Even as digital thermometers slowly replace mercury thermometers, hunting for the best ones is slowly culminating into a game of chances with very antagonistic odds. As several countries ban the use of mercury thermometers citing adverse health repercussions, the demand for digital thermometers is rapidly exploding; and so is the supply. Without the right information, getting the best thermometers is a gruelling task. In light with that, let’s take a glance at some of the factors you need to consider before settling for any thermometer.

Factors to consider before buying a thermometer:


Unless you want to set you precious bundle of joy wailing and bawling uncontrollably, comfort should be given the first priority. Children are quite sensitive to uncomfortable environments. For that reason, before you narrow your search down to one thermometer, ensure that it offers adequate comfort for you and your family.
Unlike mercury thermometers, digital thermometers are known to work within seconds. Unfortunately, even with digital thermometers, the rate varies from one brand to another. For that reason, you have to take note of the speed of several brands then choose the most compelling one.


How accurate is your thermometer? What deviation does it exhibit from the actual reading? When getting a thermometer, it’s obvious that you don’t want it to decorate your home, right? You need to keep aloof from thermometers whose error margin is colossal since they’re simply a recipe for disaster. A +/-0.2 error would be acceptable but not anything beyond that.

Ease of use

You also have to establish how easy it is for you to use a given thermometer before you go for it. Digital thermometers are quite easy to use. However, the degree varies from one brand to another. For that reason, before you can even think of taking any thermometer home, make sure that it’s easy for you to use it.


The cost is, without a doubt, an important factor. Of course, everyone wants to sit on a gold mine without having to spend a fortune. However, in reality, this is a fairy tale. More often than not, we get what we pay for. The most important thing is, ensure that you get top quality at the most reasonable price possible.
Top 10 best thermometers

10. INTEY Thermometer

INTEY ThermometerThis non-contact thermometer offers quick and accurate readings within seconds. With an excellent memory, it can store up to 99 previous recordings to help you keep track of your baby’s temperature fluctuations over time. Boasting an ergonomic design and shape, it’s convenient for both hands. Also, it features a backlit LCD screen which is color-coded for easy reading. What’s more, it can also be used on pets to take note of their temperatures. The auto power on/off feature makes this thermometer even better by ensuring that your batteries survive for a longer period.

  • Being non-contact, it poses no risk of infections when used on several people.
  • It has AAA batteries included.
  • Can read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.
  • It supports alarm setting.
  • It gives microscopic readings which might require some magnification.

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9. Enji Prime Thermometer

Enji Prime ThermometerThe Enji Prime thermometer allows you to detect fever within seconds. It gives you three options to measure temperatures either through rectal, oral or axillary ways. Clinically tested and FDA approved, there’s no better way to keep track of your family’s temperatures than by the use of this thermometer. Featuring an easy-to-use design and a one year warranty thrown into the bargain for quality assurance, you can never go wrong with this thermometer.

  • It’s waterproof for quick cleaning.
  • It has a flexible tip for comfortable use.
  • Can read F and C temperatures.
  • It comes with a plastic case for safety.
  • Some people find it overly broad.

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8. Generation guard thermometer

Generation guard thermometerIdeal for kids, infants, and adults, this medical grade thermometer offers instant and accurate temperature reading. With highly sensitive sensors and an incredibly superior microchip for unrivaled accuracy, perhaps the zero-contact aspect will make you love it even more. Thoroughly tested, there’s no reason for anyone to doubt its performance. And yes, its top grade construction not only makes it durable but also eliminates the need for you to keep frequenting the market for replacements. Highly versatile, it allows you to measure room temperatures, body temperatures, or even bottle temperatures with unmatched precision. With an easy switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by use of a sufficiently intuitive button, you’ll love this electronic thermometer.

  • It offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Has a backlit display for easy reading even at night.
  • It comes with its batteries.
  • Its carrying case makes it safer.
  • It doesn’t work well on a wet forehead.
  • The clicking of the front button is disturbing.

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7. iProven DMT-489 thermometer

iProven DMT-489 thermometeriProven is an extremely reliable and sufficiently consistent thermometer which offers the most practical way to get reliable and precise temperature information with least hassle. Using a revolutionized calibration for unmatched performance, it provides error-free temperatures with unfailing accuracy within seconds. What’s more, this is a sufficiently tested and fully accredited thermometer whose safety is of global standards. Usable by people of all ages, it’s ideal for the entire family. Additionally, it keeps 20 readings for adequate tracking of temperatures.

  • It offers a money-back guarantee for 100 days.
  • Its beep notifies you when it’s done measuring.
  • It has a fever alarm.
  • It’s quite easy to use.
  • The casing could have been better with a sturdier construction.

