Buying a vinyl-cutting machine can be an overwhelming experience. In fact, some people who have done it before cringe at the thought of having to buy this item again. Many will tell you of the frustration they faced due to insufficient information and knowledge; others will never forget choosing an accessory blindly and without knowing what the most important features were.

There are of course those who simply trusted the seller’s word and bought the cutter. You however don’t have to follow the same approach and increase the odds of owning a poor product. By following this review, not only will you learn the main features but also own the top 15 best vinyl-cutting machines reviews in 2019.

List Of Best Vinyl Cutting Machines Reviews in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide:

What is the Best Vinyl Cutting Machine?

The best vinyl cutter is powerful and together with the adjustable pinch, rollers will work with any material regardless of size and thickness. It also comes with a solid stand/ frame and a roller mechanism that provide seamless operation. You also get a very silent machine that creates minimal distraction even in a very demanding situation. The vinyl cutter features a clear LCD display for adjusting the speed, power, choosing different modes, and works with a range of cutting blades.

It also supports top software and cuts or plots in different styles.

15. Yescom 34″ Vinyl Cutter Sign Cutting Plotter w/ Artcut Pro Software Design Cut 3 Blades

53" Vinyl Cutter Sign Cutting Plotter w/ Artcut Pro Software Design Cut 3 Blades

  • Yescom 34″ Vinyl Cutter

We can’t deny that the Yescom is among the good machines in the market. Not only does it come with a good 53-inch cutting area but also four easy-to adjust pinch rollers. You can easily adjust it to match the type of material and this improves your efficiency and productivity. The compatible Roland holder works withy most blades on the market and together with the adjustable digital force provide some of the cleanest cuts. You will also find the speed and pressure quite acceptable.

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14. USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machines, 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Value Sign Making Bundle with Design and Cut Software

28-inch Vinyl Cutter Value Sign Making Bundle with Design and Cut Software

  • USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machine

Whether a beginner or pro, you will love this vinyl cutter from USCutter. Firstly, it comes with a good size of 28 inches and will easily fit on most spaces even in small rooms. Secondly, the two easy-adjust pitch rollers enable you to use variety of materials of different sizes and thicknesses. Thirdly, you can choose the most economical blades on the market since the unit comes with the respected Roland compatible holder. Finally, the machine and operation is very smooth and silent courtesy of the advanced ball-bearing roller system.

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13. USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machines 15-inch Table Titan Vinyl Cutter with VinylMaster Cut Software

USCutter 15-inch Table Titan Vinyl Cutter with VinylMaster Cut Software

  • USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machine

Following closely is this vinyl-cutting machine from USCutter. Similar to its larger 28-inch stable mate, it has won the hearts of many users because of its simplicity and seamless operation. The well-designed control panel together with the large LCD display makes adjusting the cutting force, speed or choosing a mode rather easy. It features ABS sides for extra precision and aluminum alloy construction for durability. Moreover, if carrying or moving worries you, you will rest easy since it features a 4-wheeled carriage.

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12. 53″ Vinyl Cutter Plotter Artcut LCD Sign Sticker Cutting

53" Vinyl Cutter Plotter Artcut LCD Sign Sticker Cutting

  • By: KOVAL INC Vinyl Cutting Machines

This professional-grade vinyl cutter delivers ultimate results thanks to its advanced engineering. The easy-to-use design lets you cut each piece to precision while the ultra-grade construction offers years of use. Of course, the plotter is also equipped with the latest cut basic software which lets you cut all customized designs with ease and precision.

Also, the software lets you control most drawing aspects like the font and other artwork features. So, you get customized design which are pleasing to the eyes. Again, the cutter comes with adjustable pinch-rollers which can be adjusted to suit different paper widths. Thus, with this device, you can work on all materials. Perhaps the most pleasant feature is the adjustable digital speed and force which assist in the handling of the entire process. This way, you don’t have to use force while operating the machine.

