Rabbits are noble pets. Keeping them safe and healthy, outdoor rabbit hutches are the best solution; check the best-selling in 2020.

Rabbits are excellent pets just like dogs and cats. Many people nowadays are adopting the culture of keeping rabbits in their homes. If you love rabbits, they are easy to keep and maintain, since that can be reared indoors or outdoors. Well, getting hutches for rabbits is the first step in making sure that you can have a safe and comfortable house for your treasured pets. Keeping these pets outdoor, need one have a reliable rabbit hutch.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches in 2020:

Following are the top 10 best outdoor rabbit hutches in 2020 reviews for every pet lover.

10. Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Bunny and Rabbit Run Cage

Product highlight

  • Medium sized
  • Top quality wood
  • Powder coated wires
  • Effortless assembling

When you decide to have rabbits as your pets, this Ware premium cage for outdoors use is the superb selection. Not only does the hutch keep rabbits secure, but, it makes sure that that have space for exercising. This is because; it has a wire enclosure cage that keeps pets active while enjoying the sunshine.

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Now, the construction of this rabbit cage ensures that safety is at par. The building entails top quality wood that is durable and free from lead-containing paint. Thereby, it can’t cause toxicity to your animals. The waterproof satin finish is perfect for protecting the wood and is waterproof. The animal run is made of powder-coated wire that is free from corrosion and rusting.

Forget about the hutches that become a problem to assemble when you order. When you have this in your compound, assembling is hassle-free. Consequently, it only takes a few minutes to assemble with just a screwdriver. Designed with a medium size, it is ideal for keeping several rabbits.


  • Free lead-containing paint
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable galvanized wire

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9. CC ONLY RH-57 Rabbit Hutch, Storage Hay Bay

Product highlight

  • Hay storage bay
  • Simple assembling steps
  • Shingles roof design

It is time to get new friends for your family. Rabbits are going to be loved by everybody due to their beauty and friendly nature. Even when you have insufficient space indoors, you can have an outdoor cage to keep them safe. The CC ONLY rabbit hutch is an absolute choice to keep your pets safe from predators and bad weather.

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The fact this cage is made from quality wood, it helps to modify the internal conditions even during extreme weather conditions. Thereby, even when there are extremely high temperatures, you can be sure that pets are safe. Moreover, the designed ventilation windows ensure fresh air circulation. To keep rainwater away, the cage features a shingle roof that enables smooth water flow.

Featuring a raised design, it improves the safety of your pet rabbits from damp conditions, flooding and also the risk of predators. Apart from the safety issues, the lower compartment acts as a hay and straw storage bay. Assembling this unit is simple and take less than 60 minutes. Thereby it’s an excellent option for keeping your rabbits outside.


  • Raised construction design
  • Strong and durable wood
  • Wires mesh secures hay storage bay

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8. RIXIE Pet Products Natura Small Animal Home

Product highlight

  • Versatile application
  • Rainproof roof
  • Lockable front door
  • Premium wood
  • Raised floor

Having a highly engineered cage gives you a lot of options on what to use it for. The same case applies if you look for this Rixie pet products small animal house. It is a versatile home that can be used for keeping rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats. Thus, it is possible to keep rabbits in this cage securely without subjecting them to risks.

Unlike some cages that aren’t suitable during the rainy seasons, this one is perfect. Featuring raised floor design, rabbits can live without experiencing dampness and decays. Moreover, the design is superb in prompting air circulation. Furthermore, with a rainproof roof, no chances of water leaking inside hence ensuring your animals are safe.

Now with some coops, they are easy to open risking your pets to predation. But, with this cage, it comes with a lockable door. The opening roof is convenient for enabling easy pet accessibility. The side lock keeps the roof secure when the opening roof section is closed. With high-quality pine wood construction and CARB phase III complaint, it provides safe sheltering to your pets.

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  • Extra secure locking door
  • Safe and waterproof roofing
  • Easy accessibility by door and roof

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7. Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House for Small Animals

Product highlight

  • Sleek and noble design
  • Fir wood construction
  • Waterproof roof
  • 3 pull out trays

Pets are valuable friends that deserve proper housing and care. That is why the Purlove pet rabbit hutch is here to provide perfect sheltering than other cheap houses. The sleekly designed house is ideal since it adds an inspiring appearance to your backyards. Consequently, the cage is suitable for completing your backyard.

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Created with nesting boxes, the cage delivers a secure and comfortable resting place when rabbits are outdoors. Moreover, the house is highly multipurpose and can be used as a chicken coop and home to other small animals. With wire-enclosed run area, it is easy to keep your pets exercising.

Boasting strong wall, and roof, the pet house is reliable to keep weather elements away from your pets. In fact, the wall and roof are waterproof to prevent leaking leading to dumpy conditions. The Fir wood used in the construction of this cage renders it super durable and can be used for a long time. The equipped pull out trays is easy to clean and enable pets to remain refreshed.


  • Elegant for backyard decoration
  • Multipurpose application
  • Ample size to accommodate more animals

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6. Pawhut 64-Inch Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Product highlight

  • Weather-resistant wood
  • Composite asphalt roof
  • Strong wire run
  • Easy access

If you are searching for a strong and highly reliable hutch for your rabbits, here is a good one from Pawhut. This 64 inches cage is perfectly created to house your pets comfortably and safely. With a combination of a cage and wire secured run area, it keeps your pets enjoying and busking.

Now, the making of this hutch utilized top quality wood that is firm and sturdy to deliver extended usage. The lumbar is water resistant to prevent decaying while also enabling proper support. With the rust-resistant run, it keeps rabbits safe from predators.

