The sight of a roach skittering across the floor is sure to send a chill down any man’s spine. While some of us fear them, the others seem to become extremely uncomfortable around their existence. The simple truth is that there is no positive emotion related to roaches and they are easily the most despised insects on our planet. These resilient pests are extremely hard to get rid of and you might find that even your expensive pesticides do not seem to work very well.

Roaches making regular visits to your home is a matter of concern as they carry diseases and are almost always associated with a filthy environment. You should try out these natural ways to get rid of them for once and all.

Best 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Roaches at Home Fast and Effectively:

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Roaches at Home

1. Mix of Baking Soda and Sugar

Prepare a mixture with equal parts baking soda and sugar and sprinkle it in areas where you have noticed the existence of roaches. For this to work, it is important that you figure out the places where the roaches might be hiding out. The mixture does very well to kill the roaches and you will soon notice a sudden drop in their numbers.

2. Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves wouldn’t be too hard to find as it is a very common ingredient used in your kitchen. While bay leaves do not kill roaches, they are highly effective as a natural cockroach repellent. Roaches are fended off by them as they seem to hate the smell of it. Crushed bay leaves can be left in corners, cupboards, sinkholes and other probable areas where roaches might be hiding out.

3. Lemon Juice

There isn’t an end to the list of multipurpose benefits lemon has and being a natural anti-pathogenic is just yet another. Add a bit of lemon juice to the water you use to mop your floors. Water, with a bit of lemon juice added in it, should be used to clean cabinets and cupboards. The roaches will be repelled by the smell of the citric fruit.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is an organic cockroach repellent and it can help ward off most kinds of insects. Sliced or peeled cucumber can be left in areas of your house where you normally notice roaches. Being non-toxic, leaving out cucumber is a safe option as well.

5. Ammonia and Water

Roaches find fine homes in your drain pipes, sewers and kitchen sinks. Flushing down a bucket of water with Ammonia mixed in it will help ward off roaches nesting in such spots. The pungent spell of Ammonia is repulsive to roaches and other pests.


These natural ways might seem to be too simple to execute but they are highly effective as well. The best part about choosing these natural remedies over commercial pesticides is that it doesn’t leave any harmful traces behind. Using these methods and with a little persistence from your part, you can easily get rid of all the roaches in your home and also make sure that they do not return.

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