Extra features:

  • The USB connector offer quick data transmission
  • The compatible blade allow one to use a variety

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11. MH Vinyl Cutting Machines, USCutter 34-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand and VinylMaster

USCutter 34-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand and VinylMaster

  • MH Vinyl Cutting Machine

Right from its launch into the market, this vinyl cutter and plotter has continued to dominate the industry. It’s a people’s favorite due the two easy-adjust pinch rollers that make it perfect for different materials, and the superior ball-bearing roller mechanism that provides smooth operation. The included VinylMaster Software improves precision and functionality while the Roland compatible holder can accommodate different kinds of cutting blades. Some consumers would have wished if the legs were a bit sturdier.

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10. GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 Vinyl Cutter

  • By: GRAPHTEC Vinyl Cutting Machines

GRAPHTEC isn’t one of those cheap flops on the market. This is an ultra-grade vinyl cutter which is equipped with an accurate and fast servo motor for rapid cutting and added precision. The maximum cutting are saves time while the GRAPHTEC software lets the user control all aspects comfortably and conveniently.

If you want to cut your vinyl like a pro, then this is the tool you need to pick. It also features a compatible media width which lets you use most other replacements in case there’s an issue. Again, there’re plugins available for several other outside software like CorelDraw and Adobe illustrator. This way, you get the best service using these the plugin software then transferring the information to the vinyl cutter.

Extra features:

  • The price is reasonable.
  • The construction guarantees ultimate performance.

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9. USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machines, TITAN 28-inch Vinyl Cutting Machine

USCutter TITAN 28 inch Vinyl Cutter with Stand, Basket and VinylMaster Cut

  • USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machine

Like the legendary TITANS, this mighty machine will make cutting vinyl seem rather easy. This is all thanks to the superior design and mechanism that allow smooth and seamless operation. The unit is made of aluminum alloy and can withstand regular use. It comes with solid stands for improved stability, a basket for better functionality and VinylMaster Software for better precision and faster operation. Adjusting the cutting force and speed is easier courtesy of the control panel and the well-lit LCD display.

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8. Brother Vinyl Cutting Machines ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

  • Brother Vinyl Cutting Machine

The Brother brand is not only known for superior sewing machines but also reliable and effective vinyl cutters. To prove this claim, all you need is to look at the ScanNCut CM100DM. It comes with a built-in in 300DPI scanner that allows you scan anything you desire. The 600plus integrated designs give you a wide choice while the large LCD Touchscreen gives you full control concerning editing, scanning, welding, modifying, resizing and much more. It also comes ready to work and requires no software installation.

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7. Silhouette Cameo Electronic Vinyl Cutting Machine

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle

  • Silhouette Cameo Electronic Vinyl Cutting Machine

If it weren’t for its fairly-loud operation, the silhouette Cameo would have been the top vinyl cutter machine. Nonetheless, it still offers quality service thanks to its reliable cutting blade and strong motor. Being an improved version, it is more efficient and powerful than the earlier one and comes with better more features. This makes it easier to use and is more precise. It comes with a 12 x 12 inch mat, templates, and software and cuts paper, shirt vinyl, cardstock and more. The built-in program also automatically adjusts the pressure and speed.

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6. USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machines, Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE 

Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE - Sign Making Kit w/ Design & Cut Software

  • USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machine

Coming with two adjustable pinch rollers, this machine will cut different kinds of materials. It features the renowned Roland compatible holder that is suitable for most cutting blades on the market. The 34-inch product comes with a solid stand and can easily fit in most places. It has a portable design for easy movement and the advanced ball-bearing two-roller mechanism provides smooth and noise-free operation. Like other top brands, it is also compatible with Design & Cut software.

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5. USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machines TITAN 3 28-Inch Vinyl Cutter

28" USCutter TITAN 3 Vinyl Cutter with Servo Motor and ARMS Contour Cutting Plus Design/Cut Software

Cutting adhesive vinyl, hard paperboard, paint mask material, window film, sandblast stencil and other materials are easy and simple with this vinyl-cutting machine by USCutter. The Titan 3 comes equipped with a powerful motor but still offers very silent operation. It can continuously cut material up to 300 inches long and its variable speeds help choose the appropriate speed. The unit is more accurate and also supports the cutting or prints/ contour cutting thanks to the integrated Automatic Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS).

