Some items are better purchased as a combo than in individual units. An air conditioner + heater unit is one of them. Now, the question arises in your mind that which air conditioner and heater combo is good. To make the selection simpler for you, we have included the top 10 picks of all time. In this review, you will get detailed information about the top 10 best portable air conditioner heater reviews in 2020.

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List of top best quality portable heater ac reviews in 2020

10. NewAir Portable Air Conditioner Plus Heater

NewAir AC-14100H

The quality of the NewAir AC-14100H Portable Air Conditioner Plus Heater is just desirable. The item boasts 14,000 BTU, capable of covering (cooling and heating) any 525 sq. ft. space. The automatically adjusting thermostat control always keeps your room at the ideal temperature. The sleep feature, wireless remote, and 24 hour timer can in very handy.

It has energy saving properties as well; you will notice significant energy cost reductions after replacing the unit with your old heater/AC. Set up is not a hard task. This guy will help you get rid of all the heartaches associated with malfunctioning heater or AC.

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9. Whynter Portable Air Conditioner and Heater


Next, check out another heater and air condition in one unit, invented by Whynter. This one has got 4 modes – cool, auto, fan and dehumidifier. The capacity of the item is able to cover spaces of up to 500. Sq. ft. It also comes with 3 fan speeds, adjustable temperature from 62 degrees to 88 degrees, a practical remote control, an adjustable thermostat, a programmable, timer, and more. For ease of mobility, this best portable air conditioner and heater features 4 easy-to-use casters. You’ll love what this Whynter masterpiece has to offer.

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8. Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater


Whynter appears on the list again for another best portable air condition and heater the company invented. The product is well recognized for the dual hose operation, and 2 controlling functions (digital and remote). And, it provides 12,00 BTU cooling and 11,00 BTU heating capacity.

The item is also well made with casters for ease in mobility. The built-in timer and digital thermostat it provides are adjustable as well. With this one, we can guarantee that all the operation processes are always hassle-free.

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7. Friedrich Heat Pump Combo


Next, it is the well-reviewed Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner. Comes with dual hoses, the item is known to provide 40% better and faster cooling effect than single hose ones. It is a 4-in-1 piece of an air condition, heater, fan, and dehumidifier. It is highly recommended to use in spaces of about 700 sq. ft for maximum ability.

In addition, the air conditioner/heater is self-evaporative, meaning there needs no bucket for you to empty at all. Some other bonus features of the unit include ease of setting up (thanks to the snap-in hoses), easy portability, and the easy use of the included remote control.

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6. BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner with Heater


While our team was conducting the research, we stumbled upon the trusted Black+Decker company. This best portable air conditioner and heater from the company has so much to talk about. It comes in a number of heat and cooling capacity options (from 8,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU) that you may want to check out. The unit is made with a vertical motion function which always delivers dynamic airflow and consistent temperature across the room. The adjustment mode lets you come home from work to the house of the right temperature. The LED digital display is also easy to read and use.

The unit comes with no bucket to empty. Operation is quiet as well. Rolling casters and carrying handles enable easy mobility. And, installation is a snap. There’s just nothing not to love this BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner with Heater.

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5.  Honeywell Contempo Series Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Heater

Honeywell Contempo Series

If you are looking for a valuable one for day-to-day use air conditioner and heater combo unit, this pick from Honeywell is an outstanding choice. As other sought-after heaters/ACs, the unit is not just beautifully made but also efficient and certainly reliable. You can use it for all seasons with the heating and cooling coverage capacity of up to 700 sq. ft (14000 BTU). Whist in use, have peace of mind because the item comes with the Thermal Overload protection for ensuring your safety.

It also makes maintenance a lot more effortless and prolongs the product’s life – thanks to the easy-to-clean Dual Filters attached. It delivers more settings as well such as the sleep mode, 3 fan speeds, and controls digitally, energy saving properties, and more.

When set in cooling mode, no need to worry about any bucket emptying as the unit evaporates by itself. The dehumidification features works by eliminating up to 111 pints per day. Installation is a snap. Bottom line is you will love what this guy has to offer.

