lighting range


  •  Camera does not come with 12v power supply
  •  Take few seconds in switching to infrared mode
  •  Not for outdoors
  •  Not so good tamper resistance
  •  Unintelligible instructions

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