Many accessories are available that can make your work easier as you use your computer. One such accessory is a portable fan. Most laptops and desktop computers get heated making your hands sweaty while typing. This can cause your keyboard to become wet. Also, when gaming your hands can become sweaty hence the need for an affordable portable fan to improve air conditioning.

It is not easy to get the right portable fan, and an online search can be timer consuming. There are many models with convenient rechargeable batteries. Battery operated fans offer you flexibility and extra mobility as they do not need a cable connection to a power source. Some models also can work with power adapters. These particular models use both power adapters and batteries. However, they are slightly more costly but very useful and will satisfy your needs.

List Of Best Battery Powered Fan in 2022 Reviews:

10. innobay 3-inch Mini Handy Portable Battery Powered Fan

innobay 3-inch Mini Handy Portable Rechargeable Fan Operated

  • By: innobay Battery Powered Fans

Being one of the best products on the market, this innobay’s rechargeable fan boasts some of the best features. This is a 3” fan which is compact and portable for convenient movement. And, it’s powered by a powerful 18650 battery which keeps it running all through. Also, the fan boasts three levels of air flow. From low, medium and high levels, you’re free to choose which one best suits your needs. Another thing, the fan can work for up to three hours when fully charged.

I mean, on a single charge, it can last three hours. Of course, that means you can use it on the outdoors where there’s no electricity. There’re different ways of charging this fan. First, you can decide to use a USB charging cable connected to your devices like charger, you can also charge it using a solar charger.

Extra features:

  • The brushless motor offers high energy efficiency
  • The excellent circuitry and tough ABS construction make it ideal for use.

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9. O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Desktop Circulation Battery Fan

7. O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Desktop Circulation Battery Fan


This desktop battery fan features a unique compact design making it portable. It’s a battery-operated product designed to cool your desktop for perfect operation efficiently. Additionally, the product features a foldable design for easy carrying and storage. In short, you will carry it wherever you go with ease. The expertly-crafted design gives it a stylish look. Besides that, the product also features an ultra-tough casing making it extremely durable.

The durable plastic material offers long-lasting performance while the patented blades guarantee years of excellent performance. Something else, the design provides a perfect airflow, thus extending the battery life. The two-speed operation makes the fan convenient for everyone. For instance, you get to choose between the high and the low speed, depending on your needs. The fan also offers a whisper-quiet operation making perfect for home and offices.

Extra Features:

  • This is an easy-to-use fan
  • It runs on two D batteries.

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8. OPOLAR Portable Rechargeable Fan

Battery Powered Fan

The mini fan is similar to F101 model. However, it has a robust construction and uses a blue LED light, which adds ambiance. Apart from that, it offers you adjustable speed with a push button.

The design is appealing. It has 5 buttons that regulate the speed of the fan and for turning off and on. It comes with a rechargeable battery and comes with a micro USB cable for recharging the battery.

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7. OPOLAR Battery Powered Fan – Rechargeable Clip and Desktop Fan

Battery Powered Fan

This is one of the smallest portable fans in the market. It is very compact and convenient to carry. Suitable for people working in front of computers for longer hours and prevents your hands from sweating. The model is well constructed and has a protective cover.

It has a small stand, which also serves as a clip. You can adjust the fan angle and speed to suit your needs. The blades can reach a maximum rotating speed of 2200rpm. This fan is powered by a rechargeable battery pack and comes with a USB cable for recharging.

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6. Coleman Freestanding Tent Fan- Best Battery Powered Fan

Battery Powered Fan

This fan targets people who love to spend time out in nature. It is very useful for camping. The fan has a sturdy construction with a powerful electric motor. To power it, you need D- cell batteries, which do not come with the kit, so you need to buy your own. The fan does not have a mesh which helps it push more air giving you the best service. A new set of D-cell batteries can last 21-hours.

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5. 02COOL 10-Inch Portable Fan – Battery Powered Fan

Battery Powered Fan

This is a very popular model and has a great built quality design that allows it to push more air without needing a powerful motor. You only need 6 D-cell batteries that unfortunately do not come with the kit. However, brand new batteries can last the whole day at least.

This model also works with AC adapter that comes with the kit. It has two fan speed modes together with a reliable fan blade. The fan has a compact design with built-in handle. it is easy to carry and occupies less space hence can fit comfortably in your backpack.

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4. O2COOL NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan with Adapter

O2COOL NEW 10" Battery Operated Fan with Adapter, Graphite

  • By: O2COOL attery Powered Fans

Just like most of its competitors, this battery operated fan offers excellent results. First, this is a perfect camping fan since it’s compact and portable. Also, being battery-operated, you won’t need to keep it plugged to the wall sockets all the time. What makes it travel-friendly is the compact and foldable design.

Also, storing it is breezy since it folds to a very small size. Another thing, the fan comes with a powerful dual speed blade and a perfect horseshoe base for stability and high performance. Lastly, you will also notice the adjustable tilt which offers a directional airflow.

Extra features:

  • The convenient handle makes transportation a breeze.
  • The dual power source feature makes it versatile and convenient.

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3. 02-Cool Portable Battery Powered Fan

Battery Powered Fan

This fan gives you great performance, and it has a great design. You can use it while working on your computer, at the office or barbecue. it is compact and can be carried to work or any trip. The internal battery lasts for a long period of continuous use.

You can recharge the battery to full power using the USB cable. a full battery can power the fan for 72 hours which is more than enough time to complete your work. It has a power adapter for recharging.

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2. Honeywell Battery Powered Fan TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

The company is popular for making quality fans. Lately, it has ventured into making portable fans. The HTF090 Turbo is an excellent compact and well-constructed fan. The fan is lightweight and easy to pack.

The fan is powered by 4AA batteries with an option of directly connecting to your computer using the micro USB cable. It is convenient for both trips, and office use and helps keep you from sweating.

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1. SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini-Desk Fan

Battery Powered Fan
This great battery operated fan mainly targets computer users. It is compact and has a great design. It has a small clip at the bottom. The model delivers quality and powerful air conditioning that prevents you from sweating on the keyboard.

It runs on batteries, which are recharged using a USB cable and easy to use. It uses 18650 batteries, which comes with the kit. A full charge can last a maximum of 6-hours. You can adjust the fan speed accordingly using buttons.

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Purchase tips

Some portable fans you will find on the market are poorly made and very fragile. Many things were considered while making a list such as:

  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Cost

From the list, you can choose your preference according to your needs. Get the prices from Amazon and have the fan shipped to your location. As a user, you deserve the best portable fans that guarantee you the best service at affordable costs. The models above are tested and are very reliable and offer you satisfactory results. You can check additional reviews to learn more about the products.

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