Do you love using hammocks when relaxing? Discover the top 10 best hammock tree straps in 2020.

Buying a hammock is one thing but enjoying its use is another one. In some instances, people find themselves having premium hammocks, but suspension system isn’t enough to anchor in trees. It is this reason that prompts people to look for longer hammock strap for trees.

Camping outdoors leaves one with no option as only to mount these hammocks in trees. This is unlike home whereby you can have designated post dedicated for that purpose.

Top 10 Best Hammock Tree Straps in 2020:

For perfect outdoor relaxation, here are the top 10 best hammock tree straps in 2020 reviews.

10. Ohuhu Hammock Straps Tree Hanging Straps 2-piece with Hooks and Carabiners

Product highlight

  • Heavy duty hooks and carabiners
  • Easy setup
  • 500 pounds load capacity
  • Tree friendly

If you love outdoor expedition, don’t let your accessories disappoints you. You have a chance to make everything run smoothly. The first thing to ensure is correctly working is a hammock since some come only to break when on the ground. Mostly they break because of delicate straps that can’t support heavy weight. Upgrading the suspension system, boost the overall performance of the hammock.

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Well, the Ohuhu hammock straps are among the bestselling due to the durability and reliability. Unlike the cheap options, these straps are versatile and enable hanging your hammock in different anchoring positions. Despite the sturdy construction, they perfectly fit on trees without causing damage in form if scratches or getting damaged by tree barks.

The straps also come accompanied by robust shaped hooks and heavy-duty carabiners that are tough. Furthermore, the combination of straps hooks and carabiners are easy to set and delivers outstanding strength to support up to 500 pounds. Moreover, a complimentary bag helps with secure storage and organization.


  • Strong design to carry heavyweight
  • Bonus carrying bag
  • Tree friendly and safe

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9. Favofit Hammock Straps, XL Hammock Tree Straps, Easy Setup, 1400Lbs

Product highlight

  • Non-stretching design
  • Tremendous capacity; 1400 pounds
  • 18 loops per strap
  • High versatility

Have you experienced braking hammock straps when you are already enjoying your relaxation outdoors? It’s an awful experience that no one would like to happen to them. The best ways to prevent this is looking for the ideal straps that are durable straps like these from Favofit and relax with a peace of mind.

They are not just straps; instead, they boast premium designing and performance hence durable and highly reliable. Furthermore, the construction design is superb as they don’t stretch therefore keeping your hammock intact. Amazingly, they can carry up to 1400 pounds without breaking. Thus, with heavy-duty construction and non-aging feature, there no compromising your comfort.

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To eliminate doubts when utilizing these straps, they are super thick and made from premium materials. This means that they do not thin out even with repeated use for a long time. Despite the premium materials, they are lightweight and don’t impart additional weight when on your bag. They are ideal for use in various attachments like trees, rocks and many more areas.


  • Versatile attachment
  • Super thick and non-stretching
  • Super strong than rivals

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8. Chill Gorilla XXL Hammock Tree straps, 100% No Stretch Polyester, Adjustable

Product highlight

  • Tree friendly
  • Adjustable design
  • 100% non-stretchy nylon
  • 1400+ pounds weight support
  • 12 feet long

The search for ideal tree mounting hammock straps is now over when you look for this one from Chill Gorilla. The crafting of these belts is not like the cheap ones that lose strength with a few times of use. Instead, these one are crafted from durable nylon materials that are stretching free. Besides, they can be used by anybody regardless of the body weight since that have a capacity of 1400 pounds.

Now, depending on the distance between the attachments, these straps measures 12 feet. Besides, they are enhanced with 20 loops each to facilitate easy adjustment. This means you can adjust your hammock depending on the needed level of comfort. With a carrying bag provided it is easy to store accessories organized.

