Jewelry is almost every girl’s best friend. But, what’s frustrating about it? Having to find jewelries every time we need it! To solve this problem, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best wooden jewelry boxes in 2019 for you to pick from.

List of best wooden jewelry

10. Saganizer Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box


Looking so sleek, this wooden jewelry box from Saganizer is cherry and cheerful. Comes in necklace doors that feature catch panels and house 3 hooks, this wooden jewelry box is indeed minimalist and efficient. Besides, it is also unisex, suitable for both men and women. So, if you need a jewelry box that is suitable for both you and your loved one, you definitely should look into this one!

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9. Rose Carved Wooden Jewelry Box


This vintage wooden jewelry box looks very elegant and useful. Especially, the design of this box – hand carved wood, lifelike roses with peal velvet interior lining – is to die for! Not only well-made, its security is very carefully thought as well. The drawer locking tab prevents contents from falling out when moving the box, and key and the lock provided also ensures more safety.

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8. JewelKeeper Wooden Musical Jewelry Box


We just cannot resist how lovely this artistic piece is! This wooden musical jewelry box is a fairy and flowers musical box that twirls to the tune of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Lined in a soft pink fabric with a number of sections and pullout drawers, the box can store jewelry safely and neatly.

And, made of wood, this box does not look cheap at all. If you’re looking for a gift that is not only cute but also useful for your daughter, baby sister, nephew or granddaughter, you should check this one out.

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7. Mele Designs Leigh Wooden Jewelry Box


The next item is the Mele Designs Leigh Wooden Jewelry Box. Crafted with Burlwood oak, this classic jewelry box has a flattened cylindrical shape, a platform base and a lift lid with an oval interior mirror. For features, this box comes in four sections in the main compartment, dual necklace doors, 3 open drawers and 1 ring roll drawer. Indeed, this wooden jewelry box has plenty of room with great craftsmanship that can hold a lot of jewelry.

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6. Mele & Co. Richmond Wooden Jewelry Box


This Mele & Co. Richmond Wooden Jewelry Box is appealing for its walnut finish and the vintage vibe. With the glass ring closet, you can showcase your collection and spot you favorite jewelry easily. For the dual glass necklace closets on the sides, they house

6 hooks each and a mirrored black panel. And, the 3 open area drawers allow you to arrange your own jewelry in whatever fashion you’d like. If you are hunting for a vintage wooden jewelry box, this sure looks like a worthy investment.

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5. Seya Modern Wooden Jewelry Box


Here is another most-loved jewelry box that is very stunning with great workmanship. The box does stand out for the contemporary design and the shapely hourglass profile. This small wooden jewelry box has so much room and 4 nice big hooks that you can hang your thick necklaces at ease. Accessories that come with the purchase include a Seya jewelry cleaning cloth and a Seya jewelry travel bag.

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4. Mele & Co. Harmony Wooden Musical Jewelry Box


Our next loveable item is the Harmony Wooden Musical Jewelry Box that is also from Mele & Co. because this company’s jewelry boxes have so much to offer. It is impressive to us that this small box is capable of playing beautiful music when its lid is opened. For storage, the doors house 3 hooks each with catch panels and a compartment on top. And, there are also 3 open area drawers in the middle.

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3. Old World Wooden Jewelry Box


At a fairly lower price, you still can get a gorgeous antique wooden jewelry box. With latch closure and a decent space, this box is able to hold not only jewelry but also important documents, chess pieces, car keys, photos, etc. Its inside bottom is lined with felt while the bottom of the box is felted as well to prevent scratches to surfaces. Handle the latch with care for an even longer use.

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2. Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box


If you have an unimaginable amount of accessories and jewelries, don’t worry; we still have the perfect Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box review for you. Acting as a large capacity jewelry organizer, this box has 3 large removable drawers and 2 removable trays on top layer. For its size, this jewelry box also has a large mirror on top of it. And, it is secured by using the lock and key. The inside soft velvet will surely protect all your jewelries well.

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1. Seya Contemporary Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box


Moving on to the end of the list is a handcrafted wooden jewelry box that has received so many positive feedback. This handmade wooden jewelry box is handcrafted of solid wood with cream velvet interior lining. Its main features are the multiple ring rolls, a few compartments and lovely necklace hooks. Under the lid, there is a small mirror. And, for security it uses key and lock.
We strongly recommend this one for you because, even though it is a bit pricey, it is a luxury wooden product that is carefully handcrafted. With proper care, it will be a jewelry box that can store your precious jewelries for years.

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After delving into the top 10 best wooden jewelry boxes, are you ready to store your jewelries stylishly and efficiently in one of these boxes? We are sure that your purchase is definitely a worthwhile investment as long as you pick it from this list.

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