Top 10 Best Kitchen Tongs in 2018 Reviews

Go to any party or gathering and you are most likely to find drinks and expensive bottles of champagne to ease the scrumptious foods down the throat. All these drinks, be it cocktails, wine, beer or soft drinks, need some ice to simply enhance the experience. Therefore, if you are thinking of holding a party anytime soon you might want to have a pile load of ice just nearby. You should also acquire quality ice tongs to help with the serving of ice. Below are some of the best kitchen tongs currently available in the market.

10. Update International (PT-6) 6” Pom Tongs

 Update International PT 6 6 Pom Tongs

The Update Tongs are economical and versatile as they can be used to perform many tasks in and out of the kitchen. They are constructed using stainless steel material that is very easy to clean. They have rigid designs that are fully constructed for heavy uses. They are suitable for use in preparation of salads and cold foods. They measure 6 inches in length.

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· Perfect for heavy duty use

· They are both economical and versatile

· They have many functions and their strength make them even more suitable for the many uses


· 6 inches may not be large enough for everybody

9. OXO Steel Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

 OXO Steel Ice Tongs Stainless Steel

Weighing at 4.8 ounces, the OXO Tongs are designed with soft curves, stainless steel, sleek lines and sharp teeth to help with grabbing the ice. They have a soft grip that eases pressure on the hands making them quite comfortable to use. They have two rows of sharp teeth that enable you to easily pick ice cubes from a bucket into a glass without spilling the drink. The edges are well rounded and blunt to help prevent any nick on your precious glasses. The OXO Tongs are designed with a locking mechanism that helps ease with storage issues. They are 8” long and dishwasher safe.

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· They have a perfect length of 8 inches

· The locking mechanisms helps reduce storage space

· The rounded edges are soft on your glassware


· There are some complains about their look

8. Silver Plated Ice Tongs

 Silver Plated Ice Tongs

If buying fancy-looking items is your thing then this is your lucky day. The Silver Plated Tongs features a fancy edgy design that is perfect for people looking to add elegance to a gathering or home party. In 2015, the Silver Plated Tongs were rated as one of the best selling items that year. They are quite affordable especially if you consider the silver material used and the elegant design that comes along with it.

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· Attractive and elegant

· Silver coated but still affordable


· Thin material

· Size may be an issue

7. Fred & Friends COLD FINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs

 Fred Friends COLD FINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs

The Fred & Friends Ice Tongs are very cute especially if you look at the mitten added at the endings. These tongs are made using stainless steel and have red silicone mittens to add to its nice design. Their design makes them perfect for gatherings or parties and fun to use even at home. Although the red mittens make them look funny, they also make them look unique and cute. They add a little more fun to the expected fun in home parties.

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· They are unique and quite fun to use

· The sizing is just perfect


· Does not have the best grip

6. Bonny Bar Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

 Bonny Bar Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

The Bonny Ice Tongs have a nice classy design that is suitable for use both at home and parties. They are well-crafted using stainless steel with sharp teeth to help improve the gripping experience. The handles are perfectly designed for regular use since they have soft rubber support features on each side. Their uses are not limited to just lightweight duties but have also proven to be handy in carrying out heavyweight duties. You do not want to miss one of these in your kitchen.

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· Has a nice finish

· Fine quality and strong build


· Questionable welding points since they lack graduations.

5. OUTSET B242 Ice Tongs

 OUTSET B242 Ice Tongs

The OUTSET Ice Tongs features a stylish and sleek design that is 8 inches long. The design can surely complement your kitchen. The tongs are made using stainless steel with very sharp teeth on each end. These sharp grip teeth help improve the ease of holding ice cubes and transferring them from the buckets to the glasses. The matte-looking design makes them suitable for classy people. They are dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended.

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· They have a sleek design

· Have a secure and tight grip


· They are neither brushed nor polished.

4. WWF Manaos/ Bistro Ice Tongs

 WWF Manaos Bistro Ice Tongs

The WWF Ice Tongs are classy pieces designed by Peter Baurle. The Manaos are crafted using 18/10 stainless steel that makes them very durable and gives the tongs a nice polish finish. Not only do they look beautiful but also elegant. They have slender necks that are fitted faceted tips and flared handles. They are comfortable, modern and most importantly, they are functional. They are dishwasher safe and are best suited for use in parties.

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· An excellent design

· Affordable price and they are super elegant


· The small size is not suitable for use in large buckets of ice

3. Browne & Co Cuisipro 7-Inch Ice Tongs

 Browne Co Cuisipro 7 Inch Ice Tongs

The Browne Cuisipro Tongs are designed to add style and practicality to the kitchen. They are elegant and sleek enough to fit your preferences. They are dishwasher safe, have a mirror finish with heavy gauge stainless steel to it up. They are shaped in a way that makes it easy to pick up ice. They are designed to deliver superior performance and handle serving or cooking tasks with ease. They are available in various colors and styles.

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· They are high quality and easy to use


· There are some issues with the length. Some feel that they should be longer

2. Arboria Ice Tongs

 Arboria Ice Tongs

The Arboria Ice Tongs features a stainless steel & brass design with a two-tone leaf that is polished by hand. They have a metallic finish with brass & silver plate. They are 6  inches wide, 4  inches high. Godinger Silver Art Co. manufactures the Arboria Ice Tongs. Their design goes well with vintage kitchenware. They make the kitchen look fancy where you are sure to get compliments from friends.

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· Has an elegant design

· They are great for serving veggie trays and appetizers


· They can only pick one piece at a time

1. Browne (1157) 7 ” Scalloped Stainless Steel Tongs w/ Claw

 Browne Scalloped Stainless Steel TongsClaw

The Browne Ice Tongs are well polished with mirror finish to add to its dazzling perfection. Their design makes them suitable for casual use during parties and even daily use at home. The strong core allows for a better grip as well as improved durability. They are well crafted to enhance their superior performance. Their ends have scalloped claws that help improve on grip.

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· Scalloped claws

· Well polished look

· They are very sturdy


· Some think that they are overpriced


Every great gathering or party has to have drinks and food on the list of refreshments. In this case, you have to serve either beer or soft drinks and this where ice comes in handy. It may not seem like much but it is worth it. For this reason, you will require quality ice tongs to help you pick ice from the buckets into the glasses. This review will help you figure out which one suits your needs and preferences.


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