Traditional measuring tapes are now becoming a rare sight. People are switching to a more flexible and reliable alternative called a distance measuring wheel. This linear measurement tool is a good way to save time and reduce costly errors. In fact, it is almost indispensable in long-distance measurement where speed and accuracy are a major concern. You may argue that laser devices perform better. But remember, laser devices are more costly and possibly beyond your budget. That makes distance measuring wheels the best shot you have.

Based on your needs and budget, you can choose from a wide variety of measuring wheels. Some come loaded with extra features to take user comfort, accuracy, and convenience to a higher level. This article takes you through the best distance measuring wheels you can purchase right now!

Table of the Best Distance Measuring Wheels Reviews

10. TR Industrial Yellow / Black Collapsible Measuring Wheels

Distance Measuring Wheels

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This heavy-duty measuring wheel can be used on any kind of surface ranging from dirt, grass, to gravel. Comfortable grip and smooth rolling wheel make it comfortable to work with. It has a kickstand to let you take some rest. A large measuring dial makes it easier to read without bending, which is a great convenience. This 1-foot diameter measuring wheel is used to measures distances up to 9,999 feet. It has 2 feet 9 inches handle that collapses to 1 foot 4 inches for easy storage.

9. Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4″ Distance Measuring Wheels

Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4-Inch Measuring Wheel

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This is a lightweight yet durable measuring wheel. The wheel is a mere 4 inches in diameter but can measure distances of up to 10,000 feet. It is made of tough ABS plastic, which gives good resistance against corrosion. A tread design on the wheel gives improved traction. The wheel has a 5-digit counter fitted with a magnifying lens for easy reading from an upright position. A telescopic handle extends for bend-free use and collapses for easy storage.

8. AdirPro Rolling Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

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This is a commercial-grade wheel with a high-quality, durable construction. The wheel is made of molded plastic for great resistance against corrosion and long-lasting strength. It is 12 inches in diameter and measures distances of up to 9,999 feet. This wheel measures in both meters and feet, which is a true convenience. It has an LCD display right on the handle for easy reading. It has excellent memory with a capacity to store and recall five last measurements. The handle is 44 inches and has a telescopic function that lets it collapse to 27 inches for comfortable use and easy storage. A kickstand allows you to take a rest along the way. This distance measuring wheel comes with a battery that lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge.

7. Komelon ML1810 Hi-Viz Yellow 6″ Measuring Wheel

Komelon ML1810 Measuring Wheel

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This is a 6-inch measuring wheel, a size ideal for indoor use. But it is also large enough for outdoor use on smooth, hard surfaces. Polyvinyl tread gives good traction on most surfaces. This wheel has a gear-driven counter that can be rest for long-distance measurement. It measures up to 10,000 feet and there’s a kickstand to let you take a rest. The handle has a telescopic function to fit users of different heights and make storage easier.

6. TR Industrial TR88017 FX Series Wheel for Measuring Distance

TR Industrial TR88017 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel

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TR Industrial TR88017 FX is a two-wheel distance measuring tool. This design makes it more stable to eliminate the need for a kickstand. The wheels are 6 inches wide and the counter is placed between them. The dial is large enough so you can read in a standing position. It measures up to 9,999 feet. This measuring wheel has a telescopic handle that adjusts from 1 feet 3 inches to 3 feet to accommodate different users and make storage a breeze. There is a reset button to help you whenever you want to start again.

5. Calculated Industries Commercial Wheel for Mastering Distance

Pro 12 Commercial Grade Feet-Inch Distance Measuring Wheel

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This commercial-grade measuring wheel is designed for heavy-duty use. It has a 12.5-inch diameter wheel ideal for use on all terrain. The counter is mounted on a pistol-grip ergonomic handle for comfortable reading. It has a reliable accuracy of 99.7% and measures distance up to 9,999 feet 11 inches. This counter is gear-driven for long-lasting use. A telescopic handle collapsible from 38 inches to 19 inches makes storage and portability easy. The wheel comes with a backpack case for storage and transportation.

4. Komelon MK4512 Meter-Man 14″ Measuring Distance Wheels

Komelon MK4512 Meter-Man 14" Measuring Distance Wheel

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Komelon MK4512 has a large, 14-inch wheel ideal for almost all outdoor use. It has a composite tread that gives better traction on smooth surfaces. The counter is gear-driven for durability. It has a rest button and a capacity to count in reverse. It counts both in feet and inches to give reliable accuracy. A metal kickstand lets it pack in an upright position for added convenience. There is a pistol-grip that gives the user great comfort and convenience. The handle can be adjusted in height and locked in position to fit different users and provide easy storage.

3. DigiRoller Estimators Electronic Distance Measuring Wheel

DigiRoller Plus III 12.5 Inch Estimators Electronic Distance Measuring Wheel

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This is a rugged, commercial-grade distance measuring wheel. It is a versatile wheel that gives measurements in meters, feet, yards, and inches. The counter has dedicated keys that make the measurement of volume and area possible. A large LCD display mounted on a pistol-grip handle gives measurements right at your fingertips for easy reading. The counter measures distances of up to 9,999,999 feet and has an accuracy of 99.5%. A telescopic shaft fully extends to 40.5 inches and collapses to 21 inches for compact storage. It has a reflector for visibility in low light.

2. Komelon MK1212-DW 4″ Dual Measuring Wheel

Komelon MK1212-DW Meter-Man 4-Inch Dual Measuring Wheel

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This measuring wheel has two 4-inch wheels for good balance and reduced user fatigue. Good traction given by polyvinyl tread makes it possible to use the wheel both indoor and outdoor. The wheel has a gear-driven counter, a mechanism that makes it last longer. The counter can be used for distances of up to 10,000 feet. The shaft adjusts in height and locks in position for great user comfort. A pistol-grip handle makes it comfortable to use.

1. Komelon MK3112 Meter-Man 10-Inch Measuring Wheel

Komelon MK3112 Meter-Man 10-Inch Measuring Wheel

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Komelon MK3112 has a standard wheel size of 10 inches, which is ideal for most outdoor use. Composite tread covers the wheel to give better traction on smooth surfaces. Measurement is displayed on a 5-digit counter that has a reset button in case you want to start again. A spring-loaded kickstand allows you to keep the wheel in an upright position when taking down measurements. The handle has a telescopic function for user comfort and easy storage.

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