To take the fun and experience to the next level, people are now turning to off-road skateboards. Unlike the normal skateboards that are mainly used on the smooth surfaces on the streets, these ones are designed to tackle the rugged terrains. Picture yourself going through a muddy patch, grasslands, or gravel? Or maybe you are thinking of riding through sand, dirt, and rough concrete?

Below is a list of the top 10 best off-road skateboards that you can consider getting these days. All of them have high quality, good performance, and look. Plus, they can last for a long time as they are really durable.

List Of Top 10 Best Off-Road Skateboard Reviews in 2022:

10. MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard


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Are you are looking to own yourself one of the best off-road skateboards in order to chill during leisure time? Then, you are totally in the right place since we are also looking to start the list with an off-road skateboard from MBS Store. Well, this is a really nice off-road skateboard, and it looks pretty eye-catching as well. The presence of ATS.12 trucks and 12mm axles makes this skateboard super sturdy. So, if you have a pretty heavyweight, this skateboard will keep you safe.

Moreover, it has got F1 velcro straps which will help secure your feet in one place. You can just freely adjust the size of the velcro straps in order to make it suit your feet well. What is more, they even have the brake system fully assembled in from the factory. Also, the maple-lam deck is really strong, and it is high-quality as well. If you are a beginner and do not know what to pick, you can just consider this.

What We Like:

  • It has quite sturdy ATS.12 trucks and 12mm axles which will be able to hold your weight well.
  • The F1 velcro straps allow you to lock your feet still and securely on the board.
  • This off-road skateboard has a nice maple-lam deck that comes with good quality.
  • It looks quite nice.
  • There is a brake system that is already assembled from the factory.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not the electric one, so you might need to your leg which will be a little tiring.

9. Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Off-Road Skateboards

electric skateboard

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For those who are looking to get an electric skateboard to enjoying doing off-road, then you would need to look at this first. This is another ideal choice from B Blitzart, and it is a quite clean-looking off-road skateboard as well. This features a brushless hub motor with a wattage of 350W which is quite decent for those who want to have less sound coming out of the motor. Furthermore, this thing is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour which is pretty great for a skateboard.

Its deck is made out of a combination of maple wood and bamboo which means it would feel really nice, and it will be durable as well. More than that, they even put the grip tape that has a matte finish in order to provide a better grip to your feet. Being able to hold a weight of up to 250 pounds is one of the impressive things that it can do. It has also got a remote control as well for better and easier control.

What We Like:

  • It is made out of maple wood and bamboo, so the durability is absolutely high.
  • This off-road skateboard is able to hold a weight of up to 250 pounds, and that is quite impressive.
  • Thanks to the 350W motor, this skateboard does not make a loud noise.
  • The grip tape is already equipped to the board for a better grip.
  • This comes with a remote control which means you can control your skateboard effortlessly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The grip tape catches dust very easily, therefore you might need to clean it often.

8. Hi-Na Mountain Board All Terrain Off-Road Skateboards


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It does not matter if you are a kid or a grown-up, you might also need to go off-road by using your skateboard. Well, taking a look at this off-road skateboard that we have chosen from Hi-Na is a really helpful way if you are looking for one. Of course, this thing is very cool and durable as well thanks to the 9-ply maple and high-quality construction. In addition, it has got inflatable wheels, and you can feel free to inflate it at any time after using it.

The good thing is that this off-road skateboard comes with an ABEC-9 type of bearing which allows the skateboard to move even faster and more stable. By purchasing this product, you will get a lot of free things that you would really like to own. Those are protective tools, portable tools for skateboards, and portable storage back. That is super beneficial as you do not need to spend more money on those free things. If you worry about your weight, please do not worry anymore since it can handle a weight of up to 500 pounds.

What We Like:

  • Comes with ABEC-9 bearings which are really good for the skateboard to move faster and more stable.
  • They offer to provide the customers with a portable tool pack for skateboards for free.
  • Plus, it also comes with protective tools for your wrists, knees, and elbows.
  • Portable storage back that they include is super using for storing important materials.
  • It is made out of 9-ply maple for higher durability.
  • The wheels can be inflated without any problems.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not an electric skateboard, therefore you will need to use your feet as well.

7. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Off-Road Skateboards

off-road skateboard

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Teamgee is kind of one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to talking about skateboards or skateboard accessories. And, we have got a really nice choice from that brand which is an electric off-road skateboard which is quite interesting. With a 10-layer maple deck, you will be able to use this skateboard peacefully and enjoyably since this material is super sturdy and strong.

