Having been used everywhere around the world, plastic storage bins give you an easy option to store your properties in a variety of sizes, and styles. There are many types of plastic storage bins that you could rely on. Some can provide a very tight seal. Some are even able to prevent dust from coming in.

Today, we have come up with our picks of top 10 best plastic storage bins in 2019. With these items, you’ll be able to de-clutter your living room, kitchen, dorm room, office, and even bedrooms while keeping things organized.

List of Best Plastic Storage Bin Reviews

10. Cand 8-quart Heavy Duty Storage Boxes, Set of 3

Let us introduce you the first item on the list, the Cand 8-quart Heavy DutyStorage Boxes. In a set of 3, these perfectly sealed bins are made of plastic, yet they are super strong, and they come in many functions. You can use it to store your nail polish, make up kits or products, school supplies, as well as food!

This stackable storage bin is available in 3 colors: pink, sky blue, and semolina. Why don’t you check it out, save some space and keep up with the trend!


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9. Sterilite Medium Ultra Basket, Black Basket with Titanium Inserts, 6-Pack

Splendid! Check out Steriliate Medium Ultra Basket, looking classic and modern. This basket comes with the perfect size of 13.75 x 10.75 x 5, and reasonable price. It is made in USA, and there includes a bundle of 6 baskets in a package! there are 6; and they are offered at this price!

What’s more, the handles of these plastic bins are contoured, which brings out its good look. Plus, it is also amazing how these plastic containers have holes that allow air ventilation.


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8. InterDesign Household Storage Basket

This basket is a very common-looking one. You can use it for a long time and still continually using it because it will never run out of date/style. This Inter Design household storage basket can be used anywhere including closet, office, garage, bathroom and many more. This kind of basket is very sturdy; it has a translucent plastic body with mesh design.

It is also equipped with two handles on either side for easy transportation. With the size of with 11.2-inch by 14.3-inch by 8.1-inch, this bin will be the greatest storage solution for any space. What a wonderful and handy plastic container!

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7. Plastic Storage Keep Box with Attached Lid

Keep Box is ideal for all household storage needs. It has clear bottom, which allows immediate identification of contents. Lids are attached with full-length steel hinge pins for durability. Secure the interlocking lid with wire tie or padlock (both sold separately). Its ergonomic handles make transporting easy, even under a full load.

The unique rib design prevents jamming when nested on store shelves. Nesting feature makes it easy to safely store any household item inside the Keep Box while taking up less storage space. It is also great for storage of seasonal items, comes with 12 gallons each and 18 gallons each. With such versatility and functionality, you can never go wrong with these clear storage plastic bins!


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6. Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins

AkroBins stack to save storage space! These small bins make it easy to store small parts and take them to any work area. These guys are tough, and don’t you worry that it will crack or shatter. On top of that, these AkroBins are corrosion, water and rust proof and cannot be affected by weak acids and alkalis. These stackable storage bins come in 4 colors: red, white, blue, and yellow. Check this out to have a home improvement!


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5. IRIS Wide 5-Drawer/ 3-Drawer Cart

This is a great option for you if you’re looking for one of those plastic storage bins with added storage capacity. In addition to its 3-drawers and 5-drawers capacity options, this is a bin that has casters for easy mobility, and built-in drawer stops that keep drawers from falling out.

This drawer card is crystal clear, allowing easy content identification. As an efficient space saver, this IRIS Wide 5-Drawer Cart is definitely worth the price.


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4. The Rubbermaid Commercial Storage Tote

Ideal for food service industry, here is one the sturdiest and highest quality plastic containers. Comes in grey and white and 2 size options (14-gallon and 20-gallon), this rubber maid commercial storage tote can make any warehouse or space look neat and clear. Designed for strength, this container is ribbed, and constructed from high-density polyethylene.

The durable handles gives convenience in transporting. And, with the included snap-on lid, the content in this bin is safer than ever. When bought more than 1, they are stackable. Perfect price, and resilient product!


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3. InterDesign Organizer bin

Our impression on this cabinet cabinet is that it is clearer than ever! This InterDesign Organizer Storage Cabinet is a minimalist cabinet that comes in 5 different sizes. Therefore, you can always find the best size that fits your cabinet or any storage space. Entirely made of durable clear plastic, this is one of those clear plastic storage bins that is ideal for storing pantry items in cabinets and deep drawers.

And, it is also perfect for storing in the fridge, craft room, laundry room, office, and more. So, in a way, this bin can expand the storage capacity of your fridge, too.


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2. Sterilite’s Ultra Latch Box

Making it to this top 10 best list, here is another great storage bin that comes with a clear body, wide lid, and black latches. Made of durable construction, and come in a pack of 4, these plastic storage bins are durable and stackable, saving so much space!

Large and sturdy, these are great for storing just about anything; clothes, equipment, books, crafts, food supplies, and more. For the price of a bundle of 4, nothing else can beat this!


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1. Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart

The last and best item on the list is the Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart. With see through drawers, you can identify content easily. The casters provide easy transportation. This cart is not fancy-looking or anything, but it is definitely a heavy-duty one. The comfortable handles and slide out drawers are convenient, and easy to use. What an affordable way to get rid of clutter!


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We just looked at the top 10 best plastic storage bins in 2019. Now, it is time for you to make a good purchase with these amazing products. These items are all available for sale online, and we guarantee that none of them will disappoint you. Grab yours.

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