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4. Lava Aire Italia LAI-BELLA-BLK-EL Bella

Lava Aire Italia LAI-BELLA-BLK-EL Bella

Another product of our favorites is the LAI-BELLA-BLK-EL Bella Trio 3 in 1. This product takes the new innovation to the next new level as it is the combination of both the air conditioner and heater. More than just a normal AC and heater combo, this one sure is a portable product. One of the first things that makes it the right choice to invest in is the fact that it can be the humidifier as well. There are 3 different speeds as well as the wind modes; therefore, you can choose the right one without any problem.
The drawer of it has the capacity to store up to 6 liters of water. With just this product, you can use it all year round. It offers balance and comfort in all weathers. The package of this product comes with the remote control too, so you will have everything you need in this single portable product. The size of this product is 13 x 13 x 27 inches. For those who are looking for the combination of heating, cooling, and humidifying functions in a product, this is an awesome choice.

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3. Rosewill Portable Air Conditioner

Rosewill Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU

Rosewill also impresses you with the great feature that its Rosewill 12000 BTU carries. More than just offering 3 features, this product offers up to 4 different modes for you to select. Those modes include cool, fan, dry and heat. It is highly recommended for using both indoor and outdoor since it is a portable product. Despite the weather, this portable air conditioner and heater will not disappoint you. The cool air can spread wider than the competitive products, so with just this product, everyone in your house can enjoy using it. The speeds given are up to 3, enabling you get the right temperature for yourself.

The LED light is installed on the control panels; therefore, you can check its status with ease. The safety feature is also added, it can automatically shut-down based on the time you set too. If you own the small space, it is a smart choice to choose the portable 4-in-1 product. The size of it is 35 x 19 x 16 inches and the package of it comes with the remote control too.

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2. Royal Sovereign, 12, 000 BTU

Royal Sovereign, 12, 000 BTU

Royal Sovereign, the portable air conditioner, is another lovely choice that you should take a look at. First of all, it is not only a air-conditioner, but it is also a heater and a dehumidifier too. It has the function to cool your living place during the hot summer weather and add the heat you need during the winter. If this isn’t enough, the dehumidifier can readjust moisture in your place easily. With such great features, this product is the one to spend the money on. The digital display makes it very comfortable for adjusting the temperature, speed and time.

For the safety purpose, you can set the timer for it to turn on and off when needed. Unlike the mounted air-conditioner, you have the freedom to select the place to place it. it is good to know that the package of it comes with the window kit and the remote control. The total dimension of this product is 12.6 x 13.6 x 31.3 inches.

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1. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump


Here, we’re going to mention about an amazing air conditioner and heat pump from the reputable brand, Honeywell. The unit delivers of cooling and 13,000, BTU of heating. It has a no-bucket design as well. It is suitable for cooling or heating any 500 sq. ft area. On the innovation side, the unit features a great digital LED display, a remote control of all operation functions, and accurate feature-touch controls.

And, this air conditioner and heater is also equipped with 3 speed options as well as an automatic power and timer. 4 caster wheels are added to ease any mobility activity. Last but the least, its air flow is powerful while the operation is always quiet.

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Buying Guides: Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

When opting for a portable air conditioner heater combo, you have got 2 shopping criteria ticked off from your list already. Those include the fact that the unit can be wheeled for ease in transporting and that it can be used all year round in all seasons. However, a little more consideration in order to make a smart buy wouldn’t hurt. Here are 4 more buying tips for you when you’re shopping for an ac heater combo:

Cooling & Heating Capacity (BTU)

This factor should not be neglected. All ACs and heaters come with a specific cooling and heating capacity (measured in BTU – British Thermal Unit). To make the right decision, you can simply measure your space square footage before hand. With the number of sq. footage timed by 4, that results the number of BTU required for an air conditioner/heater to cover the space.

  • 200 sq ft: get an 8,000-BTU unit
  • 300 sq ft: get a 10,000-BTU unit
  • 400 sq ft: get a 12,000-BTU unit
  • 450 sq ft: get a 13,000-BTU unit

Also, be noted that the higher the cooling and heating capacity, the heavier and bigger the unit is.

