Yogurt is one of the most popular and delicious dessert that is rich in nutrition and vitamins. Eating yogurt has become a nicer and healthier habit to many individual today. It is therefore imperative to have a quality and reliable yogurt maker at home. There is no need to spend lots of money just to treat yourself with delicious yogurt because yogurt makers are now available to help you make your own.

List Of Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers in 2020

10. Homeleader

Homeleader Yogur

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Nowadays, people are concerned over the quality of food they eat and how it is made. It is very important to make your food clean and to keep eating clean. So, that is why are searching for methods to make food healthier and cleaner for everyone.

Here we have Homeleader, a product of yogurt maker that is very easy to use. It is made from stainless steel which is very durable and the cup that use for yogurt storage is made of glass. Inside this maker, there are 8 cups so that you can make different flavors of yogurt.

Also, the glasses cup has the loading capacity up to 180 ml. It is an ideal type to make delicious yogurt at home by just storung it in the freezer. It has low power consumption which is about 30 watts. The maker features sound alert when cooking is finished and timer for automatic functions.

9. Dash

Dash Bulk Yogurt

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Dash is here to provide you with a healthy yogurt maker for your appetizers. We know that during the weekend or day-off, you will get bored from doing nothing so by having this yogurt maker by your own you can do some homemade yogurt with Dash yogurt maker which allows you to make healthy and clean yogurt.

The product itself is made with good materials that support for long term using. It is made in small size that also can save your kitchen space as well. This machine capacity is available for one quart which almost one liter.

In addition to this, this yogurt maker is very quick and easy to produce such delicious yogurt. All you need to do is just leave your ingredients in the machine at set the time for about 8 to 10 hours, your homemade yogurt will be done and ready to serve. The power consumption is about 20 watts. And, also it is packaged with a one-year warranty.

8. Euro Cuisine

 Euro Cuisine YM260

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If you are looking for homemade yogurt makers, you don’t need to worry about not finding one. Here we can find some more compatible yogurt makers that you can use very easily at home. From Euro Cuisine, you can make up to 2 quarts of yogurt that should be equal to 2 liters of yogurt.

Moreover, you can also estimate the time for finishing your yogurt by looking at the side on the cup itself that indicates the timeframe there. With our Euro Cuisine yogurt maker, you can have such a natural yogurt within 6 to 8 hours. When you purchase this machine, you will get one tool to measure the temperature and one cotton cup for yogurt storage.

And, the cotton cup is very easy to fill.  Thus, by having such an instrument to measure you can know that whether or not your yogurt is ready to serve or is it well to eat.

7. VonShef

 VonShef Automatic

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Making food sometimes is not easy just like what you have think. Making food can be a challenging activity for some people. However, it won’t be hard anymore when it comes to making of fresh yogurt. VonShef will facilitate everything in making your own yogurt. This automatic yogurt maker will allow you to make super natural, fresh and clean yogurt with low power consumption.

Inside this machine, it contains of 7 glasses of jars for storing yogurt. Each glass can put up to 6.8 ounces of yogurt. So, all of it, you will have one and a half liter of homemade yogurt. Once you complete mixing all of the ingredients inside this yogurt maker, it will take around 8 to 12 hours to transform those raw ingredients into such a delicious yogurt. It can be depending on the type of milk you use to mix so you might have different timeframe to finish making the yogurt.

6. Cuisinart

 Cuisinart CYM

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At this point of the list, we have another electronic yogurt maker to introduce to you which is brand from Cuisinart. The design looks very cool compare to other type the Cuisinart is not that bad. It is a white automatic yogurt maker with capacity to load yogurt up to 1.5 liters. This machine provides basic operation by start and stop your yogurt making at a touch of the button.

Moreover, it has got the LED showcase that unmistakably shows and tallies down preparing time. The time controls make it simple to set the prescribed preparing time for the formula you’re utilizing. The power consumption of this yogurt maker is only 120 volts.

You can surely expect the perfect result of your homemade yogurt with this machine because all you have to do is just adding the appropriate amount of ingredient and then choose the time and press start. You can sit back and watch it do all its work.

5. Proctor Silex

 Proctor Silex

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With Proctor Silex, there is no more worry inside your house for making yogurt. This yogurt maker allows you to prepare and store your delicious yogurt inside very safely. The yogurt container is made of plastic and it can put up to about 32 ounces of yogurt which equal to almost 1000 milliliters. This machine is produced from stainless steel and other strong material that can support long term using.

It has its digital function that provide you such a convenience in setting the timer for making yogurt, and it can alert you once it is done. Even after use, this yogurt maker is super easy to clean without requiring much energy or cleaning equipment. Moreover, right after mixing all the ingredients and the making of yogurt is done, you can take the storage container out and put it in the fridge to serve later.