Apart from the straps, they also have superior metallic carabiners that enable easy locking. To add durability and performance, the straps are treated to withstand UV light damage and don’t absorb mildew hence improving their performance and durability. On the other hand, the straps can be used in various places without knots and are tree friendly since they don’t cause barks scratches.

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  • Easy to adjust
  • Resistant to weather damage
  • Superior not stretchy nylon
  • Extra lightweight

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7. pys outdoor XL Hammock Straps Set, 2000 Pounds Breaking Strength

Product highlight

  • Super-fast setup
  • 2000 weight capacity
  • Tree friendly 1 inch wide
  • 20 feet long

Why would you let cheap crumble your relaxation? The best way to deal with such straps is forgetting about them and getting these XL straps from Psy. They are dedicated to outdoor application hence superb for anyone who likes sleeping on hammocks whether at home or un the camping sites. Amazingly, they are compatible with all hammocks and setting up is only a few minutes and you are ready to rest.

To deliver unmatched performance, the ropes are 10 feet long thus great for use even on thick trees or large rocks. Moreover, with up to 40 loops, setting a hammock is simple and is simple to adjust to fit your preferred height. On the other hand, construction features lightweight but sturdy materials that are capable of supporting 2000 pounds. The materials are non-stretchy hence uncompromised support.

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Unlike other hammock ropes that add significant weight to your backpack, these you won’t even notice. They are lightweight and sturdy to resist weather action to offer extended application. With wide area, the straps don’t destroy trees.


  • Great length
  • Highly reliable support
  • Simple to adjust

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6. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps, Tree Friendly, 2 Carabiners

Product highlight

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Long and wide
  • Adjustable design
  • Two carabiners

The era when people used to adhere to straps that come with hammocks are gone. Fitting your ropes is excellent in adding strength to your hammock hence ideal to support the extra weight. The Wise Owl Outfitters hammocks ropes are the absolute choice went to adding power and increasing confidence in your relaxation.

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The ropes are strong and long to allow setting up your hammock in various places without needing additional straps. Measuring 20 feet long and 38 loops, it becomes simple to adjust ropes for comfortable resting. Setting up is a piece of cake as no complicated procedures involved.

Forget the stretchy ropes that tend to sags with weight. When you equip your hammock with these, there is no stretching meaning consistent comfort and body support. They are perfect for any camping trip since the straps are secure and safe to use on trees without causing bark damage. The Wise Owl Outfitters straps are great for use with various hammock brands.


  • Perfect for any camping site
  • Enhanced with strong carabiners
  • High compatibility

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5. Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps, 2200 Pounds, 20 Feet Long

Product highlight

  • Reinforced triple stitching
  • Enhanced strength
  • 40 attachment loop
  • 20 feet combined length

Whether you have the best hammock, with weak straps is just a zero work. This is a scenario with most people whereby, they set hammock accurately only to find themselves on the ground in the morning. You can kiss goodbye to this by looking for this premium Bear Butt Kodiak straps for hammocks. Available in a set of two, these ropes won’t disappoint you.

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Enjoy adventures while having full confidence and peace of mind. This is easy when you have these straps as they are super durable. Unlike many on the market, they enjoy triple stitching meaning there is no compromise even when in use for a whole day. In fact, they have a weight rating of up to 2200 pounds.

Whether you are in a place where mounting can be done on rocks, trees, or any available site, they are safe since they are 1 inch wide. To keep the ropes strong throughout, they are protected against UV damage meaning you can use them for a long time without compromising safety.


  • Free from UV damage
  • Elegant Rasta colors
  • Triple stitching is great for added strength

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4. Rallt Hammock Tree Straps, 200 Lbs. Breaking Strength

Product highlight

  • Fastest setup
  • Tubular webbing
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile mounting

When you decide to go and relax outdoors, a hammock is great ways of enjoying nature. Whether you are going to use in your backyard or camping the real consideration to make is the straps. They can cause severe comfort and support issues hence affecting your experience.