Moreover, the motors that this thing comes with are dual 380W motors which can reach up to 22 miles per hour without any issues. Thanks to the 1-ply fiberglass, the process of riding this skateboard will be super smooth and great. While riding on the skateboard, you do not need to worry about controlling the skateboard because there is a wireless remote control included. That remote control will be able to adjust the speed, the direction, and any other options.

What We Like:

  • Made out of 10-layer maple and 1-ply fiberglass, so it will last for a pretty long time.
  • Dual 380W motors can reach up to 22 miles per hour, and that would be useful for you.
  • It comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to change the speed or the direction of the skateboard.
  • You just need to charge it for only 2 hours, and you will be good to go.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some customers said that the battery life is not really good.

6. SKATEBOLT Electric Off-Road Skateboards


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Coming to the 6th ranking of the list, we think that it would be a really good idea if you showcase another electric off-road skateboard from SKATEBOLT Store. Here is a really sleek skateboard that everyone might need to own. It has a speed of 26 miles per hour which is really good because it is quite fast. That is because of the dual 500W motors which play a very important role.

Additionally, with the 7500 mAh cell, you can easily use this skateboard to ride up to 24 miles which means this battery is totally impressive. Being able to handle up to 280 pounds of human weight is a thing that most skateboard lovers do not need to even be worried about. The special thing is that they also include a remote control as well because it will be a lot of handy for you while riding on the skateboard.

What We Like:

  • It has a 7500 mAh battery capacity that can last up for a long time.
  • This thing is able to hold up a human weight of up to 280 pounds.
  • There is a remote control coming with this product, so you can control your skateboard setting while riding it.
  • The dual 500W motors are super strong, and they boost the speed of up to 26 miles an hour.
  • There is a warranty that can last up to 6 months.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This thing is a bit heavy.

5. Electric Skateboard with Remote

electric skateboard

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Next up, let us show you one of the nice electric off-road skateboards out there. This is from URBANPRO Store, and this thing is looking really nice thanks to the tiger picture on the deck. It offers you 3-speed modes that you can make use of while riding it, and it would be a lot helpful. Furthermore, a weight capacity of 265 pounds is good for most skateboard owners as it will not break easily.

Riding this electric off-road skateboard will not be the problem since it has a 400W motor that is also capable of going on a hill effortlessly. Another key thing to remember, it also features a remote control that most people will find interesting and helpful. Besides, this skateboard has got a deck that is made out of maple and fiberglass, so that will be super durable and sturdy.

What We Like:

  • It has got a 400W motor which strong enough for the skateboard to go up a little hill.
  • The weight capacity of this skateboard is up to 265 pounds, and that is amazing.
  • Also, the deck is made out of maple and fiberglass which help in making the deck strong.
  • There is a remote coming with the product, and it is able to control 3 different speed options.

What We Don’t Like:

  • A full charge takes up to 3 hours while most products only take 2 hours.

4. Atom 95X Off-Road Skateboards

skateboard for off-road
We are really excited to review this product since it is one of the most-rated products from the MBS Store once again. MBS Store somehow is able to manage to get their product to be on the list for the second time, and this time on it is on the 4th ranking of the list. Well, this is a really good product, and you will absolutely love it after reading through our review. It is the Atom 95X, and it has got a cool deck that is looking pretty both eye-catching and attractive.
Moreover, the deck that this skateboard has is made out of maple, therefore the quality will be high and super strong as well. Plus, it is equipped with aluminum oxide grip tape as well which helps in providing a better grip when you ride on it. There is also one thing that most people like is the brake system that is already installed and assembled from the factory. Also, the F1 velcro binding is a thing that can keep your feet stable and secure.
What We Like:
  • It has aluminum oxide grip tape that will be your best tool for providing you a strong grip.
  • The brake system is coming with this product, and it is already installed out of the box.
  • This thing also comes with F1 velcro binding that will help keep your feet secure and stable.
  • Looking attractive is one of the best things about this product.
  • You do not need to worry about its durability as its deck is made out of maple.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is one electric one.

3. SKATEBOLT Electric Off-Road Skateboards

electric skateboard

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In the top 3, we really want to recommend a product that is coming from SKATEBOLT Store once again on our list. This is a really good skateboard, and it comes with a 350W motor which can boost up to 28 miles per hour which is really nice. Thanks to the 6000 mAh battery, it will super easy for you to use it to ride up to 15 miles without no problems.

