TUSB charging is the ideal way to charge your gadget with ease and comfort of your surroundings. The Universal Serial Bus meaning (USB) connects devices like, memory disks, cameras, printers, keyboards, mice, external hard disks, phones and any gadget that is compatible with the Personal Computer. The UBS can be plugged into a wall power outlet too. There are two types of USB connectors which are type A and B. Type A for device charging. Type B for charging and data transmission.

In our current age, almost all gadgets are charged using USB system. A good charger should have serial ports to accommodate your phone, tablet or other chargeable items. This aspect will help you charge more items in one go rather than wait in turns. The amperage output depends on the gadget been charged. Some gadgets consume more power than others. Average USB port amperage is 1A, 2.1A and 2.4A. A charger with few higher amperage ports is good for high consumption gadgets. The structure or the form of the charger is very important. This will depend on where you will be using the charger. There are three main types of USB chargers namely corded hubs, wall chargers and organisers. When buying a charger always consider safety first. A good charger must have this certification. It is a guarantee of protection to your gadget or unwarranted fires due to burst chargers. There is always an advantage of having a charger with special features. This can include like fast charge technology. The quick charge feature for the Android phones is essential.

Below is a collection of the ten best USB Charging Stations in 2022 reviews.

10. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker USB Charging Station

 Purchase tips10 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker USB Charging Station

The Wireless Bluetooth USB charger station is good for your IPhone, IPad, tablets phones, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, HTC, Sony and More. The charger has built-in Bluetooth speakers with very good stereo and enhanced bass. You will listen to music and charge at the same time. It can charge four items from one spot, therefore, no more clutter on your desk. The charger is multi-function and has a good organisation. Wireless Bluetooth charger has a hands-free dock where you can watch a movie as the phone charges.


• Excellent Bluetooth speakers.

• It can charge several gadgets.

• Excellent dividers.

• Does not overheat


• It is a little more expensive.

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9. Inko Times USB Charging Station.

 Inko Times USB Charging Station

Inko Times can charge up three gadgets simultaneously. The USB charger is internationally compatible to 100V to the 240V power supply. Inko has detachable baffles which you can assemble yourself depending on your needs. It charges your universal smartphones, iPhone, iPad and tablets. The space between the slots fits your phone or tablet with ease. The safety of your gadget is assured.


• It is organised and neat.

• Excellent Plastic dividers.

• Each gadget has its charging slot

• It is very fast in charging.


• The mini charging cords not available.

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8. Ultra-Fast 6 Port USB Charging Station

 Ultra Fast 6 Port USB Charging Station

The Ultra-Fast six port charger is ideal for girls and women. The pink charger has 100% Warranty and can Charge multiple devices in Quickest and Safest Way. The is very presentable and can charge six devices at full speed. It has a guarantee of overvoltage and short circuit keeping your gadgets safe. The limited 2022 edition has an input of 100-24N 50/60HZ. It works well with iPhone, tablet, Bluetooth USB headphones among much more. It is a good gift to your lady friends.


• It is light and durable.

• No cluster of chargers.

• Charges for long hours


• The colour is good for women only.

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7. Multi-Port Super-Fast USB Charging Station

 Multi Port Super Fast USB Charging Station

Multi-Port Super-Fast charger is good for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets, Kindles, LG, Nexus, HTC and all your other devices. It has two USB Charging Cables that come as a bonus. The charger has a high power output of 6.8amps and 34W fast charging power. It can protect against any short circuit, power surge or overcharge. This Charger has indicator lights on all of the ports to show when charging. The charger has 30 days guarantee money back after the date of purchase.


• No clutter on the desk or home charging area.

• It is convenient.

• Charges several gadgets

• Excellent rubber grips.


• The lights are too bright.

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6. Simpeak Aluminum USB Charging Station

 Simpeak Aluminum USB Charging Station

The Simpeak Aluminum device is durable for a very long period. It will provide you with the best charging system for long hours. Simpeak is scratch resistant, anti-collision, and alloy material that protects it. The warranty is two years which includes replacement or refund. It can charge your Lumia 950/950XL, Honors 8, Nexus 5X/6P.


• It is smart and easy to carry.

• For the people with USB C support,

• It charges well and fast.

• The colour is smart for office use.


• Does not have a wall adapter included.

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5. Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount USB Charging Station

 Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount USB Charging Station

This magnetic wireless dock is good for your phone. The magnets are strong enough to hold 5.5 smartphones. The phone starts to charge once the magnet comes into contact with it. It can rotate, and you can adjust to the angle you want either landscape or portrait. It has a great advantage of being wireless. The base sticks to table firmly for stability.


• It is convenient for use.

• You can view your phone while it charges

• Adjustable tilt.

• It charges the phones well and fast.


• It cannot hold heavy phones.

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4. CalDigit USB C-Charging Station

 CalDigit USB C Charging Station

CalDigit USB charger station supports Lan, Thunderbolt 3 compatible, MacBook, 2016 MacBook Pro, Display port, HDMI, Audio. It can charge the laptop as you work or transfer data. It has both charging system type A and type C. CalDigit works the centre hub for all of your gadgets. CalDigit has no fan to cool it down, but it dispels heat calmly.


• It does not heat like other USB/C adaptors.

• It has separate headphone/Microphone points

• It has a connection to temporary items like the flash disk.

• A provision of Gigabit Ethernet.


• The USB/A should be more than the three provided.

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3. The Lottogo USB Charging Station

 The Lottogo USB Charging Station

Lottogo has six charging ports. The charging station exterior is made of bamboo material. It can charge your iphone7/6s PS4, iPad and any USB Bluetooth speakers. The charger is built with a smart IC technology which can identify your gadget and charge full speed. The wood-like material is environmentally friendly. Lottogo USB charging station has 18 months warranty.


• The division is excellent.

• No cluster of chargers.

• The wood like the colour is good.

• The size good it doesn’t take too much space.


• The wooden part can easily break.

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2. Hyper-Gear USB Charging Station

Hyper Gear is ideal for your iPad Pro/Air/Mini/3/2/1, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s/Plus, 5S/5C/5/4S. You can charge four gadgets at the same time. It has two ports of 1A each to deliver to two phones and 2.4A ports to deliver to two tablets. It can recognise the exact voltage each gadget requires for safety and quick charging. The docks are well portioned not to create clutter on your desk.


• Charges fast.

• Recognises the power output needed.

• No cluster on the desk.

• Easy to carry.


• Mini charging cords not provided.

1. Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Station

 Hyper Gear USB Charging Station1 Vogek 6 Port USB Charger Station

Vogek 6-Port USB charging station identifies the kind of charging requirement needed. The LED light helps you know if the charger is properly connected to the power supply. The base has silicone rubber which protects your desk from scratches. The power input is 110V to 240V which is recognised universally as safe. The output of each port is 2.4A. Vogek can charge up to six items.


• It charges the phones very fast.

• The wall plug-in is an added advantage.

• It is good for use in long distances.

• It is stable on the table


• Too many charging wires looks like a mess.

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A good charging system should identify the usage of the gadget charging. This protects the gadget from overcharging or short circuit in the event of a power surge. Charging systems should have the LED light indicator, so you will know every time the charger is connected.

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