Vinyl Cutting Machine Features:

  • 28-inch vinyl cutter
  • Variable speed setting to suit different media
  • Servo motor for more power and less noise
  • 4-wheel carriage for easy movement
  • Vacuum hold down for better material grip


  • Powerful and silent
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Works with a range of media

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4. Ving Vinyl Cutting Machines 24-inch Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutting Plotter

24" Graphtec CE6000-60 High Performance Vinyl Cutting Plotter

If you wish for a powerful, more compact and silent vinyl cutter, then the 24-inch, Graphtec CE6000-60 should be perfect. Although very powerful and suited for heavy-duty use, this unit is relatively light and very portable. It’s a good choice for many applications including sign making, apparel decorators, etching, decals, stickers and much more. It works well on materials such as vinyl, stencil, window film, laminate, card stock and much more. This cutter and plotter is eco-friendly and has minimal impact on the environment.

Vinyl Cutting Machine Features:

  • Powerful digital servo motor is fast and more silent
  • Tangential Control improves accuracy and performance
  • 4 Point, Dual-Axis for skew correction
  • Heavy-duty cutter and software support contour cutting
  • Graphtec Studio software improves functionality and productivity


  • Strong, powerful and portable
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Decent speed and accurate

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3. Silhouette Cameo Material Cutting Printer – Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

Silhouette Cameo Material Cutting Printer

  • By: Silhouette Vinyl Cutting Machines

The Silhouette Vinyl printer is one of the best options on the market. It boasts some features which make it worth each buck. For instance, the package comes with all the necessary accessories required to get you the best results. Also, the tough material used in the construction guarantees years of depending services.

Again, the compact and lightweight construction offers adequate convenience for you. The Perfect for stencils, vinyl and scrapbooking, this is the ideal material cutting printer on the market.

Extra features:

  • It’s fairly priced.
  • It offers unrivaled results.

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2. Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter, Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Measuring 33.9 x 12.6 x 19.2 inches, this vinyl cutting machine will fit in many places. It also comes in a light weight of 51 pounds that makes moving easy. The accessory is powerful for most day-to-day activities and the versatile blades will cut through media such as vinyl, paint mask, laminate, stencil, twill, cardstock, and window film among others. The speed is also good although not the fastest in the market. Users also appreciate the decent blade force and advanced technology that enhances performance and accuracy. For compatibility with both older and newest computer systems, it features both a Serial and USB interfaces.

Vinyl Cutting Machine Features:

  • 350g blade force is fit for different media
  • Optical registration sensor improves accuracy and performance
  • CutStudio software for designing and cutting
  • 8 memory settings for storing most used media combinations and blade
  • Tilted blue LCD panel for better viewing and navigation


  • Compact and easy to move
  • Good memory for storing earlier operations
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to use and maintain

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1. GRAPHTEC CE6000-120 Vinyl Cutting Machine, Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

GRAPHTEC CE6000-120 Vinyl Cutter

With a weight of about 100 pounds, this vinyl cutting machine is a bit heavy. Nonetheless, this shortcoming is outshined by the impressive speed and cutting power, it delivers. The item is fit for small and large tasks and comes in a solid and stable design that makes it feel solid even in demanding tasks. It features a well-lit LCD display for improved viewing and also makes choosing the desired modes a breeze. It also supports up to 10 languages.