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6. Braun Ear Thermometer

Braun Ear ThermometerBraun ear thermometer comes with a pre-warmed tip which offers unsurpassed consistency and nonpareil accuracy. With a guidance system to give both visual and audio reassurance when it’s in the correct position, this thermometer leaves no room for guesswork. Its single temperature recall feature makes this thermometer reliable and convenient for use. And yes, it comes with 21 lens filters and 2 AA batteries for better performance. For adequate safety, a protective casing is also included to ensure that you don’t have issues with falling. What’s more, it also offers the C&F modes of reading temperatures.

  • The accuracy of +/- 0.2 is quite convenient.
  • It grants easy switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • It uses the regular AAA batteries for easy replacement if the need arises.
  • It securely snaps into position.
  • It’s not backlit which makes it hard to use at night.
  • Remembers only one previous reading.

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5. Innovo Thermometer

Innovo ThermometerWith a dual mode and ideal for all ages, Innovo thermometer allows you to measure temperatures from the forehead or the ears with excellent accuracy. Although it’s perfect for all ages, it’s not suitable for children under the age of one year. Being clinically tested and medically endorsed, this FDA certified thermometer is a sure bet for you and your family. If you’re tired of using those ill-conceived thermometers which give so-so results devoid of accuracy, then you are better off trying out this thermometer. Of course, its ease to use is unsurpassed, the accuracy is second to none, and the speed is unequalled. It can memorize and store up to 20 readings for easy and quick tracking.

  • It uses upgraded software for quick measuring.
  • It measures in both F and C degrees.
  • It boasts a fever alarm.
  • Quite safe and hygienic.
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries, no need to purchase them.
  • It isn’t cheap.

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4. Pain-Free Thermometer

Pain-Free Thermometer

This thermometer measures temperatures up to four times faster than other standard thermometers ensuring that you get quick and reliable information as pertains to your body temperatures. Boasting a clinical accuracy and top quality design, this FDA and European approved thermometer with no trace of mercury gives nothing short of accurate and precise temperature readings. Easy to use and quite ergonomic, it allows you to readily and conveniently keep track of periodic temperature fluctuations with its previous temperature recordings. Being waterproof, it makes cleaning a breeze while the flexible tip makes it quite comfortable. And yes, with a large LCD, reading of your temperatures even from a distance is simply a breeze.

  • It comes with a 30-day return policy.
  • It’s quite easy to use.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • Reading even from a distance is easy.
  • It keeps a record of previous readings.
  • There’s a slight fluctuation in its accuracy.

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3. Dr. Madre’s Thermometer

Dr. Madre’s ThermometerOn the 3rd tier position, we have Dr.Madre’s thermometer which boasts a cutting-edge performance with a commendable precision and unmatched speed. It’s a fully accredited masterpiece designed to deliver nothing short of desirable and accurate temperature feedback within one second. Of course, this is a touch-free thermometer which makes it ideal for home use, and equally perfect for hospitals or health centres where we have numerous people sharing one thermometer. Mom approved, and doctor tested, there’s no reasonable argument to disrepute this incredible gadget. With a subtle display for quick access, it can track up to 12 readings.

  • It offers a silent mode for noiseless temperature measuring.
  • It comes with a 30-days return policy.
  • Used with the help of a single button.
  • The instructions are very clear.
  • It has a two-year warranty.
  • Although it’s silent, the beeping is a bit irritating.

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2. ThermoPro TP50 thermometer

ThermoPro TP50 thermometerOkay, this isn’t like a regular thermometer although it uses a similar concept. It’s more of a Thermo-hygrometer which means that it can measure temperatures and humidity at the same time. Displaying in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, it gives extremely accurate details. With a fully wireless design, this gadget is table and magnet mountable for easy storage. Since we’re concerned about its ability to measure temperatures, I will turn a blind eye to its hygrometer aspects. First, it comes with a single AAA battery which is its only source of power. Its large display screen makes reading a snap while the high accuracy makes it quite reliable.

  • It comes with 5-year warranty.
  • It comes with a stable base.
  • It records temperatures for easy tracking.
  • It offers easy setup process.
  • It doesn’t measure body temperatures.

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1. Etekcity thermometer

Etekcity thermometerFinally, Etekcity which is a renowned brand in the manufacture of tip-top thermometers scoops the top position. With a versatile design, this thermometer makes use of Infrared technology to give uniquely accurate data and information. With a built-in laser to give an exact spot where you need to take the temperatures, you don’t have to guess anymore. What’s more, the LCD backlit LCD screen has an auto on/off feature for an extended battery life ensuring that you never run out of juice. And yes, it also has a battery level indicator to make sure that you don’t run of power in the middle of anything.

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Final Words:

In conclusion, although we have countless options for anyone looking for a nice thermometer, care has to be exercised to avoid landing for sub-standard and half-baked options. Although digital thermometers are safer and quicker, their accuracy is sometimes unreliable. For that reason, ensure that you only go for the crème de la crème.

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