4. Oster

Oster CKSTYM1010

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Here is another brand of yogurt maker that can provide you with natural and fresh homemade yogurt that you couldn’t have anywhere else. It is a Greek style digital yogurt maker which comes in set of necessary equipment that you need for producing yogurt. Now, let us introduce you to those accessories.

The yogurt machine has a set of 6 glasses jars in which all of them are used to store the ready yogurt. Each one of them can store yogurt up to 7 oz. You can also customize your homemade yogurt with each one of them very easily.

Along with that, there is another one large plastic container with the capacity of 17 oz. All of the amount you might have with this yogurt maker is around 2 quarts. There are just three easy steps you can make with this machine.

3. Instant Pot

 Instant Pot DUO60

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At the first glance of this type of yogurt maker, it looks just like a simple rice cooking machine but it is not, it is a yogurt maker. If we compare this one with other types above, this one is a big duty yogurt maker. The reason we said to because the Instant Pot can make up to 6 quarts of yogurt. What is more special about this one is because it is not just a simple yogurt maker but it can also be used as cooker for rice, steamer or warmer and the yogurt maker.

It is a multi-function machine that you should have. It is quite big in size but it is worth to buy and have it in your house as you save from buying more machine. It has more buttons than other type so that you can have a lot of setting when making yogurt. Controll everything by just clicking those buttons and then you can sit back and relax to wait for your yogurt to be ready.

2. Yogourmet

 Yogourmet 104 Electric

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Yogourmet electronic yogurt maker model 104 is one of best yogurt maker that you should have. It might look like a simple plastic cup but actually it has the ability to make you a fresh cup of yogurt. Talking about the amount of yogurt, this is a bit small but a convenient type to use.

It is capable of making only 2 quarts of yogurt but you can rely on its performance. If you are running out of snack for your weekend, you can buy this compatible yogurt maker and start making healthy yogurt right away.

In addition to this, you can surely rely on this yogurt maker as it has got the one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Besides that one cool cotton bag, you will have a thermometer that you need for measuring the temperature when making your own yogurt.

1. CamKing

 CamKing 500ML

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Now we have come to the last yogurt maker for today’s list. We would like to present you the CamKing yogurt maker with 500 ml capacity storing yogurt. CamKing is an automatic maker that we can use to freeze yogurt or ice-cream. With just 15 to 20 minutes, you can will have your ice-cream done which is far better than the bought one. The reason you have this CamKing because it can do anything in silent without any disturbance as well as it is very light to carry anywhere and also easy to clean up. Power consumption is only 12 to 15 watts and it can make a cup of fresh yogurt in just 8 hours. It also has the locking lid at the top to avoid leakage when making yogurt.

Buying Guide for Yogurt Maker

To help you choose the right yogurt maker, we have listed down the points that you should take a look and review any of yogurt maker that you comes across you. Let’s check them down below.

Container Type and Size: If you go and check for yogurt maker at the store, you have to be sure that what you are looking for is worth your spending. That is why we would like to advise you to look at the yogurt container inside the maker itself.

There are many types of it including cotton, glass or plastic. So, which one is the best? We would say that the glass container type should be considered because it can stay longer and very easy to clean. Moreover, the size of the container should big enough from 2 quarts of yogurt to 6 quarts of yogurt. The big one will allow you to share your fresh yogurt with everyone.

Cleaning: This type of product is required well clean because it is something that we use to make our food. That is why we want to consider about how easy it can be when it comes to cleaning when it is done using. As we know that making yogurt need a lot of ingredients and all of them are very prone to grip on the machine and the storing cup. So, you have to look for one that can be easy to clean up after all the cooking.

Automatic function: If you’re supposed to buy a yogurt maker, you will need the one with automatic function because we don’t want to spend more of our energy on making just yogurt. That is why we recommend you to start looking for those type of machine that comes with more electronic functions so that you can just press the button and relax, waiting for your yogurt to be done.

It will be great if you can have the yogurt maker with more automatic work because you can set the time for making and change the setting to any preference in order to have a fully fresh and clean yogurt without too many work.

Power Consumption: Last but not least, we have to look at the expense of our yogurt maker takes. It is very important because if you choose the wrong choice you will need to spend more by just using the yogurt maker once in a week. If you want to have your fresh yogurt without much extra spending you have to see the power consumption of each product before deciding on which one to choose. Get the one with low power needed but still can get your fresh cup of homemade yogurt cooked nicely.


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Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers

Nevertheless you need to find the best yogurt maker. The following are the top 10 best yogurt makers to choose from:

1. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2 Quart Automatic Ice Cream and Yogurt Maker


This is one of the best yogurt makers in 2020 reviews. This is a fully automatic yogurt maker that features stainless steel brushed housing, heavy duty motor and larger ingredient sprout for easier adding your most favorite mix-ins.


