Spring is lovely, but many bugs will infest your home, making uncomfortable for you and your family. Ants are irritating and come in large numbers. If you do not control them as soon as you can, you will find million of ants in your kitchen. The ants like sugary product and oil. You may find them inside your sugar dish, if you have fruits they will be all over and even on your cooking oil. The ants will also go where there are food remnants such as breadcrumbs, making your kitchen look inhabitable. Luckily, ants are the simplest ants for you to control. We have come up with the Top 10 Ways To Get Rids Of Ant At Homefor you to use and control the ants easily.

10. Bay leaves

Bay leaves are very effective in getting rid of the ants. The leaves produce a scent that drives the ants away. Ensure you place these leaves under the door, around the kitchen and other places that may be infested with these creatures.

9. Use powder insecticides

Powder insecticides are very effective in killing the ants. Although the product is not very safe to use, especially when you have kids, the insecticide removes the ants from your house completely. Use it under the door, windows, and other places where the ants can access your house. Avoid using this product in the kitchen or any other place you use to prepare your food.

8. Properly dispose the waste and compose

If you do not dispose your garbage well you may be as well welcoming the ants in your home. Ensure that you keep your kitchen clean and keep all your cereals and other containers that have sugary product as well as oil products in airtight containers.

7. Citrus spray or Lemon juice

You can effetely remove the ants from your house by using a natural stray made from citrus fruits. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon have a strong aroma that can keep the ants away. You can either boil a few pieces of lemon an orange fruit and use it as pray or simply use the lemon juice to spray the infested areas. Spray under the door and windows to ensure that the insects do not come back.

6. Dish soap

Soap is also another effective product that you can use to keep the ants away. Put a thin line of dish soap around the windows, baseboards, doors and other placer the ants tend to gather. You can also pour soapy water on anthills or put the soapy water on a spray bottle and spray around your house.

5. Chalk and baby powder

Chalk and baby powder are also other ant repellent that are very effective. Leave a line of chalk and sprinkle baby powder under the doors, windows and any other place that the ants might use to get into your house.

4. Cucumber


If you leave cucumbers peelings in places that are infested with these ants, the ants run away from these areas. This is because cucumbers are toxic to the fungi that the ants feed on. Replacing the peeling is advisable to ensure that the ants will not infest your kitchen on other places.

3. Use coffee powder

Coffee produces an effective acid that makes the habitats of the ants unbearable. Ensure that you sprinkle the coffee powder around your house and in every room that may be infested by the ants. Sprinkle the coffee powder in concealed corners, in food storage cabinet and other ants invested areas.

2. Use vinegar

Vinegar is a very efficient product to kill and repel the ants from your house. Look for a spray bottle and dilute an about a cup of vinegar and use it to spray every place that in infested with these ants. You can also pray around your house to make sure that the ants will not have any way through to go inside your house.

1. Peppermint oil

This is a very effective and super easy method to try. Clean your surface well, take a damp cloth and add a few drops of essential peppermint oil. Use the cloth to smear this oil on top of the kitchen floor, cabinets and even under the sink. Ants dislike this smell a lot and will not come anywhere near the smell. This product is safe to use in your kitchen and have a fresh minty smell.

The listed tips are effective in helping you to eradicate the ants completely. Looking at the products that we have listed, it is very easy for you to use them and is safe for the environment. The products are also cheap and readily available.

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