Top 10 Best Throwing Knives in 2018

For a long time, throwing knives have been used all over the world. To date, different cultures across the globe still use throwing knives for various activities including hunting and sporting. They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes to suit their preferred task.  Given their large numbers, getting the best throwing knives is slowly becoming a daunting affair. Here are the top 10 best throwing knives. Before we look at them, let’s take a glance at the factors you need to consider before picking any of them:

List Of 10 Best Throwing Knives in 2018 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set

  • By: Perfect Point 

Starting off our list of the top 10 best throwing knives this year is the Perfect point PAK-712-12. This isn’t a single knife; it’s a collection of high-level throwing knives which have been designed to deliver unparalleled speed, accuracy, and precision. Providing a reliable performance, these knives are made using a top-quality material for unmatched performance. Made using a stainless steel material, the set comprises of six throwers. The lanyard hole in the middle can be utilized for easy carrying thus making them quite portable. And yes, their size is simply perfect for amateur and pro throwers.


  • The knives are extremely superior
  • The knives have a perfect weight; not too light or too heavy
  • They come with a plastic sheath for easy storage and transport

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9. Aeroblades, 6PC 5.5″ Throwing Knife Set With Pouch – BLACK WIDOW SPIDER

6PC 5.5" Throwing Knife Set With Pouch - BLACK WIDOW SPIDER

  • By: Aeroblades

The black widow spider is another incredible throwing knife available on the market this year. It delivers breathtaking throws making the entire throwing process a breeze. If you’re looking an awesome knife which will have you enjoying every moment you set out for hunting or sporting activity, this knife is an excellent option. It comes in an overall length of 5.5’’ which makes it quite convenient for experts and beginners alike. The blade size of 2.5’’ ensures that you make each throw with incredible precisions. And yes, with a 440 stainless steel construction, you can never be wrong about this knife.


  • It comes with a black widow logo which makes it quite attractive
  • The balance, speed, and precision are out of this world
  • The nylon sheath offers excellent storage and safe transportation

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8. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife

  • By: SOG Specialty Knives

SOG Specialty is a brand we have known for quite some time. Having been on the front-line in the manufacture of top-quality throwing knives, you can never go wrong with any of their knives. This particular model boasts a full tang design which gives it a little bit of the traditional look and a touch of the modern design making it unique. It’s a perfect masterpiece for backyard competitions. And yes, with a 2.8’’ straight edge design with a fixed blade and a spear point shape, every thrower would agree that it’s a great item. It boasts 3Cr13MoV steel boasted with an attractive satin finish to give it an excellent appearance. If style is your thing, then this is what you should be looking for.


  • The steel handle is quite impressive
  • The tan paracord offers an excellent grip
  • The black ballistic sheath makes it quite safe
  • The Velcro closure adds to its safe design
  • It comes with a limited warranty

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7. Avias Supply, Avias Knife Supply 9 Inch 3 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife Set

Avias Knife Supply 9 Inch 3 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife Set

  • By: Avias Supply

The Avias throwing knife set takes up the 7th tier position thanks to its extremely excellent performance and unique construction. It boasts a 9’’ overall length which makes it unique and convenient. Of course, this length also gives it unprecedented precision and performance making it unique. If you want to have an advantage over your opponents in any knife throwing competition, this is the brand you should go for. It’s made using a stainless steel material which makes it durable. In fact, this throwing knife remains good as new years after purchase. Of course, everyone wants to have their knife looking good all the time. That’s why you ought to check the Avias set of throwing knives out


  • The Velcro closure makes them safe
  • They come with a sheath for easy transportation and storage
  • They are extremely sharp and durable

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6. Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives, 8-Inch, 6-Pack

Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives, 8-Inch, 6-Pack

  • By: Smith and Wesson

Boasting 2Cr13 stainless steel construction, this duel-edged throwing knife features a spear point blade and an excellent design for outstanding performance. With an overall length of 8.0’’ and a weight of 1.75 pounds, you will love the convenience, comfort, speed and precision. I mean, this is a knife like none other when it comes to maneuverability and penetration through the air. And yes, regarding performance, the knife is simply excellent. Its black belt sheath offers safe, comfortable and convenient storage and transportation while the Velcro closure ensures that you don’t lose the knife at any given time. With an overall length of 8.0 inches, this knife is ideal for professional and amateur throwers. Of course, this is also a set of 8 throwing knives which deliver exemplary performances.