Dehumidification Feature

Dehumidifying feature is designed for eliminating dampness from the air and lessening air stickiness for providing the userb greater comfort. It has the purpose of controlling the level of humidity in the home and is of use most during the summer. Some of the units we have picked do have “dehumidification” built-in, too. So, you should decide in advance whether this feature is a must-have feature for your portable air conditioner or not.


A Programmable Timer can come in very handy when it comes to the need of setting the unit on or off at specific times. This way, you will notice a significant amount of decreased energy consumption as well. With a thermostat, you can always come home from work/school to the desired room temperature.

Additional Settings & Fan Speeds

A portable air conditioner with heater does come with additional settings. Some of them include:

  • Self evaporating feature: it aims to removes moistures in the room, then the unit evaporates the adsorbed moisture all by itself, so no emptying or draining is needed.
  • Remote Control: all of the selected air conditioner and heater combo are equipped and compatible with the included-in-the-purchase remote control. And, almost all of them are enabled with 2 controlling functions (digital and remote). Some even have a digital LED display. Indeed, having a remote control for a portable AC and heater is very beneficial and convenient. You can operate the unit across the room easily without having to walk to the unit.
  • Fan Speeds: almost all of the reviewed units come with multiple fan speeds (mostly 3 speeds). Different fan speeds let you select the right one for your needs and different times/temperatures. On a side mode, features like Fan Speeds and Sleep mode do help eliminate noise produced by the AC/heater unit, too.

Conclusion: Why You should buy Air Conditioner Heater Combo?

Here comes to the end of the review of the some of leading products in the air-conditioner/heater industry. However, you may question, “what are the benefits of buying those products?”. There are 5 more points that prove the benefits that the portable air-conditioner and heater gives.

1. No Restrictions

First of all, due to the size of the product, it allows you to place in almost everywhere you want. If you are living the windowless apartment, installing the wall air-conditioner or heater is a big challenge. For tackling this issue, you can choose to use the portable product as it is the great alternative for every home. More than this, if you enjoy the outdoor activities, it will be very beneficial for you too. You can take it out when you are barbecuing, or relaxing. On the winter, you can relocate it from room to room with less time and effort.

2. Suitable for small place

Another awesome benefit of this product is more than the portability that it offers. It is normally designed to be small in size, as it can ease the comfort when moving around. As the great result, it is highly recommended for using in the small living place or room. If you are living in the studio room, setting up the air-conditioner and heater will need a lot of space. It is a wise choice if you choose to get something that can do the job quickly. The problem with the window air-conditioner that can avoid by using the portable one is, it will not block the view and the light.

3. Lower the cost, save the electricity

On top of the great feature that it has, it is a good choice if you want to cut down the cost on electricity too. The price of the portable air-conditioner and heater is generally cheaper than the mounted one. So the reason why people choose to use this is due to economic reason. As the portable product will not be placed on the particular areas, you can always get the cool and heat no matter where you are in the house. Compared to the window cooler or heater, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep the temperature of the entire house desirable.

4. Combination of cool and heat

This is like killing two birds with one stone if you spend the money purchase the product that can function as the air-conditioner and heater. It can make your living place both warm and cool whenever you want. Owning such a great product is the best way to save money while getting the comfort you need. The popularity of the portable air-conditioner and heater is increasing as the more and more people recognize the great benefits that it gives out. If you are living in the place that have both summer and winter, choosing this product is the right choice.

5. Easy To Install

This is a great thing if you can do the simple task such as installing the air-conditioner and heater by yourself. Some product may require the complicated assembly product, and many other products may require help from the expert, yet this portable cooler and heater promises to do different. The installation process of this product is very simple and straightforward; therefore, you can finish it without breaking large sweats. The only one thing you have to do is to find the place for your exhaust hose.



OLD and Unavailable PRODUCTS: For Archived Purpose Only!!!- Read More
1. Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater


Apparently, Whynter is taking the lead in this portable air conditioning and heating products industry. This very best Whynter Portable Air Conditioner with Heater comes with 3 usages – AC, fan, and dehumidifier. Its cooling temperature ranges from 61°F – 89°F while its heating temperature is from 61°F – 77°F. There are 3 fan speeds that the unit is equipped with. The built-in thermostat of the unit is easy to interpret. And, the programmable timer is super practical, too.

