Is your backpack causing agony due to size when going out? Discover the best packable daypacks in 2019 that are a perfect alternative.

When going outdoors for a day, one needs to have a reliable daypack to comfortably carry essential items. Taking with you a large bag is unnecessary since you need to keep your luggage as compact as possible.

Best Packable Daypacks in 2019:

Now, when looking for a packable backpack, sometimes you may not have enough time to evaluate a variety of options available. But, you can have as peace of mind. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the top best packable daypacks that are of premium quality in 2019.

10. ORICSSON Unisex Rated 35L Durable Lightweight Foldable Backpack/Daypack

Product highlight

  • Waterproof construction
  • Highly foldable and compact
  • Highly versatile/multipurpose
  • Large capacity; 35L

When planning to spend a day outdoors, there’s need to carry some of the essentials. Now, if you don’t have a daypack, it can be stressing taking with you a large bag. It will only cause inconveniences due to weight and size. That is why you need the foldable backpack from Oricsson.

The daypack is created featuring high artistry to allow maximum performance and reliability. With an ample 35 L main compartment, the bag is ideal for fitting most of the necessary personal accessories. The interior is organized into compartments and also has exterior pockets for additional storage. On the other hand, with multipurpose applications, it is an ideal pick for a range of uses.

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Now, the designing takes care of the weight and performance of this daypack. In fact, with a combination of metal zippers and durable materials gives it extended lifespan. Moreover, lightweight and folding features enable it to be an absolute choice for any outdoor activity.


  • High reliability
  • Easy to stores due to high foldability
  • Strong metallic zippers

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9. Gonex Lightweight Packable Backpack Handy Travel Hiking Daypack, 30L

Product highlight

  • Extra lightweight
  • Tough construction materials
  • Organized compartments
  • 30L capacity
  • Breathable shoulder straps

Enjoy storing and carrying your items in an orderly manner when going outdoors. All you need to enjoy unmatched comfort and security of your components is this daypack from Gonex. It’s a professionally crafted backpack with separated compartments to keep everything organized. Besides, the outer mesh pockets are ideal for storing water bottles while zippered pockets ease carrying of other items.

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When carrying this packable backpack, it gives you peace of mind since the shoulder straps are highly comfortable. The straps are highly padded to eliminate shoulder strains. Furthermore, with breathable construction, there is no excessive sweating like with other bags.

The Gonex packable bag is a highly durable option if you use backpacks frequently. With lightweight construction, the bag weighs only 11.29 Oz. Despite the lightweight, It has unmatched performance and durability. Exterior material features rip resistant and water-resistant nylon material. The abrasion resistant metal zippers are highly dependable to secure the carried items.


  • High lightweight and tough
  • Tear and water resistant nylon construction
  • Reliable abrasion resistant zippers

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8. G4Free Large Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack/foldable/ Packable Hiking Daypack, 40L

Product highlight

  • Large capacity; 40L
  • Easily collapsible
  • Adjustable, breathable straps
  • Versatile applications

Do you love traveling, hiking and other events that need the use of a backpack? One way to organize and carry personal stuff is to have a daypack. These bags are compact and easy to carry, unlike the regular bags. Among the ideal choices to make, is this 40L packable hiking daypack from G4Free.

It’s due to its manufacturing and performance that many people love this backpack. Comparing it with other available bags on the market, its compact when carrying but offers ample space. The internal compartment has 40L capacity hence added space for keeping more stuff. Despite its large capacity, the daypack folds down to fit in the purse, pouch, and small pockets.

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The crafting of this backpack ensures that you get unmatched versatility. It can be used for hiking, traveling, suitcase alternative, keeping diapers and many more. With the heavy-duty nylon outer shell, it is water and tear resistant. The adjustable and high breathable straps keep the bag comfortable throughout.