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For easy accessibility, this cage has variety of opening places. Besides the fitted doors, it has a top opening that makes it simple to access the interior. Besides, the indoor cage has waterproof asphalt roof that keeps water away, thus maintaining rabbits safe and free from weather elements.


  • Sturdy wire mesh for top security
  • Strong waterproof roof
  • Large size for multiple pets

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5. Ardinbir Deluxe 58-Inch Wood Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch PetCage

 Product highlight

  • Powder coated wire
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Waterproof treatment
  • Quick assembling

Why should you have a headache on where to keep your pet while this Ardinbir deluxe pet cage is here for use by any small domestic animal? The hutch is a strong one with solid wood and powder coated wire to provide maximum durability. In fact, the cage features Fir wood that is durable and hard to decay.

Apart from premium material, the cage has waterproofing treatment meaning you can always trust it to keeps your pet dry. Furthermore, with built-in ramp cover, it connects between the floor and stair lock. Interior is furnished with a retractable zinc tray which eases the cleaning process.

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Assembling is just a breeze bearing in mind the cage comes with predrilled holes. The heavy-duty bolts are reliable and keep the cage strong without risk of collapsing. Depending on your preferred position, the hutch is lightweight and comfortable to move.


  • Simple to self-assemble
  • Solid and durable fir wood
  • High safety against predators

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4. CC ONLY RH-57R1 W/Run Rabbit Hutch with Hay Storage

Product highlight

  • Hay storage area
  • Simple assembling
  • Arched roof
  • Premium wood

The days when finding good quality pet cages are over. Nowadays, it is effortless to identify an excellent pen to have your pets secure. The CC only RH57R1 rabbit hutch is one of the best cages available for keeping your precious pets. With its sleek and reliable design and size, It can take several pets hence eliminating loneliness.

Now, on only the cage is great for keeping rabbits locked, rather, it also allows the pets to have run areas for exercise an also getting sunlight refreshment. Besides, it also possesses hay and straws storage area thus efficient food retrieval when feeding the bubbies.

Regarding construction, the cage is fantastic. A combination of sturdy and high-quality wood gives it strength and remains strong for a long time. The arched roof efficiently allows water run smoothly during rainy seasons and thereby keeping internal leak free.

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  • Beautiful wood finish
  • Great pet safety
  • Ample space to stores rabbit hay

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3. Merax Rabbit Bunny Hutch House, Auburn, and White

Product highlight

  • Slant roof
  • Multiple door design
  • High-quality Fir wood
  • Waterproof paint

Getting a strong bunny house, is ideal idea for keeping your rabbits safe and stress-free. That is why you need to have this rabbit bunny hutch from Merax and give your pet comfortable and enjoyable time. Designed and constructed from superior artistry, the cage is an excellent choice to keep your animals happy and protected.

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The combination of raised floor and enclosed living areas is superb mainly to keep the rabbits active. Furthermore, with mesh enclosure, it ensures ample light, thereby reducing dampness and keeping the pets warm when busking in the living area. The multiple doors fitted on the cage enable easy interior access, and also the windows are perfect for improved air circulation.

Forget about the chap wood that is prone to fast decaying upon subjection to water. The wood used in the making of this bunny house features premium Fir wood. Enhanced with waterproof paint, they are protected from absorbing water hence keeping them strong. For aesthetic purpose, this cage feature auburn and white finish decorations.


  • Durable waterproof finish
  • Easy access multiple doors
  • Great for pet exercises

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2. Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Guinea Pig House, Wooden

 2. Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Guinea Pig House, Wooden

Product highlight

  • Movable design
  • Double access doors
  • Ample run
  • Multiple uses

Keeping your rabbit pets indoors for long isn’t good ideal. Having them outdoor for a while help them to stay healthy. However, it is also unsafe to allow them to roam freely without protection. They may be in potential danger of attack by predators. Now, with triangular bunny house is one of the great choices that you can acquire to help keep your small animals safe and active.

The triangular shape is aimed at keeping weather off the roof. A flat design increases chances of weather elements compromising the cages ability to protect the pets. Additionally, with divided areas; closed and run area gives easy pet time when relaxing outdoors. The indoor sleeping quarter is essential since you don’t have to remove pet at night.

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Designed with ability to move quickly, there is no chance of pet staying at one point for long. With this feature, the ability to move is ideal for keeping infections and other harmful conditions away. The wooden frame and wires run enclosure are durable and has waterproof roof to avoid leaks.


  • Easy to move from one point to another
  • Large run area
  • Easy access via double doors

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1. TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

Product highlight

  • 2 story construction
  • Large run area
  • Opening and lockable roof
  • Pullout plastic tray

For those who love pets such a rabbits and guinea pigs, they are great pets that need to have proper outdoor shelters. Now, not every hutch will suit your pet, but, Trixie Pet products cage with outdoor run will be of great help. It’s large and enables keeping more than one rabbit thus ideal for keeping pets active and happy.

The construction and durability of this coop isn’t trial and errors. It features some of the finest materials that are strong and have extended durability. Constructed from solid pine wood and strong wire mesh, you can expect the hutch to lastborn years without giving to weather elements.

Not only the cage is durable, the designing is superb, and it has 2-story. This means that pets can roam either on the indoors, outdoors, upstairs and downstairs. For controlled movements, the hatch door restricts movements the levels. For keeping animals refreshed, interior comes furnished with easy to remove and clean plastic water trays.

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  • Efficient rainwater flow
  • Strong and durable pine wood
  • Easy to control pet movements

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Rabbit bunny hutches are excellent choices when you want to keep them outdoors. These reviewed cages are a great deal and also multipurpose. Therefore, there is no reason for not having a bunny.

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