Jewelry boxes are plentiful on the market. Yet, among all of them, wooden ones are the most popular options for plenty of reasons. They are durable, timeless, and for today’s models, they carry such eye-catching designs.

Looking for a lovely wooden jewelry box for yourself or your loved one? This review is all you need to read. In it, you will discover the top 10 best wooden jewelry boxes best suited for a variety of practical and aesthetic needs.

And, we will wrap the article up with a few buyer’s guiding points for our readers and buyers to consider. Without further ado, let’s delve into these irresistible entries.

List Of Top 10 Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes in 2020

10. Best Choice Products

 Best Choice Products

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The first item that ranks on our list is a nice-looking jewelry box with many tiers and multiple compartments. The box is available in 2 colors – espresso and white. These are versatile colors that can blend in seamlessly with just any room’s color scheme. On to the features of the box, it has a wooden finish for an elegant, timeless touch.

Equipped with 5 drawers, 2 compartments on the side, and 1 bigger drawer on the top, you will find more than enough space for keeping and sorting your accessories. In the compartments, there are 4 hooks for handing bracelets, necklaces, and things a like neatly. The top drawer is specialized in storing ring as there are cushions and locks built in with it. And, each drawer has its own dividers. Plus, there is a mirror, which comes in handy when you need to try on the stuff, too.

For enhanced sophistication and added protection to your little precious belongings, the interior of the box is lined with velvet material. Other important materials include leather and wood. These materials really contribute to the durability of the box.

The overall size of the box is compact enough to fit on just about any table top. The box’s dimension is 11” (length) x 7” (width) x 15” (height). The total weight of the box is about 10.5 lbs. Plus, for the fact that the box is handmade, this makes the box such an invaluable gift for family and friends. Besides, be noted that some assembly may be required.

9. MyGift

MyGift 13-Inch

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Looking for a wooden jewelry box that has more of the distressed, rustic vibe. Check this one out. Here is a well-made gem from MyGift. This one is designed for storing on a table top. It features 8 practical drawers and hardware pulls. As you can see, there are 4 drawers for the top row; 3 in the middle, and 1 long drawer at the bottom. For the middle section, you will see that there are label holders placed next to each hardware pull, too.

Not just suitable for storing jewelries, the box is just as perfect for keeping craft supplies, office supplies, coffee and tea packages, and more. The box offers plenty of space, yet it isn’t too big or bulky. It comes in the size of 12.8 (height) x 16.7 (width) x 5.8 (length). Organize your stuff with MyGift wooden box, and you can thank us later.

8. Rowling

Rowling Extra Large

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Crafted for timeless treasures, Rowling is here to serve you. This Rowling wooden jewelry comes in an extra large size; ideal for those who has a big collection or jewelries. The box is a made in 2 colors for buyers to choose – brown and white.

As of the box’s components, there are 3 drawers, 2 trays, a large mirror as well as a lock and key for the user’s peace of mind. With this box, you can sort your jewelries according to its type, too. When the 3rd drawer is pulled, you will see 4 little compartments. The 4th drawer has no compartment, so it is designed for keeping bigger bracelets. Be noted that this box is about 10.8 inches high.

On each side of this best jewelry box organizer, there are additional compartments, too. The left side comes with 111 hooks and 1 compartment while the right one holds 4 wood splint great for handing necklaces. Since every item will be shipped packaged in styrofoam, you don’t have to worry about the box arriving damaged.

No more tangled jewelries with the Rowling jewelry box. Opting for one of the best wooden jewelry box with lock and key, this one will do, too.

7. Saganizer

Saganizer Cherry

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Wanting a wooden box but in a cherry tone? Feast your eyes on Saganizer. This box is fairly smaller compared to the above picks. It is 13 x 11 x 7 in size. Small but it comes with compartments, doors, and hooks. Inside the box, you will see necklace doors that come with catch panel a long with 3 hooks. On top, there is a cabinet for keeping rings. The HD lining in suede fabric makes the box looks really elegant.