Vinyl Cutting Machine Features:

  • Accurate digital servomotor for better speed and results
  • Improved Graphtec Studio Software for easy designing and cutting
  • CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator plugin
  • Cuts an area of up to 47.8″ x 164′ long
  • Auto registration mark sensor (ARM) gives better results
  • 4 point, dual-axis reduces and corrects skew


  • Cuts pretty fast and also accurately
  • The included plotting pen is really handy
  • It’s easy to set the unit as well as the blade depth

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Key Features Of The Best Vinyl Cutting Machines:

It’s critical to know what to look for in a vinyl cutter and the most important features include the following:

  • Drive motors: You have the option of choosing the older mechanical stepper motor or the newer servo motor. The earlier though cheaper is a bit noisy and not very accurate. While the latter is more precise and smoother, it more costly and heavily relies on a software.
  • Tracking: A good cutter has good tracking that ensures clean cuts and minimizes wastage. The motor type and quality, pinch roller assembly, floor stand, and control panel features influence the effectiveness of the tracking.
  • Maximum cutting area: Not to be confused with tracking, this defines the maximum area that the machine will accurately cut without jamming or skewing. The distance may however be affected by the nature of blade, type of substrate, stability and working environment.
  • Pinch rollers: a good accessory comes with adjustable pinch rollers that apply the right pressure depending on the material at hand and for tracking efficiency.
  • Automatic settings: the best vinyl cutter automatically adjusts itself for optimal performance without your intervention. This not only provides better results and precision but also saves time and effort.
  • Warranty coverage: Like any other item, it’s important to choose a product with a long warranty. In addition to guaranteeing you of reliability, you also have peace-of-mind.

Other worthy features include Wireless capability (Bluetooth, WiFi…), Software, blade holder, noise, and speed.

What Do We Recommend?

If it were possible, we would have given all the above products the top position. Unfortunately, we had to find the “King” of them all. This position went to the GRAPHTEC CE6000-120 Vinyl Cutter. It is professionally made, large and suited for both hobbyists and professionals. The cutter works great and is one of the smoothest not only on this list but in the market as well. We also loved its smooth operation, decent speed and high precision.


Choosing the right vinyl cutter should no longer be an uphill task. We have rounded up the top 10 best vinyl-cutting machines in 2019 and we are sure they are going to serve you well. They are sturdy and will tolerate day-to-day use, come with adjustable pinch roller; the holder can accommodate different types of blades, and come with a friendly control interface. We also choose these items because they support the best software, are easy to use, emit minimal noise and will work on different materials.

One thought on “Top 15 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines in 2019

  1. Many people today adapt sign production as a hobby as well as a profession. Regardless of whether sign processing is your hobby or profession, you will always need a vinyl cutting machines. Any sign maker can tell you the importance of owning a high-quality vinyl cutting machine throughout your interaction with the sign processing world. Even with minimal experience, a high-performance, easy to use vinyl cutter can help you produce excellent signs as well as vehicle and home decorations like a pro.

    Selecting a vinyl cutting machine from the flooded market could be tricky even to the experienced sign makers. It’s for this reason that we exist. All-gratitude our team of expert researchers, we are pleased to present vinyl cutting enthusiasts with reviews on the exceptional top 10 best vinyl cutting machines in 2017.

    After a series of testing and analyzing the various vinyl cutting machines by different manufacturers that are available on the market, we managed to identify those that offer exceptional quality, performance, and durability. This way, we filtered the best ten in an attempt to ease any buyer’s selection.

    Top Ten Best Vinyl Cutting Machines in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s guide:

    10. 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH BUNDLE, Vinyl Cutting Machines

    With the promising trend of the Greenstar manufacturer in producing the excellent cutting machine, it’s clear that within no time, this company will be a giant developer of cutting machines.

    This particular bundle of cutting essentials comes with all the essential sign production elements including blades, tape, vinyl sheets, squeegee, and knife. Included in the cutting machine is a cut and design software which facilitate smooth and accurate operations.

    It also features a high-grade ball bearing double roller media rolling system which makes the cutting operations fast and efficient. The manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty on all the included elements in this bundle. The only drawback is that this machine is not compatible with Mac computers and has no power to contour cut.

    9. Xyron 624632 Creative Station – Vinyl Cutting Machines

    What else could you ask for beyond a user-friendly machine that gets the job done excellently while saving on your office/working space effectively? The Xyron-Adjustable creative station is a vinyl/cartridge cutter designed by experienced professionals to ensure no disappointments result from its use.