The Rallt hammock tree straps are one of the best that are dedicated to use in various places. The reason behind this is because of strong construction structures and materials that give the straps enhanced strength. Despite this toughness, these ropes are super slight and hassle-free carrying.

Installation is less one minute, and you can do it yourself without needing an expert. Enhanced with 40 loops, adjusting the straps is convenient. With tree design and attachments, you can attach it to the same tree frequently without causing damage.

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  • Super lightweight
  • Ideal for various surfaces
  • Reinforced knitting

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3. OxStraps Hammock Straps XL, Carabiner Hooks, Free eBook

Product highlight

  • Sturdy construction
  • Knot and stretch free
  • Quick installations
  • High compatibility

The days you used to worry about the hammock safety due to weight are over, these days, it’s possible to add elegant touches to your hammock and let it give you perfect support. The real solution is to look for these straps from OxStrap and enjoy non-compromised strength. The ropes are strong to provide enough strength to support up to 1200 pounds.

There is no worry about the ropes breaking due to fitting them on rock, tree or other anchoring points. They are sturdy but lightweight which means that they can be mounted on trees without causing damage. Furthermore, with strong polyester stitching the straps deliver non-stretching performance, thereby no sagging.

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Boasting 10 feet long, the ropes are perfect for providing ample length needed to hang your hammock between two anchoring points. Amazingly, with high compatibility it is possible to use with different brands hammocks. A free eBook, bonus carrying bag, and two strong carabiners make using these straps easy and reliable.


  • Super strong stitching
  • One minute installation
  • Excellent weight support; 1200 pounds

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2. Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps, Tree Friendly

Product highlight

  • Chained loop system
  • 20 feet long
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Elegant design

Hanging on your backyard or hen camping is a great moment that provides you with unmatched comfort. The hanging and swinging effect caused by wind can cause weak straps to break. That is the reason people change their hammock ropes to increase reliability and strength. Among the best choices you can opt for are these straps from Nature’s hangout. They are robust, strong and trusted by many users.

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Forget about the hammock ropes that are changing to install and use. You deserve the easy to use ones that can guarantee effortless installation. With these HangTight hammock straps, they are one of the easiest to fix and use. Having 10 feet length, and 1 inch wide, they are greats for camping since they can be fitted on trees.

Apart from being long, these ropes are also sturdy. Structurally, they are tough having made of 100%polyesterthat is resistant to stretching. In connection to that, they have a high weight breaking point of 220 pounds. This is substantial weight than rivals and which gives the straps superb performance.


  • Excellent weight support; 2200pounds
  • Less installation time
  • Super strong carabiners

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1. MalloMe XL Hammock Straps, Tree Straps Set, 2000 Pounds Breaking Weight

Product highlight

  • 12 feet long
  • Versatile hanging
  • Adjustable and non-stretching
  • Drawstring carrying bag

If you are used to finding yourself in ground level after anchoring your hammock, you needed to change your straps. Weak ropes aren’t suitable since that tends to stretch and also have high chances of breaking. The MalloMe extra-large straps are perfect replacement sets of straps that can give you non-saggy resting.

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Whether you want to relax with your loved ones, the ropes are strong and offer support of up to 2000 pounds. Additionally, the strap provides a peace of mind enabling you to sleep while outdoor the whole night without sagging. Without knots, stretching and other common issues with cheap belts, it’s now easy to have an excellent sleep.

Depending on the distance between the anchoring points, these ropes are suited to a variety of anchoring points. With 12 feet long, and 40 loops, it renders adjusting smooth and hassles free. The provided carabiners are superb and heavy-duty to prevent damage by weight. The free recipe eBooks provides you with great cooking ideas.


  • Excellent non-saggy design
  • Sturdy storage drawstring bag
  • Bonus recipe 10 eBooks

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Tree friendly hammock straps are the perfect selection for campers. Since the typical attachment points are trees, they need to be friendly and non-damaging.

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