The use of kitchen shears goes back several centuries where they were seen as vital equipment in any professional kitchen. These days you can find them in almost every kitchen whether professional or nonprofessional. The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of better and superior shears in the market. Some of these shears are specially made for specific uses while others are all-purpose. In this article, we will look at the top 10 kitchen shears in 2022.

Types of Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are available in various sizes and styles, which range from the specialty scissors to the all-purpose kitchen shears.

I. All-purpose kitchen shears

These types of shears are designed in such a way that they can perform more than just one task. They are crafted with high-grade steel blades to handle most of the jobs.

II. Specialty scissors

These scissors are crafted for specific purposes and are only suitable for performing particular tasks. Although they do not perform as good their all-purpose counterparts, they are great for special day-to-day tasks.

III. Poultry or meat shears

Cutting poultry or meat into smaller pieces might prove to be a daunting task but with these meat or poultry shears, the work becomes easier. Their joints are well designed to allow for clean cuts through joints and sinews.

IV. Herb scissors

These are special shears designed to cut herbs. They have multiple cutting edges that allow the cutter to cut even the thickest of herbs without much difficulty.

V. Electric scissors

In this era of technology, it is not a wonder to hear of electric scissors. They are charged using six volts and are suitable for use in slicing or opening packages. They are recommended for people with arthritis especially if they find it difficult to open packages using conventional scissors.

10. Kershaw Taskmaster Shears (267)

 Types of Kitchen Shears10 Kershaw Taskmaster Shears 267

The Taskmaster shears are versatile multipurpose tools that are suitable for cutting tasks, nut cracking, jar opening, lid lifting, screw driving and bone notching. The blades separate fully thus making it easy to clean them. They are made from cutlery-grade stainless steel and combine serrated edges with straight edge`s to maximize versatility. Their blades are 4 inches long and are attached to non-slip handles. They are manufactured in Japan.

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· Offers great value for you money

· Additional features such as nut cracker, jar opener, screw driver tips and bone notch


· There are complains of rusting after more one year of regular usage

9. OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears

 OXO Good Grips Spring Loaded Poultry Shears

The OXO Good Grips perfectly combines professional-quality cutting with soft grips. The sharp blades are perfect for cutting and trimming poultry. The blades are tapered and curved to ease access to places that are otherwise hard to reach. The blades are serrated to enhance the grip on poultry meat and prevent possible slipping. The blades also have blade notch, which is solely designed to securely hold the bones when cutting. The addition of handle bolsters and loops ensures that your hands do not slip when cutting. The blades can be separated for easy cleaning.

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· The blades have a handle lock for safe storage

· Features a thoughtful design that prevents your hands from slipping or straining


· There are complains about the spring and handle design

8. Pridebit Kitchen Scissors 420

 Pridebit Kitchen Scissors 420

The multipurpose Pridebit scissors are very handy in tasks such as snipping, slicing, opening bottles, scaling fish, cutting poultry, peeling vegetables and so much more. They easily separate improved slicing and cleaning. With every purchase you make you get a magnetic holder cool, right? Pridebit guarantees 100% satisfaction and a full refund in case the scissors do not fit your needs. They are also great when given as holiday gifts.

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· They are sharp and easy to clean

· Are heavy duty and multifunction


· There are several concerns about the bottle opener with some saying that it does not work

7. WISLIFE Culinary Scissors

 WISLIFE Culinary Scissors

The WISLIFE Culinary Scissors are perfect for use in the office, kitchen and even perform outdoor tasks. The uniquely designed blades help in various cutting tasks such as cutting clothes, herbs, vegetables, meat, opening cans and cartons. They are made using durable stainless steel and have the light-duty feature that makes them easy to use and handle. They have non-slip rubber handles that are very comfortable. They have a strong grip and are dishwasher safe. The new model features a bright color that is very easy to spot even when misplaced in a group of kitchenware.

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· Good value for the price

· Are multifunctional


· The handles are not fully metal which makes them vulnerable in case of heavy-duty use

6. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears and Multi Purpose Scissors

 MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium

The MAIRICO Kitchen Shears have an impeccable performance especially when handling kitchen tasks. The blades are very sharp which makes it easy to make precise incisions or cuts with little effect. It also performs pretty well in heavy-duty tasks such as cutting meat, poultry bones and herbs. It has a professional design and superb quality. It also has two meaningful additions of a nutcracker and bottle opener.

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· Its performance both outside and inside the kitchen is unrivaled.

· Has an excellent design and an impeccable quality

5. Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors

 Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors

Titanium bonded scissors are three times harder than ordinary steel and maintain sharpness for longer. The Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors have soft-grip holes that ensure that your hand has a comfortable firm grip around the scissors. They are 8 inches long, which makes convenient for delivering smooth and efficient cutting. They are ideal for use both at the office and at home since they can cut through paper, fabric and cardboard. Each pair has a lifetime warranty.

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· They are excellent, high quality, super sharp, comfortable to use and maintain sharpness for long


· The plastic handles are not as durable as the titanium blades

4. J. A Henckels International Kitchen Shears

 J A Henckels International Kitchen Shears

The Henckels Kitchen Shears have micro-serrated blade edges to prevent slipping. The area between the blade and the handle can open bottle caps. The serrated areas on the handle can open screw caps as well as crack nuts. The manufacturer, J. A International, uses high quality stainless steel. They have a lifetime warranty and are dishwasher safe but in this case, hand washing is recommended.

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· Decent quality

· Multipurpose Shears


· There several complaints regarding its ability to resist corrosion

3. Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

 Wusthof 5558 1 Come Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof is a company that has been in this line of work for more than 190 years. The Wusthof Kitchen Shears have a wide range of uses and can cut anything put between its blades from a string to the skin. The handle has a design that allows you to open jar lids. Like its name suggests, the blades come apart thus making them easy to clean. The blades have serrations to prevent meat or any material from slipping while cutting.

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· They are perfect for both left and right-handers

· They are dishwasher-safe

· Easy to re-sharpen


· Said to be inferior to its earlier model

2. Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

 Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

These kitchen shears have comfortable handles suitable for both left and right-handed chefs. Each pair has a bottle opener and serrated section tough on the handles enough to crack nuts and open sealed bottles. They are made using corrosion resistant stainless steel with micro-serrated edges to prevent slipping while cutting. Each pair has a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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· They are multifunctional heavy duty shears for cutting meat, vegetables, poultry or trimming fat

· An awesome build and the quality is impeccable

· Sharp and powerful as any knife

· They have a lifetime warranty

1. Kitchen Aid Shears with Soft Grip Handles

 Kitchen Aid Shears with Soft Grip Handles

Lifetime Brands manufacture the Kitchen Aid Shears. They are made from corrosion resistant steel. The handles feature soft grip coatings for both comfort and stability. Each blade has micro-serrations to improved cutting performance. The blades also have an extra thickness to enhance durability and strength. They are dishwasher safe although in most cases hand washing is recommended.

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· Excellent choice for kitchen shears

· They are sharp


· Issues with rusting and handles.


Most of us rarely see the need for shears when we can use knives, but as this article has explained, shears are very vital in all kitchens and can help offload the burden from the knives. However, choosing a pair of shears may not be easy since all these pairs have outstanding features and are sold at very affordable prices. Fortunately, this review will help you sought out that issue and are sure to walk home with only the best there is to offer.

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