Getting a baby is a beautiful thing, but with it, comes great responsibility. It’s the desire of every parent to ensure that their baby is warm and toasty especially in the early days. This is where receiving blankets come in! They ensure that your baby stays warm for easy transitioning between the womb conditions and the outside world. Getting the best receiving blanket is, however, not easy. But worry no more. If you are looking for one, this article is all you need. Without further ado, let me introduce the best receiving blanket in 2019:

10. Carter’s Flannel Receiving Blankets

Carter's Flannel Receiving Blankets
Carter’s receiving blankets are 100% cotton with the ability to offer the softest and most comfortable environment for your newborn. Ideal for burping and swaddling, they take care of your baby while at the same time ensuring that their skin is not exposed to harmful substances. Also, they are large enough to provide adequate covering. Being machine washable, they are a must-have for any mom for the sake of the kids.

  • They are quite attractive with appealing colors.
  • Are stain resistant.
  • They are thick, but not thick enough for a cold season.

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9. Elivo Receiving Blankets

Elivo Receiving Blankets
Latex free, Elivo receiving blankets are made from high-quality flannel fabric to ensure that your baby is warm and relaxing throughout their early days. They feature excellent comfort and breathability to ensure that your baby is not only warm but also sufficiently protected. If you want to have your child well covered without having to bear too much weight, these are lightweight receiving blankets to ensure that your child isn’t burdened. Being versatile, they can also be used for swaddling or burping. Additionally, the size is also perfect for your newborn while the thickness provides a womb-like environment for child’s movement.

  • The combination of design and colors make them appealing and attractive.
  • Can be used in a several ways
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.
  • They aren’t stained resistant.

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8. Luvable Friends pink receiving blankets

Luvable Friends pink receiving blankets
For a long time, Luvable receiving blankets have remained at the top of each parent’s list of must-have items. 100% cotton, these US-made blankets are among the best and highly rated products on Amazon. With flexibilities, they can be used for cuddling, sleeping, burping or nursing. You could also use them as stroller covers if you need to. They make parenting even easier by taking away the burden of having to wash tons of dirty baby clothes and fabric since they are washable by machine. If you want to travel with your baby, they are your number one companion especially due to the fact that they are packaged in a zippered pouch with handles. The size, although isn’t so big enough, is convenient for a newborn.

  • Can be used in many different ways
  • Easy for storage and best for traveling
  • Small and is not ideal for big babies.

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7. Gerber Flannel Receiving Blankets

Gerber Flannel Receiving Blankets
With the size of 30 x 30, Gerber receiving blankets are one of the top choices. They are made from high-grade 100% brushed cotton which makes them soft. Their thickness ensures that your child stays warm and toasty without being overburdened while the fact that they are machine washable makes the whole child caring process a breeze. The edges are superbly finished to guarantee competitive durability and prevent fraying which is standard with most receiving blankets. If you’re looking for the ones with top-grade quality, I would recommend you to think of this one.

  • Top-grade quality.
  • They don’t stain easily.
  • Contain zero harmful substances.
  • The thickness can be viewed as advantage and disadvantage.

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6. Soft and Cozy Receiving Blankets

Soft and Cozy Receiving Blankets
If you want to wrap your little joy in a beautiful and comfortable receiving blanket without having to spend a fortune, here is another awesome option. Of course, this is a 100% cotton product whose quality is top-tier. Available in a large size, it definitely suitable for big babies. In fact, with these receiving blankets, you might not see the need to get a changing mat. They are quite adaptable and can be used for nursing, cuddling or even sleeping. The candies, stars and lions designs and patterns make these blankets quite attractive for a newborn. They are breathable to provide a womb-like condition for your little one to grow fast without any hassle. With no ties, zippers, buttons, or Velcro, you can trust them to offers complete safety.

  • Made from eco-friendly material.
  • Adjust to body temperatures for maximum comfort.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • A bit pricey

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5. Spasilk Receiving Blanket

Spasilk Receiving Blanket
Spasilk receiving blankets are 100% cotton ensuring that your baby stays warm day and night. Being machine washable makes them quite convenient for any mom since they lessen the cleaning burden which is always an issue for moms especially in early days. The material and design make them quite attractive, soft and comfortable. If you want to wrap your little bundle joy in something cozy and nice-looking, these receiving blankets would be appropriate. Of course, being 30’’ x 30’’ makes them ideal for newborns.

  • Feature an attractive and soft design.
  • Can be put into various uses.
  • Can be deformed if exposed to sunlight for a long time.

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4. Ziggy Receiving Blankets

Ziggy Receiving Blankets
Ziggy receiving blankets are made from soft muslin material. They are perfect for both boys and girls and boast an excellent design. 100% cotton, they are not only breathable but also uniquely soft and comfortable. They ensure that your child stays warm without being exposed to toxic and harmful conditions. On top of that, they are quite good-looking and have multi-purpose of use. They can be used to substitute changing mats or even burping clothes. Coming in a convenient size of 48 x 48 (3 Pack), you’ll love them to the max.

  • Muslin material makes them quite soft and comfortable.
  • They are ideal for big kids.
  • They have a risk-free guarantee.
  • Not ideal for small babies

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3. Margaux & May Receiving Blankets

Margaux & May Receiving Blankets
Unique, attractive and lovable, Margaux makes their way into the list of the best receiving blankets on the market as the third position. They are breathable to provide a naturally comfortable environment for your child. And yes, they are quite soft to take comfort to a whole new level. If you want to keep your child warm for healthy and quick growth, you can trust these receiving blankets to do wonders. They are made from 100% organic muslin cotton which makes them incredibly soft. In fact, muslin material is known to get softer after every wash which means that instead of these receiving blankets fading or wearing off, they become better after every wash. The prints and design are another thing; they are quite remarkable.

  • They are quite safe yet beautiful.
  • They do not shrink after many times of use.
  • Are not stain resistant.

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2. Gerber Receiving Blankets

Gerber Receiving Blankets
Another incredible product from Gerber which stands on the 2nd place on the list, this receiving blanket undoubtedly provide top level quality. Of course, with a reputation that speaks volumes, you can trust these receiving blankets to offer a safe and comfortable environment for your young one to grow in. Made from high-quality cotton, they are a clear reflection of a careful manufacturing process. Designed piece by piece using the latest technology, they are a perfect masterpiece. Of course, the size is also quite generous.

  • Durable with high-quality assurance
  • Ideal for using as a playmat
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Some consumers find it too soft.

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1. Luvable Friends Receiving Blankets

Luvable Friends Receiving Blankets
Finally, these warm and comfortable receiving blankets carry the day thanks to their attractive design, appealing patterns, and the incredible quality. Made from high-quality cotton flannel, they boast a cute design and a suitable size. Being machine washable and stain resistant, they remain good as new even after long use.

  • Number 1 best seller in Baby girl’s receiving blanket.
  • Made from the safe material.
  • Are quite durable and remain reliable for long use.
  • The size only ideal for a small baby specifically small baby girl.

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Final Words

All said and done! It is important to note that keeping your child warm helps in saving them the energy that would be used to generate that extra heat. The energy is then channeled towards growth and development. Raising them right can benefit so much to their future. For that reason, just grab one of these nice receiving blankets and keep your young ones in a peace and warm happiness.

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