There are 4 speed modes for you to adjust, so that would make it really convenient for you. The deck is made out of two layers of glass fiber and maple, so the durability will be really high. This thing is also coming with brake system as well, therefore that will save you some money from buying the brake by yourself.

What We Like:

  • The battery capacity is 6000 mAh, so you will be able to ride it to 15 miles.
  • There is also a 350W motor which will boost the speed of up to 28 miles.
  • It comes with brake system as well, and that is a really big advantage.
  • The deck is made out of two layers of glass fiber and maple.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have the warranty.

2. Happybuy Mountainboard 39 inches

electric off-road skateboard

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Before getting to the best product on the list, it is really good to showcase the 2nd best product in a proper way. This is a off-road skateboard from Happybuy Store. The special thing about this product is that it comes with high-quality. The ABEC-9 bearings will improve the acceleration process.

Moreover, the deck is made out of maple, so it will be really durable. It will be also able to provide you a better grip as well since it comes with grip tape. After getting this, you do not need to even worry about anything since all things are all good. We cannot skip mentioning about its weight capacity as it is capable of handling up to 440 pounds of a human weight.

What We Like:

  • The ABEC-9 bearings makes it easier for you to move.
  • They also stick the grip tape for you to make it grippier.
  • This skateboard’s deck is made out of maple.
  • Weight capacity that this product has got is 440 pounds.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not the electric off-road skateboard.

1. PINESKY 41 Inch Off-Road Skateboards

electric skateboard

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To proper end the list, we would really like to unveil the best off-road skateboard that you can find on the market. And, that is the skateboard from one of the most well-known brands on the market right now, PINESKY. This thing comes with a type of bearing with is ABEC-11 high speed chrome steel bearing. As you are using this product, you will totally enjoy the experience because it is really easy to use.

The deck of this skateboard is made out of 8-ply natural maple, so you will not need to scared of its durability. The surface of the deck also comes with anti-slip feature which does not make you slip. Besides, it has a really good grip which will make it really stable for you.

What We Like:

  • The deck is made out of 8-ply natural maple.
  • It comes with ABEC-11 high speed chrome steel bearing.
  • Anti-slip feature helps you not to fall when riding the skateboard.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This is not the electric off-road skateboard.

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Off-Road Skateboards

Riding off-road skateboard is a really enjoying activity, and you might need to try and entertain yourself that way. However, in order to do off-road with skateboard, it requires you to own an off-road skateboard. But, you might find it really difficult in order to get the one that is the best for you. That is the reason we have decided to be here to help you out of your tough time which is to decide which is the best one to buy. Below are some buying guides that will be a lot useful and helpful for you. Make sure to use all of them in order to get the best off-road skateboard.

Type of Off-Road Skateboard

First of all, you should be thinking about the type of off-road skateboard that you might want to get in order to get the best off-road skateboard. Of course, there are two types of off-road skateboard, such as the electric off-road skateboard, and non-electric off-road skateboard. You will have to choose one, and we highly recommend choosing the electric one since it is more advanced and more convenient. But, you need to note that the electric off-road skateboard is a bit more expensive. However, that will be worth choosing the electric one over the non-electric one thanks to the benefits that it can provide.


For the next point, we would really like you to look at the wheels of that off-road skateboard because that really important. That is because when you do the off-road, you will need a really good wheels since you will face a lot of tough situation. Well, the type of wheel that we would recommend is the one with a quite big size, and good tirer grip. With that kind of wheel, you will not need to worry if that can help you go through the tough situation or not. To take it to the next level, you can also look for a type of wheel that can be inflated as well. Inflatable wheels make it easy for you to store your skateboard without taking up much space.

Constructed Material

That is a very simple thing that all people would want to own a product that can last a long as possible. That is the reason why we want to talk about the constructed material of the off-road skateboard. To reduce the likelihood of breaking or cracking due to higher impact, the board will need to be thick and super strong. Well, being thick is not enough if it is made out of a pretty low quality constructed material. So, which are the best and most common material out there? Well, the material that are usually used are maple wood, fiberglass, etc. But, that would be a better thing if it made out of both things. The axles and the trucks should be made out of high-quality metal or steel as well.