There are also a remote control and a user manual provided with the product. Plus, featuring rolling casters, transporting this air conditioner/heater will never be an issue.

2. North Storm Portable Air Conditioner, Heater, Fan, Dehumidifier


For the next best portable air conditioner and heater, we have this one from Northstorm to recommend to you. The unit is a 4-in-1 product (Air Conditioner, Heater, Fan, Dehumidifier), saving your space and cash. For capacity, the unit has a 12,000 BTY cooling and heating; suitable for covering any space or 500. sq. ft.
When used during winter, the heater delivers 50% more heat than most electric space heaters today. So, this sure is an efficient item to have. What’s more, its dehumidifying feature is for chasing away unneeded moisture from the air. Comes with wheels, transporting the item is a breeze.

Within the package, there also includes a remote control for changing settings of the heat and cool air condition from afar. And, the unit also features some other handy functions such as an LED temperature display, push button controls, a programmable timer, and more. Best yet, it is also backed by a 3 year limited warranty, too.



This is an extraordinary unit. I have been using it since I got it and it functions admirably. I cherish the way that it doesn’t have to continually deplete. Our more established unit like this expected to deplete continually. It is somewhat substantial, yet that will be normal. A magnificent versatile A/C unit blows exceptionally cool. The manufacturer equipped this unit with high security functions. The fumes outlet is 5 crawls in breadth and I figure that is the standard size for all versatile a/c units and hence you can’t and won’t discover 5″ width hoses, clips or couple’s at you nearby handyman shops, not certain of that why but rather that is how it is, An extraordinary item. I exceedingly suggest this item, I’m extremely happy with this.

4. Della 14,000 BTU


The Unit performs well, simple to use. The remote control is pleasant. An extremely minimized unit that runs discreetly both on A/C. furthermore, warm, exceptionally effective and easy to work. The A/C and heater works great. I have seen that with using this air conditioner and cooling system that my energy charge is not as high as it had been some time recently. My bill is the most reduced that I have found in 6 years. The conditioner is on constantly yet the power charge hasn’t risen by any stretch of the imagination.

5. EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner and Heater


EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner and Heater is another item on the list, which has received stellar customer reviews. This gray air conditioner and heater’s significant qualities include the built-in thermostat, a washable pre filter, a 3-speed fan, as well as great dehumidifying and cooling functions. It is capable of covering up to 425 sq. ft.
Operation is very quiet. And, if you’re looking for a high performing air filter, this one will never disappoint as it can eliminate contaminants in the air (dust, smoke, pollen, and more) in the best way possible.

6. North Storm Portable Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU


The unit was what I was expecting, the foundation was fundamental. Shockingly the compressor for A/C and dehumidifier does not kick in. It just blows hot air.The fan ignores to some degree to the side and it doesn’t have anything to cure it. Although This unit is not so good, but not bad at all. I have experienced a little bit of problem. Sometimes it blows air hot. I would like it to an extensive box fan on medium. It’s not calm, but rather it’s not awfully loud either. So far so good I am happy to give 5 Star for it.

7. Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU


The a/c is cool, yet not exceptionally frosty since this vanishing innovation is weaker in cooling power than water depletes tube a/cs. This item is incredible. Ideally will work along these lines for quite a while, however, it cools incredibly. utilizing it on the lower floor of a carport so it is to some degree cooler most hot days, however, this makes it icy. takes the moistness out and does an incredible job. It capacities extraordinary and the remote controller makes it extremely advantageous! I honestly recommend for this portable heater with a/c.

8. EdgeStar 12,000 BTU


I use this regularly. The A/C blows solid and cool! In radiator mode, it takes a couple of minutes till it’s blowing pleasant and hot. Works incredible and the heater was more sizzling than expected.This A/C is ideal for my necessities. It is not difficult to install, simple to move space room-to-room, chills the room off rapidly. I will give all stars for this unit although I’ve had is the medium fan decision never worked from the first few days, I do not think that it is a major problem. it is a little bit louder. Overall I am very glad to purchase it. I have been extremely satisfied with the peaceful operation of this A/C.

