I used to be terrified of getting on anything that meant I would have to control myself. This resulted in me never getting to know how to ride a bike, skating, you name it. All that changed when we went for a family trip last winter and they ganged up on me and made me get on my first ever snow scooter.

All this was off course motivated that they laid on the table for the bet. Although it was a bit scary at first, I have never regretted that decision. Riding scooters is fun and thrilling when competing with others. Take a look at the list below and find one that will please you. Skip to the best Snow Scooter on Amazon.

List Of Best Snow Scooter Reviews in 2021:

10. NSG Freshie Snow Scooter, Snow Scooters

NSG Freshie Snow Scooter, Green/Blue

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  • NSG Freshie Snow Scooter

Slipping is quite dangerous especially if you are on a mobile object. If you were to fall, you would seriously be injuring yourself to a point of being hospitalized. That is why getting a scooter with a slip resistant deck is important. One can still have as much fun as they want, while they keep their safety in check.

The NSG Freshie Snow Scooter is ideal for sledding or shredding on hills while also taking a stroll around the neighborhood. The impressive maximum weight capacity makes this snow scooter perfect for the whole family since the maximum weight makes it ideal for kids and also their parents.


  • It can carry individuals who weigh up to 165lbs.
  • The snow scooter can be used with any standard snow boot.

9. Snow Sled Folding Snow Ski Scooter – Snow Scooters

Snow Sled Folding Snow Ski Scooter Snowboard Kids Winter 36-inch

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  • Snow Sled Folding Snow Ski Scooter

This particular scooter is ideally meant for kids. It is blue in color and also has in mold graphics that are quite colorful. The Snow Sled Folding Snow Ski Scooter would make for a great gift. This is because its deck has foot pads which are non-skid.

This means that your child won’t slip and they will have adequate control over the scooter, thanks to its hinged handle. One more thing, it comes in a large size which makes ideal and perfect for adequate performance. If you’re looking for great results on the snow, then you need to try this great snow scooter.


  • The snow scooter measures about 37 x 9 x 28 inches in size.
  • It can be used by kids who are above the age of 6.

8. The Lakeside Collection Snow Scooter

The Lakeside Collection Snow Scooter

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  • By: The Lakeside Collection

This is a top grade snow scooter made from tough polyethylene material for extra durability. It can stands tough uses thanks to its unique design and robust construction. Also, the scooter can hold a weight of up to 200 pounds. Of course, most people fall within this range so the scooter is ideal for most people. Of course, this product is recommended for people between the ages of 8 years and above. Kids below 8 years wouldn’t be appropriate to use this scooter.

Extra features:

  • The dimensions make it ideal for carrying around
  • It’s fairly priced
  • Polyethylene

7. Zipfy Freestyle Luge Snow Sled

Zipfy Freestyle Luge Snow Sled

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  • By: Zipfy

This snow sled is engineered to offer excellent downhill rides. The compact and lightweight construction makes it quite reliable. Also, the size makes it convenient to carry around. The sleds are ideal for the whole family so it’s time you had fun with your family riding down the snow-filled fields.

Given the design, this is one of the safest snow scooters available on the market. To slow it down or stop, you only need to drop your heel. The sled is maneuverable and all you need to do is lean on one side to curve down the hill. The high-grade polyethylene material backed by a strong UV resistant coat makes it perfect for all seasons. Again, you also get a splash of colors to spice up the experience.

Extra features:

  • The Zipfy branded handle makes the sled quite attractive.
  • The compact lightweight design makes it easy to carry up the hill after a downhill ride.

6. RAILZ Full Size Recreational Snow Kick Scooter, Snow Scooters

RAILZ Full Size Recreational Snow Kick Scooter

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  • RAILZ Full Size Recreational Snow Kick Scooter

The first time I came across this scooter was at my friend’s house. She had bought it for her daughter’s birthday some few weekends back, and I couldn’t help but take a goof look at it. The assembly process was done within minutes, and the handle bar readily adjusted to the height that she would ride on conveniently. The length of 22 inches and the tough construction makes this scooter even better and perfect for daily use.


  • The snow scooter has a length of about 22 inches.

5. RAILZ Youth Snow Kick Scooter – Snow Scooters

RAILZ Youth Snow Kick Scooter

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  • RAILZ Youth Snow Kick Scooter

The fifth place goes to another scooter from Railz. This one however, comes in Black, red and silver colors. It has a very cool look and will definitely; make one stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is snow scooter has brakes that will not fail you.

Safety is a feature that I highly prioritize, especially when am planning to buy a gadget or a gift for a kid generally. With the leash added into the great features, this is a highly safe and secure snow scooter. The large size makes it even better while the lightweight and compact design makes it highly portable and ideal for daily use.