The look of this best jewelry box for long necklaces is nice for placing on any table. Material chosen is MDF to ensure durability while eliminating chances of tearing and warping. Each unit is well-made. Men also find this box useful is storing their keepsakes. Plus, its previous customers also did not experience any issues with shipping or damages.

6. Songmics


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When it comes to furniture, Songmics is rarely missed out from our reviews. And, here we have a top-rated Songmics jewelry box. This baby comes in white with clear, acrylic doors and a number of drawers. With clear doors, you can view your jewelries, which makes the process of finding the perfect jewelry for an occasion a less time-consuming process, too. These doors are kept tightly closed with magnet. So, rest assured that dust will not build up easily in these areas.

5 tiers are equipped with the box; the 3 top ones are divided in mini compartments while the bottom 2 tiers do not have any compartment. With these, you can organize your things according to its kind and importance. The door on the left holds ring slots and ear hooks. More hooks for bracelets/necklaces are found in the right door as well. For your information, this box is about 12 inches high and 9 lbs in weight. And, no assembly is required.

Different from most boxes, this one comes with not just 1 mirror but 3 mirrors. We almost forgot about material chosen. The material selected is MDF board a long with white finish and beige lining. And, the knobs are made of metal. Gift your loved one a quality wooden jewelry box like this one from Songmics to show to thoughtful you are.

5. Mele & Co.

Mele & Co

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Keep your things organized and still looking new with Mele & Co. This box comes in an hour glass shape which is very appealing. It may look small, but it can hold ample number of jewelries. There are 2 doors on each side of the box which has the purpose of keeping necklaces. 3 necklaces each since there are 3 hooks on each side. In the doors, there are catch panels as well which can keep the chains tangle-free. What’s more, the interior is made with velvet-like material to prevent your jewels for scratches.

In addition to the doors, there are 3 more drawers which are wide and spacious for you to organize your jewelries in your own way. But, that’s not it, there is 1 ring roll drawer which can keep your rings nicely and shine bright like a diamond. For the price tag, this clearly is of a great value a long with the desirable quality. Plus, the durability is just as good as its quality. This box will last you years.

4. Vlando

Vlando Lockable

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This is a great option if you’re on a budget, this lovely wooden jewelry box is from Vlando. Colors available include red, pink, pearl white, and black. The black and red one comes with a key. On to the features of the box, the box is simply designed yet it carries plenty types of storage – hooks, ring slots, drawers, etc.

Some parts are even cushioned. Hence, this one is suitable for storing not just necklaces and rings but also hair pins, earrings, watches and larger jewelries. The big mirror is suitable for the user to view themselves when dressing up. Material selected to craft the box is top-quality PU leather.

The size of the box is 10.3” x 7.5” x 7.1”. To open the box wide open, just pull the big compartment out. If you plan to store expensive jewelries, you can get the one with lock. If you are on the hunt for a good quality, sleek gift, look at this wooden jewelry box from Vlando.

Equipped with a handle, the box is ideal for travel purpose, too. If you order this one, you’ll impressed by both the look of the packaging and the presentation of the box itself. All ladies will adore this one, so don’t miss out.

3. MarqART

MarqART Wood Art

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To let you look at a variety of options, here is a pick we are excited to introduce to you. It is a unique wooden jewelry box from MarqART; no compartments, no drawers, no slots, but each box has its own unique wood pattern and hue; which means no two boxes are the same. What’s more, it is a great choice for all the environment lovers out there because the material used is from renewable forest (rubberwood).

As of the material of finish, it is satin laquer while the bottom is attached with tan velvet to minimize the appearance of scratches. And, for the price, you do not hesitate because one of these boxes will able to provide you with a lifetime service. Keep your valuables in MarqArt box for a memorable keepsake.