Weight Capacity

As you already know that not all people on the planet Earth have the same weight, so thinking about the weight capacity of a skateboard is really important. If you skip this point, you might end up breaking your skateboard while riding it. So, what we want you to do is to find off-road skateboards that can hold up a really heavyweight. Normally, the weight capacity is around 250 to 300 pounds. But, you need to always remember that you pick the one with the highest weight capacity as possible. Moreover, it would be a really great thing if you are able to find the one that can handle a weight of up to 500 pounds or more than that.

Included Accessories

Purchasing an off-road skateboard that comes with included accessories is such an ideal thing to do. Well, if you do not choose the skateboard that has some accessories, you would need to spend some extra money on additional accessories. So, we recommend you to find the off-road skateboard that comes with some accessories. The accessories that you will usually get when purchasing a skateboards are portable bag, skateboard tools, and protective tools, etc.

Brake System

Finally, yet importantly, you would need to think about the brake system on an off-road skateboard. Brake is a really necessary thing when driving or riding any vehicles. That is the reason why you should be thinking about the brake system. What we really want you to do is to look for the one that comes with the brake system that is installed from factory. Therefore, you will not need to buy the extra brake from any place to equip it to your off-road skateboard.

Q: What is the best off-road skateboard?

A: The best off-road skateboard should have all things such as good wheels, brake system, good quality constructed material, some accessories that it comes with, etc. The reason is because that will ensure the best experience while you are using it.

Q: How many skateboard types are there? What should I pick?

A: On the market, there are two types of skateboards, such as the non-electric one and the electric one. We recommend choosing the electric off-road skateboard since it provides high convenience and a lot of good things that the non-electric one cannot.

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Finding a good off-road skateboard or truck is simpler, easier, and more convenient when you use these top 10 best off-road skateboards in 2022 review as your buyer’s guide. We have compared and analyzed many products based on the key features that include wheel size, truck design, suspension, wheel type, and profile. You can thus buy any of the items confidently knowing they are the best around and are worth the money, effort, and time.

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Off-Road Skateboards in 2022 Review

  1. Skateboarding ranks among the most loved sports across the globe. It’s not a surprise to see people with skateboards along the streets. It’s a sport with no age limits as toddlers and adults are free to interact with skateboards freely. Manufacturers have taken the increased love for off-road skateboards as their core source of motivation.

    Today, even as you read this post, complex skateboard models by various manufacturers continue to flood the market. The introduction of off-road skateboards is seen as a significant advancement in this sector. the advanced technology employed in the development of off-road skateboards allows one to ride the skateboard on any terrain including grass fields.

    Most off-road skateboards operate on electricity, thus eliminating the need to kick from time to time. Acceleration is done automatically through a remote control. This way, off-road skateboards are easy and comfortable to ride. They are also not limited to any riding surfaces. despite their valuable services, some brands that claim to develop off-road skateboards are just after making money.

    Therefore, some models may end up disappointing you on the streets as they don’t meet the recommended standards. Fortunately, we exist to ensure that you buy the best product. After sacrificing our time to test, analyze and filter the top ten best off-road skateboards in 2017, we managed to prepare and sum up their reviews/ in and out descriptions.

    Below, we present you with the reviews of the top ten best off-road skateboards in 2017. Go through them to ensure that you buy a high-quality product that will serve you appropriately and for a long time.

    10. Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard, Off-Road skateboards Black/Green

    By: Dynacraft Off-Road skateboards
    Offering dynamic, high-quality, reliable and affordable off-road skateboards are the driving forces behind the making of this exclusive electric longboard by the Dynacraft company. It’s a blast new model which is making it big across the streets. With this skateboard, you can cover up to 6 miles per hour comfortably and with utmost stability.

    Its high speed makes it only ideal for people above the age of 8 years. Included in the package is a remote control which facilitates easy and accurate steering. It weighs 22 pounds. By getting this skateboard, you will appreciate its power to improve your skating prowess gradually.

    9. Mototec Off-Road skateboards, 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard

    By: Mototec Off-Road skateboard
    Could you be looking for an ultra-powerful skateboard that lets you skate even through the mud? Then, look no further than this fantastic model by the MotoTec Company. It features large expert tread tires which promote user stability, optimizes grip, and facilitate precise control on any terrain including the beach. This electric, all-terrain skateboard model brings you a top speed of between 18-22 mph depending on your weight.

    It also has dual motors with each producing a power of about 800 W. Within it are professionally developed spring and trucks brush as well as variable speed settings; low, high, medium. Some minor assembly is necessary before one can begin cruising the streets on this skateboard.

