Taking simple safety steps to keep your baby safe from the harmful sun rays can play a crucial role in keeping your baby safe from sunburn and skin damage. Apart from using sunscreens, protection clothing and shades, using a sun hat is a great way to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the sun.

However, since the market today is flooded with different varieties of baby sun hats, taking a look at the top 10 best baby sun hats review in 2021 can be beneficial in helping you find the right one.

List Of Best Baby Sun Hat Reviews in 2021:

10. Flap Happy girls UPF50+ double Ruffle Hat – Baby Sun Hat


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This hat for girls is made of breathable fabric, featuring an adjustable tie and double – ruffle brim. The large brim of hat helps shield your child’s face,ears and neck from the sun. Suitable for kids from newborn to ages two and up.

9. Lean in spring New Flap Protection Hat UPF Baby Sun Hats 50+p>


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If you want a fun and cool sun hat for babies, this one would be a perfect choice. Made of 100% cotton, this floppy a hat with wide brim can be worn babies aged 9- 24 months.

Featuring drawstring for size adjustment and a chin strap with easy toggle adjustment, this comfortable infant sun hat is ideal for any outdoor or water activity. Available in wide variety of colors and fun prints, the hat is  available to buy from amazon.

8. Sunday Afternoon Play Hat, Baby Sun Hats


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This play hat for kids is one of the best investments you can make to keep your kid safe from the damaging sunrays. Light weight, water resistant, stroller friendly and stain repellent, this kid’s sun protective wear features a veil on the neck that helps keept the back and neck of the baby safe from the sun. A great option for babies aged 6-24 months; the hat is  available to buy from amazon.

7. Marca West Unisex Baby Kid Toddler Baby Sun Hat


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Made of cotton material this bucket sun hat for kids helps keep you little one’s head nice and warm and can be worn all year around. Featuring adjustable chin straps that can be ties beneath the neck, this hat is suitable for ages 12- 36 months. this beautiful, durable bendable and easily washable kid’s sun hat is available at market.

6. N’Ice Caps Little Boys and Baby Sherpa Lined Fleece Embroidered Hat Mitten Set

N'Ice Caps Little Boys and Baby Sherpa Lined Fleece

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  • By: N’Ice Caps Baby Sun Hats

These hat mittens are ideal for your kids during the cold winter season. They are perfect for anyone planning to travel with their kids. Whether you’re traveling on a train, car or plane, the tough embroidery will ensure that your kid is protected from the strong winds and cold. And, given their tough construction, these mittens can last for years.

One more thing, the full Sherpa lining adds to their comfort and durability. What’s more, the multi-color design makes them ideal for anyone who is choosy when it comes to colors. They are ideal for both girls and boys. Finally, the adjustable hook and lop design makes wearing and taking the hat mittens a breeze.

Extra features:

  • They are fairly priced.
  • The elastic wrist design offers comfort.

5. i Play. Baby Boys’ Flap Sun Protection Hat

i Play. Baby Boys' Flap Sun Protection Hat

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  • By: i Play Baby Sun Hats

I purchased this sun protection hat for my 6-month old kid after a long search. First, the hat comes with a stretchy band which makes it ideal for kids of different ages. And, the fact that it flaps for easy hanging makes the hat quite convenient. It also covers the neck so you won’t have to get something like a scarf for your kids.

Although it appears a little bigger for my 6-month kid, the size still works in keeping sun away. The straps ensure that the hat doesn’t fall off or move to the face like most flops without straps.

Extra features:

  • The hat offers adequate protection against strong UV rays
  • The price is fair given its unique design and quality

4. My Swim Baby Sun Hat

My Swim Baby Sun Hat

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  • By: My Swim Baby Baby Sun Hats

Just like most top-grade sun hats, this product features a tough polyester material for durability and comfort. The tough polyester material ensures that your kid is secured and is still feeling comfortable. What’s more, the hat also comes with straps to ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t fall to the face.

It even offers protection for the neck and ears so your kid is completely protected against strong winds and sun. Perhaps what makes it even better is the lightweight construction and a fast drying material. So, the hat dries fast after each wash.

Extra features:

  • The reversible design makes it even more convenient
  • The hat is machine washable

3. i play. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

i play. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

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  • By: i play Baby Sun Hats

Made form 100% polyester material, this is yet another great sun protection hat for your kids. The polyester material makes it tough and durable. Also, the material guarantees comfort for your kids and ensures that they have the best experience. Additionally, the pull-on closure makes removal and wearing of the hat easy.

You only need to loosen the pull on closure to remove or tighten to keep it in place. Also, being machine washable, you won’t have to go through the hassle of hand washing. Perhaps the lightweight construction is yet another feature worth noting. The hat doesn’t appear bulky or too heavy for your kid so it keeps them in a perfect condition all the time. And, the UPF +50 fabric guarantees ultimate protection against strong UV rays.