  • The weight is convenient for beginners and experts
  • The knives are very sharp
  • The sheath is well-constructed for convenience and portability

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5. Cold Steel 80STK12 Sure Flight Sports Knife

Cold Steel 80STK12 Sure Flight Sport Knife

  • By: Cold Steel 

Marking the official opening of the top five slots is the Cold Steel 80STK12 sports knife which is designed to deliver excellent results in any competition. Boasting a distinct blade design, this knife ensures that you perform like a pro with least hassle. The blade thickness of 3.5mm makes it ideal for any thrower since it maneuvers through the air with excellent precision. The overall length of 12’’ guarantees maximum portability, performance, speed and accuracy while the 1055 carbon material makes it quite amazing. If you’re looking for an excellent throwing knife for any sporting activity, this one will give you an upper hand over your competitors.


  • The plain edge gives it an excellent speed
  • Its size is ideal for any thrower
  • The unique design makes it quite appealing

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4. Szco Supplies Ninja Sword with Throwing Knives

Szco Supplies Ninja Sword with Throwing Knives

By: Szco Supplies

With a 28’’ overall length, I believe this is among the longest knives on the market. Of course, the knife is conveniently designed to deliver impressive performance while the rainbow stainless steel blade delivers perfect throws for a long time. The black cord wrapped handle makes this knife a must-have while its 6-inch length makes it quite convenient for use. It’s worth noting that this isn’t a single piece; it’s a collection of three high-performance stainless steel knives which are designed to deliver cutting edge precision. Perhaps you will also appreciate the fact that the blades offer varied designs and shape to suite your needs.


  • The knives are quite sharp
  • The speed, precision, and accuracy is a thumbs-up
  • The unique design makes the knives quite attractive

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3. SOG Specialty Knives, SOG F041TN-CP Throwing Knives wth Paracord with Clamshell Packaging, 3 pk Tools

SOG Specialty Knives, 4004939 SOG Throwing Knive

  • By: SOG Specialty Knives

This set of three knives each boasting a 420 stainless steel material comes in on the 2nd tier position leaving only one slot for the crème de la crème. Coming with a ballistic carrying bag for safe and easy transportation, the knives are designed to ensure that you make perfect and precise throws. And yes, they come with a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee excellent performance. If you’re looking for a top-tier throwing knife which will bring out that throwing giant in you, then you can trust this item to deliver nothing short of unsurpassed and incredible performance


  • The knives are quite versatile; can be used for throwing or any other purpose
  • The paracord wrapped handle makes them quite safe to handle
  • The knives are quite sharp

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2. BladesUSA, Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

  • By: BladesUSA

Finally, the top position goes to the Perfect Point RC-179 throwing knife. This is a set of three knives which provide a well-balanced throw every time to showcase your throwing ability. The black stainless steel construction makes the knives attractive and unique while the spider printed decoration spices up the experience. I mean, given its excellent finish with a touch of class, tradition and a little contemporary, you’d never be wrong about it. The black finish adds to its attractive design making this knife a must-have item for anyone planning to advance their throwing experience


  • They come with a sheath for easy movement
  • The laser cut-out handle delivers extremely firm grip
  • The 8-inch size makes the knife convenient

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1. United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower Set with Sheath, 3-Piece

United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower Set with Sheath, 3-Piece

  • By: United Cutlery

Unified Cutlery UC2772 is another reputable throwing knife whose performance remains unmatched to date. This is a set of expandable three kunai set of different knives. The knives come in a sheath for quick, easy and efficient storage. And yes, the 12-inch overall length makes the knives not just unique but also extremely convenient and maneuverable. They deliver unmatched precision and unrivaled speed offering an exceptional performance. Their perfect balance ensures that you throw like a pro while the nylon sheath makes them quite safe.