    8. Pure Energy Off-Road skateboards, Electric Skateboard / Longboard. 21MPH, 18 Mile Range

    By: Pure Energy Off-Road skateboard
    Pure Energy Electric Skateboard is a model within the “off-road” category that features futuristic technology, smart design, as well as a priceless durability. Its lightweight and super-fast nature, among other factors, rank it among the most sort models within this category.

    This off-road skateboard features a high-capacity battery which lets its user move for a long distance without thinking about where to find the nearest power outlet. It moves through a distance of between 18-20 miles when fully charged. It also comes with a 1200W Brushless Motor which is the driving force behind its high power and speed of up to 21 mph.

    The featured speed controller which is custom made by the manufacturer facilitates easy to control, excellent performance as well as battery and motor protection.

    7. Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard, Best skateboard

    By: Yuneec E-GO2 Off-Road skateboard
    At its price, you can expect nothing less than a street devil that leaves other skaters on the streets amazed by its speed and stability. Well, the Yuneec E-GO2 electric skateboard delivers beyond the user’s expectations. Its entire construction is on point as it has a sufficient board size measuring around 36*14 inches.

    When it comes to reliability, this off-road skateboard is designed to perform with no disappointments. When fully charged, it keeps one riding for about 28 km before demanding a recharge.

    Its speed is also superior to that of its competitors as it has an average speed of 12/13 mph. Its lightweight nature is also worth mentioning as it plays a significant role in easing the portability of this skateboard. Its steering is precise. Thus you can control it with ease.

    6. Swap board NG-1 NextGen Electric Boosted Longboard, Off-Road skateboard

    By: SWAGTRON Off-Road skateboard
    This long board electric skateboard ranks among the best due to its superior construction, high-performance, ease of use, and durability. It’s an off-road skateboard model by the Swagtron Company. It has a maple wood deck as well as a grip tape which promotes comfortable and secure riding.

    This skateboard is motorized and utilizes a cordless remote to decelerate, accelerate, and for active cruise steering. Its powerful Li-ion Fe battery stays protected from any damage throughout its lifetime thanks to the included patented SentryShield construction design.

    Its battery has the power to keep one going for about 4-10 miles and is integrated with a power indicator light on the long board and remote, which plays a significant role in eliminating power lapse surprises.  Its top speed of about 11 mph is also impressive.

    5. Yuneec Off-Road skateboards, YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

    By: Yuneec Off-Road skateboard
    Designed in California, the Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser has all you need to make your skating needs a reality. It features the latest aviation motor technology which is brushless and designed to serve excellently for many years. It’s a lightweight skateboard which weighs only 13.9Lbs thus, easy to maneuver.

    Its ergonomic cordless remote controller facilitates smooth steering and speed adjustment for safe riding. It also has a powerful battery which keeps it going for about 18 miles when fully charged. The featured ‘6 flex’ patented, flexible battery casing facilitates easy deck flexibility for precise steering.

    4. BY2 Off-Road skateboards, Remote Control 4 Wheels Electric Skateboard

    By: BY2  Off-Road skateboard
    The BY2 Remote Control 4 Wheels Electric Skateboard ranks among the top ten best off-road skateboards for some reasons. It has the power to accelerate like a sports car giving you that excellent experience of cruising on a sports car thanks to its revolutionary 400w motor.

    It sources its power from a high-capacity LG Lithium-Ion 18650 battery. Learning to skate using this electric skateboard is ultra-easy thanks to the used advanced software which allows for speed and power adjustment to suit different levels of riding expertise. It’s a highly recommended model for people above the age of 18 years.

    3. SWAGTRON SwagBoard Off-Road skateboards, NG-1 Electric Longboard – UL 2272 Certified Motorized Electric Skateboard with Wireless LED Remote

    By: SWAGTRON Off-Road skateboard
    Are you anticipating to own a high-performance and stylish off-road skateboard? Then, you will be lucky to use this model by Skateboard Fan. It contains beyond what you are looking for regarding performance, durability, and style. Its elegant construction is there to ensure that you maintain your fashionable nature even as you cruise across the streets on this skateboard. Its finish is ultra-fashionable.

    It’s also lightweight, weighing only 3.5 kg to ensure that anyone can carry it even for a long time. It features advanced technology which allows for speed and power regulation for natural and safe learning at any skating level. Integrated with it is a remote an ergonomic remote control which facilitates excellent handheld control with minimal effort.