9. LG Electronics LP1414SHR 14000 BTU


It cools a room down similarly as adequately as a window unit without being a perpetual establishment. The guidelines are clear, and the remote is amazingly modern for something that you’ll typically simply turn on and leave running. Indeed, even the air outlet, which you can see at the highest point of the unit in the photograph, is enchanting since it naturally opens and closes. These units are incredible. They have a pleasant scope of modes and have been exceptionally viable at cooling and dehumidifying the house. Odd points and additional ones will pulverize the capacity to get the dampness out naturally. Essentially the unit splashes the water into the fumes air and the vast majority of it makes it out as muggy hot air.

10. EdgeStar 14,000 BTU Dual Hose


I am truly happy with its execution. I just needed to discharge the water tank once, from that point forward it has dealt with itself. Also, purging the tank was truly simple for me. This genuinely is an independent AC/HEATER/DEHUMIDIFIER, and it works consummate. Now I can use it in the late spring. I read every one of the reviews and this appeared like the ideal heater/air conditioning for my home. I will give all stars for this unit since this thing is fantastic. In a perfect world will work thus for a long time, in any case, it cools fantastically. using it on the lower floor of the home so it is to some degree cooler most hot days.

11. Haier HPN14XHM 14, 000-BTU


I was anxious about this, in the wake of having such a terrible involvement with the other unattached AC units. Furthermore, I would, in any case, most likely suggest a window AC unit in the event that you can do that – I will be putting a window unit in my home. Yet, in my folks’ home, they generally set a caution when they clear out. All things considered, I am satisfied with this buy. This is significantly less demanding to move around and setup than a window air conditioning. I truly don’t comprehend what more you could need or anticipate from this unit, however, I surely suggest it.

12. Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU


It is an awesome AC for my room, only a little loud when the cool mode is on. I’ve really had several this style versatile a/c units. I like this one the best. I make them cool my whole protected carport/workshop. I do prescribe you get more BTU than suggesting on the off chance that you really like it cool as I do. As I would like to think; this unit runs discreetly and makes an incredible showing with regards to with cooling my down the stairs to an agreeable temperature. I may need to get a little window unit for my kitchen once the late spring heat is in full compel yet so far this unit is by all accounts working fine for my space.

13. Homevision Technology Portable Air Conditioner with Heater


First on the list, let’s look at the highly reviewed Tosot Homevision Heater Combo. This is a newly invented air conditioner and heater combo item, which comes with a 14,000 BTU cooling and 11,300 BTU heating capacity. It is able to cool or heat spaces of about 700 sq. ft. perfectly. And, its dehumidifier’s job is to remove moisture in the air and lessens air stickiness.

This Tosot conditioner and heater unit also includes 3 fan speed adjustment settings for different cooling or heating needs. Plus, it features a 4-way air direction function as well, ensuring that the heating or the cooling is distributed across the room.
Comes with casters, transporting this electric heater and air conditioner sure isn’t a problem. The item is also built-in with a programmable thermostat, which allows you to adjust the level of heat or cool during different seasons. Last but not least, this best portable air conditioner with heater also features a sleep mode, auto energy-saving mode, and 24-hour timer.

14. Global Air 12,000 BTU


The air conditioner and heater system were very quiet. It truly pushes unconscious air. We have not used the radiator component but rather am supposing it will give out a great deal of warmth for the winter in our back room. No issues setting it up. We despise about this unit, and we liked it very much. we haven’t used the warmer yet, and will likely never truly use the dehumidifier, however, the A/C unquestionably works incredibly. The UI is extremely decent as well, and simple to use and work. We set this unit in a focal area and it cools the entire floor pleasantly! Easy to vent and set up.

15. Della Portable Air Conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier, Cooler


This Della Portable Air Conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier, Cooler is another pick you shouldn’t miss out. Some of the unit’s noticeable features are its automatic shutoff timer, evaporative function, 3 fan speeds, LED touch controls, and more. This combination air conditioner and heater is also known for circulating cool air and heat more efficient than ever. As a portable item, it comes with casters as well.

The air conditioner/heater also includes an auto-restart ability, which auto saves the set settings for whenever power is restored. You’ll love how versatile this heater and cooler is; just like its customers do.

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