  • Easy to fit in small pockets
  • High usability in various events
  • Large capacity than most rivals

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7. Free Knight Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Product highlight

  • Multi-compartment
  • Spaces saving
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Zippered carrying pocket

The times when people used to carry large bags even for a one day trip are over. Nowadays, daypacks have made everything easy. Not every backpack can make your trip or event fulfilling, but Free Knight packable traveling backpack will. Its premium daypack created by experts for reliability and durability. With a durable tear and water resistant outer material, there is no more risking your carried stuff to high moisture.

Now, forget about the bags that are available with only one compartment. With this one, it provides multiple compartments that enable arranging the personal stiff in an organized way. As a result, you have easy and instant access to your needed item when you require it. Apart from the internal compartments, the outer pockets also complement in enabling carrying more stuff.

Although the bag has excellent performance, it is extra lightweight. In fact, weighs only 0.44 pounds making is super light to carry. On the other hand, it has collapsibility whereby the daypack can fit in small pockets; it comes with a zippered storage pocket. Strong 2 ways abrasion resistant metal zipper, padded straps and reinfo4ced stress points render it dramatically durable.

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  • Comes with zippered storage pocket
  • Elegant shape
  • Folds down easily
  • Organized main compartment

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6. ZOMAKE Ultra-Lightweight Packable Backpack Water Resistant Hiking Daypack

Product highlight

  • Waterproof coating
  • Multiple reinforcements
  • Multipurpose
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 20L capacity

Are you in need of a premium bag that enables you to go places without worrying about the safety of your stored content? Your search is now over if you get this ZOMAKE packable backpack. With its high-quality construction, the daypack features waterproof coating to keep your items free from water damage. Thereby, when going outdoors, weather should not bother you as everything inside is secured.

Constructed with multipurpose application in mind, the bag is ideal for use in various applications. As a result, it can be used for daily activities such as schooling, traveling, hikes, shopping and camping among other activities. Moreover, the large capacity enables it to accommodate more stuff; it has 20L storage capacity.

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Apart from the waterproof coating, the exterior boasts sturdy nylon material that is hard to tear. Completing the robust construction are the SBS metal zippers that provide high safety for the stored content. Comfortable carrying straps and a handle gives the user easy time when transporting the bag. The extra mesh pockets allow perfect water battles fit.


  • Light than rival bags
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong and multipurpose

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5. Bago Lightweight Backpack – Foldable and Packable Daypack Unisex, Water Resistant

Product highlight

  • Collapsible design
  • Unisex and universal use
  • All round waterproofs
  • Multiple pockets
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Breathable carrying straps

Bago is a dedicated maker of the bags that are high quality and durable. Now, among their wide range of products is this collapsible daypack. Dedicated to a variety of uses, the excellent backpack choice for adults kids and is unsexed; thus, the bag is stylish and keeps the user looking elegant.

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When carrying even sensitive components like electronic devices, there is nothing to worry when you have this backpack. It is manufactured from waterproof materials that keep rain, spills, and splashes off. Due to this fact, the bag can be used even on the outdoors activities like hunting and fishing while keeping everything safe. With the ability to fold into the inner pocket, it helps In converting the bag into a handy pouch.

With large interior compartments, they perfectly carry your items without stressing the bag. Also, the outer part has large mesh pockets that are perfect for accommodating water bottles. The zippered pockets also secure the stored small items. Mesh designed straps are highly breathable to reduce sweating on the shoulders.


  • Highly breathable shoulder straps
  • Unmatched bag versatility
  • Ideal for use by everyone

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4. Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel, Water Resistant Packable Backpack

Product highlight

  • More storage space
  • Collapsible to hand pouch
  • Organized Internal compartments
  • SBS metal zippers

Gonex always delivers impressive bags keeps you rocking in all your events. This ultra-light convenient travel and water resistant packable backpack are one of their premium daypacks that enable you to have an easy time to store and carry your stuff. Whether you need it for leisure, outdoor events for daily use, it is a perfect selection.

The quality of this daypack is incomparable. Boasting superior nylon outer material, it’s tear resistant and water resistant. Therefore, when storing delicate components, they are safe from water, spills, and splashes. Moreover, large organized compartments are superb in helping packing more items.