    2. Atom Longboards, Atom 95X MountainBoard, Best skateboard
    By: Atom Longboards
    Are you at the entry level to off-road skateboarding? Then, this off-road skateboard model will suit your needs appropriately. Its excellent construction will make you develop a positive attitude to mountain boarding right from the start.

    Its F1 bindings, beefy deck, as well as entirely fitted V brakes, provide this bike with all the essential elements required to perform exemplarily while still saving you some coins through its affordable price tag.

    Say no to neglecting quality in the quest to get an affordable off-road skateboard with this high-quality but affordable model. Other noticeable components in this product include a maple laminate deck, PHT graphical build material, Tri-spoke hubs, compatible grip handle and bushing suspension. It weighs 15.5 pounds, a comfortable weight to carry.

    1. Boosted Boards Off-Road skateboards- 2nd Generation Dual + Electric Longboard Complete, 38″x8.5″

    By: Boosted Boards Off-Road skateboard
    If you want to experience the great joy of cruising the streets all around your campus, neighborhood, or city, then it’s only wise that you get this off-road skateboard. Its swift and smooth moving make one feel as though he/she is snowboarding or surfing a strong wave.

    You can rely on this electric skateboard to take you to work or create excellent leisure moments in the company of your friends. Included in its making are a powerful motor, lithium battery, simple cordless remote control, and a convenient braking system. This off-road skateboard model mimics and delivers beyond the services of some electric vehicles.

  2. Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard


    It has a charge time of 60 minutes which is quite appealing.
    It’s a lightweight and compact product.
    It comes with a long-life lithium battery.
    The maximum speed to 17 mph is impressive.
    Best Off-Road skateboards

    It isn’t good for heavy people.

  3. Well, all these are possible if you get off-road skateboards. But which one should you go for? I mean, there are so many types already available in the market, and each claims to be the best. However, truth is that some vendors may exaggerate or “bend the truth” a little so that you can buy their product. To know which items are worth buying, we reviewed the top 10 best off-road skateboards in 2017. And to list them down, we focused on the following key features:

  4. . L-faster Electric Off-Road Skateboard Truck, Best skateboards

    Riding off-road will feel like skateboarding on the smoother street when using these trucks from L-faster. The larger 11-inch wheels are better than the standard 8-inch ones and will not only offer better grip but handle the rough surfaces better. The strong and well-built truck and riser pad absorbs the shocks and vibrations well and is also more tolerant to impact.

    The Good: tough, well-balanced, good price
    The Bad: one truck only, plain

    . L-Faster Off Road Skateboard, Best skateboard

    Explore the off-road with this beautifully-crafted skateboard. Consisting of an 11-inch track, it should comfortably support your weight. The 8-inch wheels make easy work of the rough and bumpy sections while the truck and riser pad ensure the wheels maintain good contact with the surfaces. And if high speed is what you want, you can trust the able motor to deliver it.

    The good: solid, sturdy, good balance, decent tires, good suspension
    The bad: a bit expensive, a little noisy Best skateboard

  5. 12. Atom Longboards Skateboard, Off-Road Skateboards

    Atom Longboards Best Skateboard

    The PHT graphics and laminated maple deck make the Atom 90 Mountain Board one of the stylish and colorful boards on the market. We also noticed it’s very well made to handle the off-road and this we gave credit to the die-cast aluminum base and hanger, and chromoly axle. It handles various terrains pretty well courtesy of the large 8-inch knobby tires, orange bushing suspension, and tri-spoke hubs.

  6. 10. L-faster Electric Skateboard Truck Off Road Skateboard Belt Drive Truck 4 Wheel Longboard Mountains Skateboard

    L-faster Off-Road Skateboard

    Imagine hitting speeds as high as 40km/h? Well, this is what this skateboard truck promises to deliver. Each of the two small 36-volt motors has a maximum output of 1650 watts and rank among the most powerful. It’s also very silent and smooth thanks to the belt drive mechanism. The road vibration and shocks are greatly-reduced by the able truck and riser pad while the two 8-inch wheels minimize skidding or getting stuck in depressions.

  7. 7. Ninestep 25 mph 2000w mountainboard electric skateboard, Electric off-road skateboards

    Reaching speeds of up to 25mph isn’t a problem with the Ninestep Electric skateboard. Powered by 2000watt custom brushless electric motors, it can go up inclines of up to 30 degrees. The powerful 11Ah LG batteries provide a range of 35 kilometers and need at least 3 hours to recharge. The longboard is sturdy and can support people up to 150 kilograms and comes with large pneumatic tires for good traction and stability.

