Shovels are essential for us. They make our work easier and we use them for various activities such as scooping soil from a dug place. They are versatile tools which have numerous applications. Shovels are necessary for the general use, but they are big and rigid to move around with quickly. Apart from being difficult to travel with, such shovels can break in the process of moving as they are not durable.

Fortunately, manufacturers have noticed this and have modified them to enhance portability, by producing folding camping shovels. A folding camping shovel can fold hence ideal when going for outdoor excursion or camping, unlike an ordinary shovel. The fact that it can fold means crafting a foldable which will facilitate easy transportation.

Folding shovels come as a handy tool when setting up a camp. Due to their lightweight and strength, they are also relevant to military personnel. They are also ideals tools to use at home instead of the large and bulky ones.

Folding shovels come in a variety of designs and knowing which one is premium and which one is not, becomes difficult. Here are some features that will enable you to choose a premium folding shovel:

Handle Design

Do you need a short or long handle shovel? The answer lies within the tasks you will be accomplishing in your site. Also there two handle types which are “T” and “D” grip. To determine which design to use it is all up to you on how you lift your shovel and use.


Most shovels are stamped steel or forged steel blades. Forged steel has proved to be the most durable type of the modules. Stainless steel is also a better option for your blade as it does not rust.

Handle material

The most commercially appealing handles to the people and soft to touch are of wood. Fiberglass is another common type which is lighter than wood and more durable and stronger than wood, but it’s more expensive than wood.

Overall Size

There is a broad range of sizes from long to short handles to large gigantic shovels. To determine which size to pick you must consider two factors. Your size should be factor number one. The smaller in size you’re, the smaller the shovel should be.

The job you intend to do is the other factor you should consider. The bigger the load you are going to lift the larger the blade should be.

10. Minals Mark Shovel

 Handle DesignDurabilityHandle materialOverall Size10 Minals Mark Shovel

Are you tired of your garden tools breaking few days after buying them? It can stop by purchasing reliable Minals Mark Folding Shovel. This shovel is ideal for your garden, hiking, camping as it is designed to offer exceptionally high performance. With this shovel, you get away from tools that compromise working, due to cracking and bending. The bag gives a clean storage after use and isn’t a headache to store as you just need to collapse and hang it.

When using Minals Mark Shovel is not a hard task since the head is adjustable to form a pickax as well as a hand hoe. Another feature that put this shovel a head off rivals is heavy duty construction featuring steel thus capable of working without cracking even under challenging environment.

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  • Ideal for hard surfaces
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Robust and collapsible handle
  • Weak plastic locking nut

9. SE 8791FSP Emergency Tri- Fold

 SE 8791FSP Emergency Tri Fold

Emergency Tri-Fold Survival Shovel from SE has one serrated edge for cutting through roots, dirt, and foliage among others. It’s made from a hardened steel material and comes with a black nylon case with a belt. It comes with a carrying case for convenient storage option and when folded down it become of a compact size.

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  • Light to travel with
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Good solid small tool
  • Not very strong for hard digging

8. Vivo E-Tool, Entrenching Shovel

 Vivo E Tool Entrenching Shovel

Vivo Entrenching Folding Shovel is an ideal tool which is affordable and possesses a significant number of incorporated. Through the rotating blade, the shovel is designed to configure to a pick. For more challenging situations you can lock it at 90 degrees or rotate it at 180 degrees under normal condition

Another fantastic feature is the serrated blade which is ideal for sawing pieces of wood. No need to carry a big machete as it might bring inconveniences. The shovel is easily foldable to reduce its size to 7 inches from the unfolded length of 18 inches.

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  • Rugged construction
  • Versatile blade
  • Easy to adjust to required position
  • Heavy for hiking

7. Military Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch

 Military Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch

Military Folding Shovel is not like other tools on the market which work for a few days and get damaged. It’s constructed from a combination of airplane grade aluminum and hardened carbon steel, and the tool will deliver without a hitch. You will enjoy a variety of functions enhance on one tool as it has multifunctional features.

The shovel head is heavy duty, and one of its edges is serrated to use as a saw. To ensure that it’s lightweight, water, rust resistant and breaking its handle is constructed from aerospace aluminum.

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  • Ergonomic foam handle
  • Multifunctional
  • Simple to convert
  • Cheap foam insulation

6. Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

 Gerber E Tool Folding Spade

The Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade features a serrated blade edge for chopping roots and sawing. To ensure it serves you for many years it’s constructed from reliable and high-quality materials making it sturdy and durable. Gerber E-Tool Folding Shovel has an anodized shaft that enhances digging experience and its folds small for easy transport.

Ability to lock the shovel is a fantastic feature that allows you experience safe operation. This shovel can is used for hunting, outdoor, industrial and tactical situations.

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  • Enhanced stability through locking
  • Perfect for ice breaking and digging
  • Non-rusting/corroding construction material
  • Too bulky to pack

5. Bold LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

 Bold LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

It’s designed for efficient lifting and moving. The head has been heating treated for durability. Bold HL015 Mini D has a comfortable, soft and the grip is non-slip. The handle made from durable and lightweight steel. It’s rust resistant due to the powder coated paint.

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  • Small enough to hide or attach somewhere
  • Perfect for digging in tight/restricted area
  • The handle doesn’t flex
  • Only for small jobs

4. US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel

 US GI Military Original Issue E Tool Entrenching Shovel

Can lock in multiple positions, 90 degrees for use as a pick or seat, and about 45 degrees for the grappling hook. The handle feels comfortable, used with either one hand at the end or both on both sides. Solidly constructed with a real heft to the tool and does not bend or break under the slightest pressure.

It folds up tiny and unfolds to the perfect size for digging from your knees. Everything securely riveted or bolted together and constructed with thick-gauge metal.

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  • Extends to twenty-four inches
  • Aluminum handles with steel shovel head
  • Built with superior materials making it durable
  • Weighs a little more than some other shovels

3. Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel (22-41578)

 Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel 22 41578

This folding shovel from Gerber is durable and compact, another two-in-one device. Apart from lifting dirt and digging holes, it can also be used as a hammer as it has an integrated hammer at the end. You don’t have to worry about your hands hurt while shoveling or losing your hold on the shovel as the design makes your grip on the handle more comfortable and better.

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  • Versatile- can be used as shovel or hammer
  • Easy to repair in case of breakdown
  • Safe to use for emergencies
  • Not suitable for digging huge amount of particles

2. SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N-Folding Shovel

 SOG Entrenching Tool F08 N Folding Shovel

SOG Entrenching it’s made of carbon steel, and it’s short enough that it’s perfect to keep in handy for those emergencies where you will need to shovel dirt, snow or sand. You can use it for cutting as has a steel blade. If you rotate the blade 90 degrees, it will transform itself into a pick, while if you turn it to 180 degrees, it converts to a full blade. It takes as much space as a stack of papers when folded. This shovel does the job and is incredibly portable.

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  • It’s portable easy to carry along
  • Affordable- the price fit the quality
  • The handle is firm for optimum use
  • It’s not durable for heavy duty

1. AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sports Utility Shovel

 AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sports Utility Shovel

Having the Aluminum Sports Utility Shovel is being well prepared for severe weather. It’s hard to lose some parts when working as it features 3-in-1 aluminum with different colors. The material is light but durable than plastic. You enjoy the quality, size, and durability of this shovel even as you perform a demanding task.

Forget the heavier folding shovel designed from thicker materials. AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Utility Shovel doesn’t tire your hands as its lightweight made from aluminum.

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  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Very light; aluminum constructed
  • Enhanced working safety
  • Flips easily on heavy duty application

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