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Now, when you aren’t using this daypack for carrying a lot of stuff, it’s foldable to fit in small pockets, thus enabling smooth storage. This is important since it’s possible to use the bag whenever the need arises. Outer pocket has abrasion resistant zippers to improve safety. With enhanced reinforcement, the backpack remains in a classic shape for long.


  • Sleek designing shape
  • Ample 25 positions reinforcement
  • Continently folds down to fit small pockets
  • Strong abrasion resistant metal zippers

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3. Hikpro 20L Durable Lightweight, Water Resistant Travel Hiking Packable Daypack

Product highlight

  • Super comfortable
  • Zippered compartments
  • Reinforced construction
  • 20 Liters storage capacity

For people who love traveling and other events a lot, the solution to your luggage is get this foldable daypack from Hikpro. It’s a dedicated backpack made by high expertise to deliver unmatched performance. Amazingly, it has a unisex design allowing it to be ideal for both men and women.

Manufacturing this daypack, the Hikpro have used tear resistant and water repelling nylon. Moreover, with the ability to withstand heavy duty application, the bag is ideal for multiple uses while maintaining its stylish look. Apart from the sturdy outer shell, it is furnished with metal zippers that are abrasion and corrosion resistant. The bottom part has double layers for extended durability.

Having a problem with your current backpack when packing your items? This one has made the whole process a breeze. It has 3 separate compartments that ensure you have an easy time arranging your stuff. Weigh only 6.5 Oz, no hassle to carry it when empty. Thus, it’s a great option for students, hikers, travelers and shopper among others.


  • Great versatility
  • Easy to collapse
  • Tough durable outer shell

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2. Outlander Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Product highlight

  • Lightweight; 0.7 pounds
  • 35 liters luggage capacity
  • Space saving size
  • Multiple compartments and uses
  • Durable, tear and water resistant

Why would you compromise your travel or any other occasion due to inconvenient bags? The real solution to any event that needs a compact bag is to shop for Outlander packable travel daypack. This bag is designed and constructed by experts with many years of experience. Therefore, the quality and reliability are not trials and errors.

The bag is not limited to one type of function. But, it is multipurpose backpack aimed at delivering high versatility. Created featuring a lightweight design, it means you get ample load without experiencing additional bag weight. Also, multiple compartments are excellent for keeping the content organized and easy access to the needed component without hassle.

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Forget about those bags that still occupies space even when they are empty. With Outlander packable bag, it is very easy to stores it due to its ability to fold down quickly. In addition, the high-quality rip stop and water resistant materials give the backpack excellent performance. The ability to accommodate up to 35 liters of luggage ensures sufficient space for essential personal items.


  • Easy to organize stored stuff
  • Strong construction large capacity
  • Reliable and soft carrying straps

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1. Outlander Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Product highlight

  • Durable and highly durable
  • Multiple internal compartments
  • Stylish design
  • Weather resistant

For everyone, having real premium backpack is a milestone achievement. Now, getting a high quality and best packable daypack can be a hassle. However, here is one of the best packable backpack that is an excellent choice for everyone and for multiple uses. As a result, you can use the bag for any function due to its toughness in the materials used in construction.

The careful design and construction of this bag enable the user to have an easy time when using it. The multi-compartment style is ideal for ensuring that you have easy time packing and accessing the required component. Thereby, it keeps the backpack organized throughout. Moreover, with outer pockets, the bag is excellent for accommodating various items.

For people who value any available space, this bag is an outstanding space saver. When not in use, it excellently folds down and fits in small pockets. Despite its ability to be collapsible, it has an unmatched large capacity to accommodate 35 L load while the bag weight 0.7 pounds to prevent adding weight to your carried luggage. Above all is durable construction and materials to offer extended utilization.


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Requires small storage space
  • Easy to organize and manage stored items

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Having quality packable backpacks is a significant step. The daypacks are versatile, easy to use for any arising event or occasion.

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