    6. Atom Longboards Atom 95X Mountain Board, Off-road skateboards

    Atom Longboards Atom 95X Mountain Board Off-road skateboards
    Teens and adults alike will find the Atom 95X a good mountain board. It’s suited for the streets, recreation as well as off-road performance. The All Terrain Skate trucks work together with the 8-inch Diamond tires to improve stability and ride ability whereas the Tri-Spoke hub and quality bearings make the ride smoother and silent. To make it more stylish and trendy it comes with PHT graphics, maple laminate deck, and aluminum oxide tape.

    5. MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard, 46″, Best Skateboards Wood Grain Brown

    MBS off-road skateboard features a composite 95 Deck which is fitted with Asym and multi-camber for unsurpassed performance. The Matrix ii trucks have axles, shock blocks, top truck and hanger for convenience and breath-taking experience. What’s more, it has MBS’F5 bindings which feature dual density foam for utmost comfort and maximum adjustability.

    Its top grade hubs and extra large tires make this off-road skateboard a must-have item for ant skating enthusiast. The fully assembled and extremely advanced brake system makes it excellent for beginners and experts alike. Whether you’re a learner or a pro, this is a perfrect item for you.

    4. Maverix USA Border X Skateboards, Electric Off-road Skateboards

    You shouldn’t venture off-road without the Maverix USA Border X skateboards. Unlike the standard type, this board will perform well both on and off-road. It comes with large tires that are effective even on very rough terrains. And if you thought to hit 19mph speed off-road is impossible, this accessory will prove you wrong. It boasts of 800watts of power that should take you uphill with little effort. A single charge covers up to 9 miles whereas the ABS barking ensures smooth braking even on wet surfaces.

    3. Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard Controlled By Handhold Wireless RemoteAirwheel M3 Electric Longboard

    By: Airwheel Off-Road skateboards

    Airwheel off-road skateboard features a top speed of 20kmph which makes it quite reliable. The top range of around 20km ensures that you cover adequate distance to your desired location while the top incline of 15 degrees gives you an opportunity to explore and stretch your skills. It has a charge time of 120 minutes which is arguably reasonable. What’s more, it comes with a Sony Lithium battery which has a considerable life.

    The battery capacity of 162.8Wh with a maximum weight load of 100kg further makes this skateboard reliable and convenient for use. The rear wheel motor and tire diameter of 4.5 inches ensure that you stay stable and flexible. Additionally, this item comes with a sturdy and composite deck made using top quality material.

    2. MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 Electric Off-road Skateboards ,1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard

    By: MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 Electric Off-road Skateboard

    With a maximum load of 260 lbs and top speed of 18-22 mph depending on factors like terrain and load, this is a great off-road skateboard for everyday use. It features 1600W motor power with dual motors for unmatched performance. The 36V 14A battery further makes this skateboard quite reliable and convenient for use by experts and learners alike. The 71 lbs weight makes it quite portable which is an important factor for any skateboard.

    1. eGlide Electric Off-Road Skateboards , GT Powerboard – Black Anodized Aluminum Off -Road Electric Skateboard

    eGlide Electric Off-Road Skateboards

    If you desire a “Beast” of a skateboard, then you have found it. Able to hit 23mph in 5 seconds, it has to among if not the fastest skateboard on the market. It also can support users weighing as heavy as 200 mph with easy and still offer exceptional performance.

    This is credited to the anodized aluminum deck that measures 11 inches wide and 45 inches long. The built-in SLA batteries have a range of up to 15 miles but this may reduce on inclines. For easy downhill riding, it comes with controlled RPM.

  8. 2. MBS All Terrain 33-Inch Skateboard – Off-Road Skateboard

    By: MBS Off-Road Skateboards

    With the MBS All Terrain Skateboard, you get a reliable skateboard to help you move around in a fun and easy way. The 33-inch long board is fit for any terrain be it dirt, sand, gravel, rocky, concrete, grassland and more. The convenient movement is due to the large rubber wheels that have a good traction and the nice ground clearance.

    It also features ABEC 9 bearings that have been lubricated with high-speed lube. This not only minimizes friction but also ensures the ride is smoother and more silent. It comes in a Woody look and is made of tough 7-ply Canadian Maple.

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