  •  Recipes and instruction books are included
  •  This is fully automatic making it possible for users to do ice cream and yogurt with ease
  •  Yogurt making can be completed within just few minutes

This product is easy to use and all you have to do is to add in the ingredients, turn the machine on your frozen desserts will be prepared for just few minutes.


  •  Not very sturdy according to some users

2. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker


This is also one of the best Yogurt makers that allow you to prepare delicious Greek yogurt easily and quickly. This extraordinary strainer kit is BPA free and can transform up to 2 qts of ordinary homemade yogurt into creamy and thick yogurt in just few hours.


  •  This helps you create yogurt and healthy and delicious spreads and dips that you can enjoy with your family.
  •  Recipe book that is simple and easy to follow is included
  •  This can be used in both store bought or homemade yogurt


  •  Do not deliver amazing results all the time

3. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker


With this best yogurt maker, individuals can now enjoy their most favorite flavor made completely fresh at the comfort of their own homes with minimal preparation and fuss. This quality yogurt maker comes with seven 6 ounces glass jars that also come with lids. This allows you to make different flavors on each.


  •  There is a timer that indicates when the yogurt will be cooked perfectly
  •  The on and off switch indicate that the unit is working
  •  Easy to use


  •  Some shoppers find this yogurt maker costly

4. Cuisinart CYM 100 Electronic Yogurt Maker


This yogurt maker features automatic cooling and has a capacity of about 1.5 L. the automatic cooling is responsible for automatically shifting into the most ideal chilling temperature. The 5-ounce durable yogurt container allows you to prepare or make over six 8-ounce of yogurt serving quickly.


  •  Easy to operate
  •  Larger capacity
  •  Automatic cooling mode for the perfect chilling temperature
  •  Elegant, sleek and streamlined


  •  Some users complain that they cannot really control the temperature

5. Dash Geek Yogurt Maker


This is also one of the best yogurt makers that can easily make about 2 quarts of delicious and quality Greek yogurt at a time. This product includes two BPA-free buckets and a Greek strainer as well as LCD display with special custom timer. The Dash Geek Yogurt Maker is backed by one year manufacturer warranty.


  •  Auto shut off
  •  Dishwasher safe parts
  •  Neat and easy stackable storage
  •  Flexible timer
  •  Storage for the cord is included
  •  Ideally sized yogurt maker


  •  You can only buy pink on Amazon
  •  The interior containers are not really dishwasher free

6. Euro Cuisine YMX650 Yogurt Maker

This is a highly functional and automatic digital quality yogurt maker allowing you to make delicious homemade yogurt without worrying about possible mistakes along the process. All you need to do is prepare the important mixtures the jar, set the timer and allow this yogurt maker to the work for you.


  •  This comes with seven jars which are great for making different flavors
  •  This is an automatic and easy to use yogurt maker
  •  This also comes with easy to read LCD display for added convenience


  •  Cooking process is a bit long for some users

7. Euro Cuisine GY60 Yogurt Maker with Durable and Stainless Steel Strainer


Preparing yogurt dishes is now made easier and more convenient with this best yogurt maker. This can even transform an ordinary yogurt into a thick one in just few hours. The Euro Cuisine GY60 Yogurt Maker also allows you and your family to eat healthy and delicious spreads and dips as well as low-calorie salad toppings and more.


  •  This comes with a good size
  •  Easy to use
  •  Packed with excellent features


  •  Some shoppers said that this is priced too much than what you really get

8. Salton 1 Quart YM9 Yogurt Maker


This is another best yogurt maker that will surely make the entire yogurt making process a breeze. This can make about 1 quart in a temperature controlled setting. This yogurt maker also includes power cord storage and has clean lid and container. The product is backed by on year limited warranty.


  •  Easy to use and reliable
  •  Capable of making top quality yogurt
  •  Simple designs and instructions
  •  Excellent yogurt making performance


  •  Does not cool the yogurt instantly upon cooked

9. Cuisinart ICE 21 1.5 Quart Ice Cream and Yogurt Maker


This yogurt maker will surely make the entire process of making yogurt and other frozen drinks and desserts become more manageable. This yogurt maker is loaded with wonderful features that will ensure excellent functionality and convenience to users.


  •  Mixes ingredients properly
  •  The motor is strong enough to handle frozen yogurt, ice cream and other frozen drinks and desserts
  •  Another benefit is the larger capacity


  •  May not suit individuals who do not prefer white color on a yogurt maker
  •  Some shoppers find this unit a bit costly

10. Euro Cuisine 2 QT Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker with Glass Jar Red


This unit comes with a 2 QT glass jar and can make up to 2 quarts yogurt in one time at home. This also makes it easier for you to make homemade yogurt with any type of milk and even soy milk.


  •  There is a timer that marks the time when the yogurt will be finished cooking
  •  Unit is proven to be economical
  •  This yogurt maker comes with a cord and a cotton with easy to fill opening making it easier to keep and hang the bag


  • There are instances that this machine makes some noise

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