A bike basket needs to be able to hold a number of objects like grocery items or supplies from the corner market. A basket should also be able to withstand the elements without rusting or showing signs of deterioration. Any basket worth buying should also have a secure way of attaching the basket to the handle bars.

The basket is one of the top accessories available for you on the market today. You can find them in any styles or colors that should your bike.

Top 5 Best Bike Basket

5). Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Classic Lightship Basket

This bike basket was designed to replicate the original old style Nantucket Baskets that were first made back in the 1800’s. They are each made from using traditional cane rattan materials woven into a sturdy basket that can be easily mounted on the handlebars on most any bike.

Key Features:

● Stylish design in the form of an old style lightship basket
● Made from woven rattan from the cane plant
● Held in place using fine leather straps and decorative buckles
● Has a 13 pound weight capacity
● 12″ (L) x 7.5″ (W) x 9″ (H)
● Comes in several colors and shades

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4). Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Lift-Off Bike Basket

This unique basket design both looks great and is extremely functional. It attaches securely to the handlebars and it includes a quick-release mechanism so that it can be lifted off. This means it can be used as a small grocery basket in order to pick up a few items from your favorite market.

Key Features:

● All steel construction, colorful powder coat finish
● Lift up built in handles allow it to be lifted off and carried away
● Foam coated hooks protect the handlebars from being scratched
● Mesh lower section and bottom prevent smaller items from falling out
● L 13.5″ x W 9.8″ x H 9.5″
● Comes in several bright colors; black, white, purple, pink and green

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3). Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Lift-Off Basket w/ Bracket

The Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Bike Basket comes in 13 different eye catching colors that will match perfectly with most any bike. The high gloss powder coated steel basket will hold up to years of carrying whatever you want to put into it. The built in carrying handles allows it to be lifted off and carried right into the store.

Key Features:

● Sturdy, all steel construction
● Colorful powder coating protects the basket from the water and rust
● Handlebar hooks are foam coated to prevent scratches
● Quick-release makes it easy to remove it and carry it into the store
● Mesh bottom helps to prevent small items from falling out of the basket
● 13.5″ x 9.87″ x 9.5″
● Comes in a rainbow assortment of 12 popular colors

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2). Ohuhu Rust-Proof Quick Release Front Handlebar Bicycle Lift Off Basket

This lightweight basket is surprisingly strong for being so light. It has rust-proof plastic coating to help it stand up to the elements as well as resist scratches when carrying certain objects. The mesh lower portion of the basket means that you can carry small sized things without worrying about if they will fall out of the basket. It comes in either black or white.

Key Features:

● Sturdy, all-steel construction
● Weatherproof and rustproof plastic coating covers every square inch
● A foam sleeve cover Handlebar hooks to prevent scratches
● Bottom and lower portion of the side walls are mesh to prevent small items from falling out
● Attached handles makes it possible to lift the basket off and carry into store
● 14.2″ x 10.83″ x 10.24″
● Comes in either black or white

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1). Sunlite Willow Bushel Strap-On Basket

The Sunlite Willow Bushel Strap on Basket has that traditional wicker basket look that will add a little class and style to your bike. It comes in four glossy colors that will surely match with most any bike. It can hold up to 11 pounds which makes it good for a trip to the local market for a few things.

Key Features

● Woven using material made from the Willow Tree
● Leather straps hold the basket securely to the handlebars of any bike
● Unique, bushel basket design
● Holds up to 11 pounds of most anything you need it to
● 13” x 8” x 9”
● Comes in four stylish colors; white, brown, pink and blue

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These five bike baskets have all high rate according to reviews posted on Amazon. These bike accessories are more than just for appearance, they each are very useful for carrying all kinds of stuff. Whether you prefer the classic rattan cane or steel wire and mesh look, there is one basket in this group for you.

If you like what you see, just click the name and you will find additional information on the product you are looking for.

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