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One more of a beautiful, artistic art piece is this SAAGA wooden jewelry box. The box is a tough item capable of containing your little precious belongings in a unique way. Each piece is handcrafted using good quality mango wood. The craftsmen are the experts from India. The people are highly skilled in hand painting, wood carving, and plenty kinds of other craftswork. That makes every piece of these boxes made are curated down to the careful details.

What’s more, each unit is sustainably sourced. On top of the box, you will find a gorgeous mandela design. The distressed look makes this one a vintage, timeless piece. The total weight of the box is 750 grams. Looking for a rustic gift for your loved ones? SAAGA wooden jewelry box is an ideal option.

1. Kendal

Kendal Hardwood

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Now, it’s time to discover the item that ranks first on our list. It is an exceptional wooden jewelry box from kendal which can hold a ton of jewelries. Each unit of these boxes are delicately lined. Each comes with a retro look, so it will never look boring on your tabletop.

The wood chosen to produce the box is of durable quality. On the top lid, there is a medium-sized mirror equipped. On to the details of the box and its storage capacity, there are 7 ring slots, 20 compartments, and 2 cabinets that hold 4 hooks for hanging necklaces/bracelets. But, that’s not it. The box also includes plenty of earrings slots and 2 more storage ledges.

The total weight of each box is about 6 lbs; not too heavy to move around. It will sit on any just about any vanity nicely. For added security, the box comes with a lock; its tassel key is provided in every purchased package.

Buying Guides

You have just discovered the top 10 best wooden jewelry boxes of the year. They are highly reviewed for plenty of reasons. The picks are desirable for their practical design, great durability and eye-catching looks. Above all that, for the price tags and quality, these lovely boxes are offered at a great value. These said, if you are getting one of these picks, we think you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. But, our article does not end here. In case you are still in the mood to read on and figure out more on how to select an item that is perfectly suited for your needs, do not forget to browse our short, curated buying guide below.

Material Used and Lining: Since wooden jewelry boxes are used to store the valuables that mean a lot to you, you have to look carefully at the materials used to produce the box (in addition to the quality of the wood chosen). Good materials contribute to the durability of the box and how long the box can serve you. Good materials (on the inside of the box) also help protect your jewelries from scratches and damages.

For the best boxes, they are made from wood, PU leather, MDF board, etc. And, the interior is usually lined with velvet material. Besides, for the boxes that have knobs, the knobs are typically made from metal. What’s more, some boxes have stepped up their games by coming with acrylic doors which allows the user to view their jewelries and gain easier access to the jewelries as well.

Capacity, Slots, Drawers, & Compartments: Next, opt for a box of the right capacity. You need to consider the number of jewelries you have. Moreover, to organize the jewelries in a neat manner, get the one with suitable kinds of slots, drawers, compartments, hooks, or cabinets that can nicely hold the type of jewelries you own, too.

Size and Weight: If you plan to keep the box on a table top, opt for the box of a fairly compact size and light weight. This way, the box is easier to move, and that makes the box ideal for travel purpose as well.

Lockable or not: Some buyers want a box that has a lock and key; especially if the jewelries they own are expensive. So, if you want a box with added security, you may want to get a wooden jewelry box that has a lock and key.


After delving into the top 10 best wooden jewelry boxes, are you ready to store your jewelries stylishly and efficiently in one of these boxes? We are sure that your purchase is definitely a worthwhile investment as long as you pick it from this list.


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Jewelry is almost every girl’s best friend. But, what’s frustrating about it? Having to find jewelries every time we need it! To solve this problem, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best wooden jewelry boxes in 2020 for you to pick from.

List of best wooden jewelry


10. Saganizer Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box


Looking so sleek, this wooden jewelry box from Saganizer is cherry and cheerful. Comes in necklace doors that feature catch panels and house 3 hooks, this wooden jewelry box is indeed minimalist and efficient. Besides, it is also unisex, suitable for both men and women. So, if you need a jewelry box that is suitable for both you and your loved one, you definitely should look into this one!