Extra features:

  • The fair price makes it ideal for parents.
  • There’re care instructions so that you don’t make mistakes.

2. i play. Baby Sun Hats

i play. Baby Boys' Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat

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  • By: i play Baby Sun Hats

This is yet another 100% polyester sun protection hat from i play. It also features a pull-on closure design for easy wearing and removal. And, the tough fabric makes it durable and highly comfortable.

Of course, polyester is known to be tough and durable. Furthermore, this hat is machine washable. So, you are spared the hassle of hand washing which takes time and effort. Another thing, the fact that the fabric is rated UPF +50 makes it ideal since you won’t have to worry about sun penetrating and burning your kid’s skin.

Extra Features:

  • The tough fabric offers years of service
  • The hat is fully resistant to sun’s UV rays

1. i play. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

i play. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

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  • By: i play Baby Sun Hats

Just like the previous models, this sun protection hat boasts a 100% polyester construction which makes it tough and highly comfortable. The pull-on closure design makes wearing it a breeze. I mean, all you need to do is tighten or loosen the pull-on closure to remove or ear the hat.

Being machine washable further makes this hat worth a purchase. Of course, hand washing can be quite an inconvenience so being able to wash using the machine saves one the hassle and time. The lightweight design further spices up the features. Like, your kid won’t feel bulky and uncomfortable thanks to the lightweight design.

Extra features:

  • The UPF +50 rating makes the hat completely Uv resistant
  • Dry cleaning is discouraged


The above listed top sun hats for babiesare perfect options that can help protect the skin of your baby from the damaging sun rays. However when choosing a sun hat for babies, ensure that you select a size that is proportional to the size of your baby’s head and provides a shield across the face and neck areas.

Although most babies and toddlers do not like wearing hats, teaching them to wear this headgear especially when they go outdoors can go a long way in protecting your baby’s delicate skin when the sun is out.

Buyer’s Guide:

I recommend you to  #1. i play. Unisex Baby Solid Flap Sun Protection Hat UPF 50+, is popular in Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Baby Sun Hats in 2021 Review

  1. 9. Mkony Baby Baseball Beanie Cap/ Sun hat for boys – Baby Sun Hats

    This sun hat for boys features an adjustable band at the back to provide a perfect fit. Suitable for babies aged 3-24 months, the hat is durable, portable and easily washable and helps keep your baby’s head nice and warm. this baby boy sun hat is available in a black and white set pack at

    8. Little Sun Hat Cap, Reversible Outdoor Headwear for Babies and Toddlers – Baby Sun Hats

    Made of 100% natural fabrics, this reversible baby sun hat features a short brim, adjustable chin strap to help keep your baby safe from the sun. While the reversible feature helps you wear the cap inside out, the machine washable fabric helps you maintain the hat and keep is clean and fresh. Available in children sizes from newborn to six years.

    7. Sun Smarties Baby Toddle Sporty Flap and Brim hat, Baby Sun Hats

    This comfortable UV hat for babies features a flap that helps shields the ears and neck and stiffened brim shades that protect the face and eyes from the sun. Made of high- tech fabric, this sporty sun hat for babies is feather light and secures safely the child’s head providing him extra comfort. A perfect combination of comfort,

    A perfect combination of comfort, style and practicality, this hat is a perfect choice for your baby they are in the garden or at the beach. Priced is available to buy.

  2. 4. Aussie Sun Hat Sharks – Baby Sun Hats

    If you looking for a stylish sun hat for babies, this one would be a great option. A fully lined hat with brims snapped up, this Aussie- style sun hat with fun shark print is sure to make your baby look cute and adorable. A perfect head gear that promises to protect your baby from the sun, this trendy sun hat for babies priced is available to buy from amazon.

  3. 2. i play. Baby & Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat

    If you want to buy a wide brim sun hat for babies, this hat by Colawares would be a perfect choice. The soft cotton material used in the interior coupled with rear crown vents on the outside helps promote increased breathability. As a result, your baby does not feel sweaty nor have unhealthy hair.

    Additionally, while the adjustable chin straps of the hat helps create a comfortable fit for every head size, the strong crown straps allows better fit even as your baby grows older.

    What’s more, the perfect brim size of the hat not only helps protect your baby’s eyes form the harmful sunrays, but also helps your baby see better and enjoy the sunny environment. A perfect option for babies aged 0-36 months.

    1. i play. Unisex Baby Solid Flap Sun Protection Hat UPF 50+

    Constructed of of 100% polyester material and specially treated non toxic fabric, this sun protection gear for baby features a long neck flap and a baseball cap brim. Including a tie closure at the chin the hat is lightweight, water resistant and also offers UPF 50+protection. Priced is available this UV protection hat for babies.

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