  • This snow scooter comes with a leash for safety enhancement.
  • The handle bar can be adjusted from 26-30 inches.

4. Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter – Snow Scooters

Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter Sledge Folding Sliding Ski Snowboard with Grip Handle

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  • Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter

This is for those of us who would only spend our cash to buy something, if we were sure it would serve us for a good number of years. The snow scooter is made using plastic that is durable, in that your kid would probably ride it, till they completely outgrew it.

With this type of snow scooter, one would have an easier time maintaining their balance, even when going down snowy slopes. Having used on several occasions, I can adequately recommend it for anyone who’s looking for great results and a breathtaking experience on the snow.


  • The handle bars are designed in a way that they are used to control direction.
  • The snow scooter measures about 36”(L) x 9”(W) x 28”(H).

3. Stiga Snow Kick Bike – Snow Scooters Red

Stiga Snow Kick Bike

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  • Stiga Snow Kick Bike Snow Scooter

Storage can sometimes be a luxury, depending on one’s housing situation. With this snow scooter, you will not need to worry much in that direction. After using it, it can be folded and safely put away without inconvenience. The height of the snow scooter can be adjusted in to 3 different positions. Lastly, this model comes in three other colors as well, that is; red, lime green and black.


  • The maximum weight of the rider using the scooter should be 50kg.
  • The frames are very light.

2. GeoSpace Original LED Snow Scooter – Snow Scooters

GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick

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  • GeoSpace Original LED Snow Scooter

This snow scooter, stood out to me because it has quitesome interesting playful features. One of the things drove me to this conclusion was the handles which have multifunctional LED lights.
You will definitely find that you are getting maximum visibility when the sun goes down. With this scooter the ride will be smoother, because of the flexibility of the material used to construct it.


  • The snow scooter comes in a standard size which fits it being used by both adults and kids.
  • Its LED lights have 3 different modes.

1. Flexible Flyer PT Blaster – Snow Scooters

Flexible Flyer PT Blaster

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  • Flexible Flyer PT Blaster Snow Scooter

As far as designs go, this is one of my favorites. This snow scooter comes in form of a sledge, complete with a steering wheel that fully functions. It is an entirely exciting experience. The brake system of the sledge is spring activated, and allows the rider sufficient control for the maneuverability of the scooter.


  • Can be used by 4year old’s going upwards.
  • The snow scooter weighs 3.6 pounds.

Factors to consider before buying a snow scooter:

  • Weight Capacity:

    pick a snow scooter that will handle your weight or the weight of the rider you are buying it for.

  • Style:

    Make sure the snow scooter is one that will be appealing to you as the owner.

  • Price:

    choose one that will not strain you financially.  You will not miss a good quality affordable scooter in the market. However, be sure to get something nice and not any of the cheap knockoffs available on the market.

  • Features:

    Snow scooters have different features, such as; deck size, height adjustments and control among other things. Examine the features that come with the one you are buying carefully, to get a great scooter experience.

Buyer’s Guide:

Our top choice is the RAILZ snow scooter. It has very creative thoughtful features to it. It can be used to ‘snowboard’ on snow, have fun on grass, and even on sand if you want to. This demonstrates that it can give sufficient balance, control  and is sturdy enough. In conclusion, the RAILZ snow scooter, might as well be several other scooters combined into one.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Snow Scooters in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

  1. 8. RAILZ Youth Street & Snow Scooter – Snow Scooters

    RAILZ Youth Street & Snow Scooter
    I liked this snow scooter because it gives you the option of using it as a snow or street scooter. You basically have two types of automobiles in one, in just a matter of minutes. When you make this purchase, you will get a brake/wheel kit too, so that is a plus.

    The snow scooter will also not give you any issues when you want to re-adjust the handle height to your convenience. This snow scooter comes with a long deck which makes it ideal for the entire family. The fact that this scooter boasts a free safety lanyard is an added advantage since you get to experience convenience and comfort on a whole other level.


    The snow scooter comes with a free safety lanyard.
    Its deck is about 15 inches long.

  2. 1. RAILZ Full Size Recreational Snow Kick Scooter, Snow Scooters

    RAILZ Full Size Recreational Snow Kick Scooter
    This scooter is an adult full size one. They have a deck that measures 22 inches, and can support weight of up to 200lbs. This makes it easily accessible to a wide range of people, especially since the handle bar can be adjusted to heights of about 30-36inches.

    Therefore; if your family has individuals of ages 5 and above, with different weights; this would be a great family scooter. The easy assembling process makes it even better and ideal for the whole family including your kids. The great design makes this snow scooter really incredible while the two color options make it greater since you’re able to choose the right color for you.


    The scooter can be easily assembled.
    It comes in silver and red.

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