9. Rose Carved Wooden Jewelry Box


This vintage wooden jewelry box looks very elegant and useful. Especially, the design of this box – hand carved wood, lifelike roses with peal velvet interior lining – is to die for! Not only well-made, its security is very carefully thought as well. The drawer locking tab prevents contents from falling out when moving the box, and key and the lock provided also ensures more safety.

8. JewelKeeper Wooden Musical Jewelry Box


We just cannot resist how lovely this artistic piece is! This wooden musical jewelry box is a fairy and flowers musical box that twirls to the tune of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Lined in a soft pink fabric with a number of sections and pullout drawers, the box can store jewelry safely and neatly.

And, made of wood, this box does not look cheap at all. If you’re looking for a gift that is not only cute but also useful for your daughter, baby sister, nephew or granddaughter, you should check this one out.

7. Mele Designs Leigh Wooden Jewelry Box


The next item is the Mele Designs Leigh Wooden Jewelry Box. Crafted with Burlwood oak, this classic jewelry box has a flattened cylindrical shape, a platform base and a lift lid with an oval interior mirror. For features, this box comes in four sections in the main compartment, dual necklace doors, 3 open drawers and 1 ring roll drawer. Indeed, this wooden jewelry box has plenty of room with great craftsmanship that can hold a lot of jewelry.

6. Mele & Co. Richmond Wooden Jewelry Box


This Mele & Co. Richmond Wooden Jewelry Box is appealing for its walnut finish and the vintage vibe. With the glass ring closet, you can showcase your collection and spot you favorite jewelry easily. For the dual glass necklace closets on the sides, they house

6 hooks each and a mirrored black panel. And, the 3 open area drawers allow you to arrange your own jewelry in whatever fashion you’d like. If you are hunting for a vintage wooden jewelry box, this sure looks like a worthy investment.

5. Seya Modern Wooden Jewelry Box


Here is another most-loved jewelry box that is very stunning with great workmanship. The box does stand out for the contemporary design and the shapely hourglass profile. This small wooden jewelry box has so much room and 4 nice big hooks that you can hang your thick necklaces at ease. Accessories that come with the purchase include a Seya jewelry cleaning cloth and a Seya jewelry travel bag.

4. Mele & Co. Harmony Wooden Musical Jewelry Box


Our next loveable item is the Harmony Wooden Musical Jewelry Box that is also from Mele & Co. because this company’s jewelry boxes have so much to offer. It is impressive to us that this small box is capable of playing beautiful music when its lid is opened. For storage, the doors house 3 hooks each with catch panels and a compartment on top. And, there are also 3 open area drawers in the middle.

3. Old World Wooden Jewelry Box


At a fairly lower price, you still can get a gorgeous antique wooden jewelry box. With latch closure and a decent space, this box is able to hold not only jewelry but also important documents, chess pieces, car keys, photos, etc. Its inside bottom is lined with felt while the bottom of the box is felted as well to prevent scratches to surfaces. Handle the latch with care for an even longer use.

2. Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box


If you have an unimaginable amount of accessories and jewelries, don’t worry; we still have the perfect Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box review for you. Acting as a large capacity jewelry organizer, this box has 3 large removable drawers and 2 removable trays on top layer. For its size, this jewelry box also has a large mirror on top of it. And, it is secured by using the lock and key. The inside soft velvet will surely protect all your jewelries well.

1. Seya Contemporary Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box


Moving on to the end of the list is a handcrafted wooden jewelry box that has received so many positive feedback. This handmade wooden jewelry box is handcrafted of solid wood with cream velvet interior lining. Its main features are the multiple ring rolls, a few compartments and lovely necklace hooks. Under the lid, there is a small mirror. And, for security it uses key and lock.
We strongly recommend this one for you because, even though it is a bit pricey, it is a luxury wooden product that is carefully handcrafted. With proper care, it will be a jewelry box that can store your precious jewelries for years.

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