  • The knives are expandable
  • The cord wrapped handle makes the knives safer
  • Their unique design makes them quite attractive

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Key Features:

Key Features:
  • The size: Any throwing aficionado understands how crucial the size is. You don’t want to go for a throwing knife whose size is extremely small or too large. A throwing knife which is too big or too small is a pain in the rear. A small and lightweight knife offers least throwing precision while an extra-large size makes throwing a back-breaking task. If you want to throw a knife like a pro, pick one which comes in a perfect size; not too small or too big.
  • The material: Throwing knives come in various materials. We have stainless steel blades which are better than most other materials. Unless you want to take a flop home, you have to ensure that you only go for the best material. Of course, the best material is the one which doesn’t rust or break easily. If you have little knowledge of the material, it’s important that you get information from other sources so that you can take the picks of the bunch with you for a breathtaking throwing experience.
  • The shape: Having been a thrower for quite some time, I know the importance of having a well shaped throwing knife. Of course, a severe shape will affect maneuverability through the air which will, in turn, affect precision and speed. The speed is a crucial aspect when it comes to knife throwing. A slowly moving knife will have less impact which will mean that you won’t achieve the desired results. Unless you want to have a frustrating throwing experience, ensure that you go for a nicely shaped knife.
  • Overall design: Every thrower has their preferred design, no doubt about that! When you’re out there looking for a throwing knife, ensure that you pick the best and avoid the duds like a plaque. Do not be lured by those enticingly attractive coatings which peel off with a single throw. Instead, take your time and pick a design which best suite your throwing activities. Don’t go for what others say is good; when it comes to throwing knives; one man’s meat could be another man‘s poison. Be sure to pick what’s best for you!
  • The price: I have, on countless occasions, insisted on the price. The price of any given throwing knife determines how effective or less effective it performs. When looking for an excellent product, be sure to check the price as well as the quality. I mean, there has to be a close relation between the price and the quality.


With a high-quality set of throwing knives, you can always engage in knife throwing at any time you feel like it for many years without running to the store now and then in search of knives. we review the top ten best throwing knives in 2018. After sacrificing our time to research, analyze and test these sets of throwing knives, we managed to select the best ten that have superior traits.

The reviewed top ten best throwing knives in 2018 have all it takes to help you realize significant expertise in knife throwing. You can choose any of the reviewed products as they all meet and exceed the set standards in the manufacturer of goods within this category. Go for a quality product that will serve you beyond your expectations.

Best Throwing Knives List:SizeWeightPrice
10. Perfect Point PAK-712-12 8-1/2-Inch 3.2 pounds Check Price
9. Aeroblades, 6PC 5.5" Throwing9. Aeroblades, 6PC 5.5" Throwing Knife KnifeOverall Length: 5.5"
Blade Length: 2.5"
4 ounces Check Price
8. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools2.8-inch5.4 ounces Check Price
7. Avias Supply, Avias Knife 9 inch13 ounces Check Price
6. Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives8.0 inch 1.75 pound Check Price
5. Cold Steel 80STK12 Sure Flight Sports Knife4.8 x 0.7 x 0.4 inches9.6 ounces Check Price
4. Szco Supplies Ninja Sword with Throwing Knives28 Inches1.8 pounds Check Price
3. SOG Specialty Knives2.5 pounds Check Price
2. BladesUSA, Perfect Point RC-179 Series8 inches Check Price
1. United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower12-Inch1.5 pounds Check Price

Buyer’s guide:

If you’re looking for an excellent throwing knife, we recommend you go for the United Cutlery UC2772 brand. This is a highly high-quality product which delivers cutting-edge speed, accuracy y and performance. And the design is something else; its spider-printed design makes it quite attractive. If you love something unique; go for this throwing knife.

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