    Its folding crank handle and compact design facilitate its use even in crowded places. With its ability to utilize two distinct cartridge sizes all in one machine, this product comes with an enhanced flexibility and reduces material wastage. It will work with both the 5” and 9” adhesive/ laminate and magnetic/ adhesive laminate cartridges. All its components are non-toxic and acid-free so you can be sure about your safety while you use this machine.

    8. USCutter Vinyl Cutting Machine 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter

    Enlarge and realize your vision in sign production through the use of this exclusive vinyl cutting machine. Its overall construction is on point as it also features a stable stand which makes it safe and easy to use. This vinyl cutting machine provides three connection options that include serial, parallel and USB.

    It comes with two fully variable pinch-rollers which facilitate cutting of a broad range of materials. Improve your productivity and save your time with this vinyl cutting machine which features high-quality ball-bearing double roller media roller system which allows for placing the cutting material on the rollers instead of placing the roller on the material now and then. Also included are a pen adapter, 3 blades, and cutter among other components.

    7. Cricut 29-0001 Vinyl Cutting Machine Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

    Cricut is the company behind the making of this vinyl cutting machine. Its compact nature makes it a portable and easy-to-use cutting machine for producing scrapbooks, greeting cards, among other paper crafts. It lets you cut shapes, letters, phrases using such materials like vellum, vinyl, cardstock, and paper.

    It has the power to cut from 1” all the way to 5.5” tall materials. It uses a cartridge-based system which is independent of computers. Within it are a George and Basic Shapes cartridge. To enable buyers to buy this product with confidence, the manufacturer issues a 1-year limited warranty upon purchase of this cutting machine.

    6. MH Series Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE, Vinyl Cutting Machines

    Are you looking forward to buying a high-quality vinyl cutter that doesn’t dig so much into your pocket? Then, this vinyl cutter by the MH Series Company could be for you. It’s a kit that features everything you need to get the job done.

    Within it is a vinyl master cut, 1 XMMH871 34in Cutter w/stand, design and cut software, 3 Roland compatible blades, 5X rolls Greenstar vinyl, 24”*5ft colors that include red, green, white, black, and canary yellow, hobby knife among others. The included vinyl cutting software is made particularly for producing excellent vinyl signage.

    With this kit, the user is free to create pinstriping, vinyl lettering, as well as general signage. It also features a suite of curve, text and object tools. The only limitation of this vinyl cutter is that it’s not compatible with Mac.

     4. Cricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting Machine, Vinyl Cutting Machines

    The Cricut seems to be dominating the cutting world with their excellent cutting tools. This is just another model from them whose many customer reviews on the market are clear signs of its proficiency. If you are looking for a high-performance and durable cutting machine, then look no further than this product.

    It has a cutting capability of 12 in * 24 in. It’s also compatible with any Cricut cartridges. Its large, full-color, and fast LCD touch screen with stylus allows for easy and accurate operations. You don’t need any keypad overlay to get your DIY projects done. This cutting machine comes pre-loaded with cartridge content by the manufacturer.

     2. Cricut Explore Air Vinyl Bundle – Vinyl Cutting Machines

    Begin to explore the beautiful vinyl world with this amazing vinyl bundle by the Circuit manufacturer. With this set in your home or working area, you will start seeing life from a different perspective.

    It’s a package that features all you need to realize the power of vinyl in decorating items and making classic signs. Among the included vinyl tools is an XL scraper that will help you apply your well-cut designs, transfer tape, as well as a broad variety of vinyl to see you through your various DIY projects.

    You will use this bundle throughout your holidays, seasonal décor processes as well as during special events. You can customize everything from glassware, dishes, framed art and much more. This cutting machine features the latest Bluetooth technology that lets you conduct wireless cutting. You can also upload your own images freely as it supports various formats including .png, .bmp, .jpg, .svg, .gif, and .dxf. It can also cut many types of materials including leather and vellum.

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