As we are skateboarders in the year of 2022, it is a really good thing to improve your skateboard experience. Normally, we will suddenly face some problems without knowing first which will lead to danger or serious condition. Therefore, you might need to look for some skateboard accessories that are valuable for you and will be able to help you when you need help.

That is the reason why we have prepared a list of top 15 must-have skateboard accessories in 2022. All of them are all what you need to consider buying since they will be very good assistant in your daily life as a skateboard owner.

List of Top 15 Must-Have Skateboards Accessories in 2022 That You Should Buy

15. Everland esKape All-In-One Skate Tools

#15 esKape All-In-One Skate Tools

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When we think about the necessary tool for skateboard, the first thing that will come to your mind would be an all-in-one tool for skateboards. Usually, everything in our lives happens unpredictably which means your skateboard might face problems sometimes while you are skating. Therefore, in order to solve the problems that your skateboard has, owning an all-in-one tool for skateboard can be one of the best solutions. With this gear, your skateboard can be fixed by you in just a couple of minutes. Then, you can carry on with your task. An all-in-one skateboard tool package includes some important tools, such as different types of socket wrench, screwdriver, and Allen key, etc.

The reason that we would like to recommend this all-in-one skateboard tool from Everland Store is that the product carries out a few significant features. First, this package has got a quite compact size which allows you to bring it with when you go out skating. Secondly, it features all important maintenance tools that all skateboard owners need to have. Furthermore, there are a few different color options which are really beneficial for those who would like to choose the one that they like.

14. Board Blazers LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards

#14 Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards

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Lighting up your skateboard is an incredibly nice idea since it will boost the look of your skateboard and makes it look more appealing in the dark. So, the LED light for skateboard is also what you should consider buying one as well in 2022. With LED light for skateboard, you will be able to enjoy using your skateboard with confidence since it looks really cool. Imagine being the one to have LED light under your skateboard in the crowd, that would be absolutely mind-blowing. Moreover, if you are willing to decorate your skateboard, these are the things that you might have to consider getting.

As all of you here are looking for LED lights with quality, we have brought all of you a set of 4 skateboards LED light from Board Blazer Store. These things caught our attention because they provide users with a few advantages. If you take a close look at the products, you will notice that all of them come with color-changing features. Thus, there will be different light colors coming out of your skateboard. The next thing that really attracts us is that they also offer adhesive with these lights as well. Another key thing to remember, these LED lights are compatible with various types of skateboards.

13. Nuoxinus Car Stickers [100pcs], Laptop Stickers Skateboard


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As we were talking about skateboard decorating at the moment, we somehow come up with another interesting gadget. What we have come up with is the decorating sticker. Why we think this is one of the best must-have accessories for your skateboard. The reason is that the sticker is also an art, and it helps boost the look of the skateboard to the next level. Additionally, it is also a new trend to stick the sticker on the skateboard since it will make your skateboard look a lot cooler and more stylish. As well, since some stickers can be customized, so they can be used as your name tag for your skateboard.

What makes us interested in recommending this set of stickers from PRETTY SUNSHINE is because it provides a lot of things that we like. Well, as you can see, there are a number of stickers in this sticker pack. This brand includes a hundred pieces of the sticker, and that amount is really impressive. Apart from this, all of those stickers are the trendy ones as well, and they look pretty decent. We are absolutely sure that a lot of people will this kind of sticker. There is another reason that you might need to think of buying these stickers is that they are waterproof and durable.

12. Liberty Oil, 4oz Bottle of The Best 100% Synthetic Oil

bearing lubricant

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Every wheel always comes with a bearing because that is the thing that makes the wheel spins, and even skateboard comes with bearings. However, a bearing will be very sticky when it is getting filled with dust or running out of lubricant. You cannot just use the normal machine oil to apply to the bearings. That is the reason you should own a bearing lubricant for your skateboard. Whenever you feel like your skateboard is a little sticky, you can just bring out the skateboard bearing lubricant and lubricate the bearing. After lubricating all bearing on the skateboard, you will be good to go, and you can carry on playing your skateboard.

It is a good thing that Liberty Oil comes up with a really good bearing lubricant for the skateboard. What we have got here is a really nice product since it provides a lot of benefits. First, we love how the amount of lubricant that they include in this bottle. With 4 ounces of lubricant, you will be able to lubricate your skateboard bearings plenty of times. To illustrate, there is also a Pharmaceutical grade applicator coming with this product in order to help you apply the lubricant to the bearings effortlessly. In addition, this product is also gets high-rating by a lot of customers too.

11. Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit

#11 Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit

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While we were thinking about, we also thought about cleaning the skateboard bearings as well. Normally, your skateboard bearings will catch corrosion or rust when using it for a long period of time as they are made out of metal. So, we have found the best solution to that problem, and that is to use the bearing cleaner. Of course, you cannot just use water and soap to clean because that is not the right way. With the bearing cleaner, it will able to wash corrosion and rust away from the bearings. After cleaning the bearings, your skateboard will work normally again.

Since there are a number of bearing cleaners for the skateboard out there on the market, we would like to choose the one from Bones Skate. That is because that product is packed with a lot of good things, and it also comes from a quite popular brand as well. This bearing cleaner allows you to wash 8 bearings at the same time which is unbelievable and helpful. Furthermore, you do not need to even care about the type of skateboard that you own because it is compatible with all kinds of a skateboard bearing.

10. Triple Eight Certified Helmet

#10 Triple Eight Certified Helmet

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Safety is the first priority, especially for those who are skateboarders. You will never imagine that there could be an accident related to your head that could lead to injury. Therefore, let us introduce you to another must-have skateboard accessory which is known as a helmet. A helmet is one of the most necessary accessories you need to have with you every time you go playing skateboard. A type of helmet that you need to own is a helmet that comes with a soft inner part, and a strong durable outer part. Moreover, the chin strap is also an important part of the helmet too because that helps secure the helmet to always stay on your head.

When it comes to talking about the skateboard helmet, we have found a good-looking helmet that comes with all tools that we need. First thing first, this helmet features a strong and durable outer part. For example, what if there is an accident while you are playing or training with the skateboards, it will help you protect your head well. What is more, it has also got a pretty soft and pleasing inner part which will not hurt you much when you fall and damage your head. Another thing that we found really useful is the secure chin strap that you can freely adjust to suit your head size.

9. Skateboard Rack – 3 Boards – StoreYourBoard


skateboard rack

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If you happen to own a lot of skateboards, you might need to find yourself a good tool to keep all of them tidy and well-organized. A skateboard rack can be the best gear you can get when looking to keep of those things tidy. The best thing about using a skateboard is that you will be able to have all of your skateboards hung well. Additionally, keeping the storage room or garage clean, and analyzing space there is also what a skateboard rack can do as well. If you own a skateboard rack, you can also hang your helmets and the other thing like other kinds of skate or skis too.

As an example, this is one of the best skateboard racks you can get right now from a well-known brand, StoreYourBoards. With this skate rack, storing up to 3 skateboards is a really easy task for you to accomplish. The special thing is that it is capable of keeping all of your skateboards hung well and securely. Likewise, the process of setting it up to the wall is pretty effortless and quick for you, so you will never get frustrated installing this rack. You might also own something more than a skateboard, and you will be able to store those things on the rack too.

8. Gonex Skateboard Elbow Pads Knee Pads with Wrist Guards

protective gear

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What we have said is that helmet is really necessary. However, a protective gear set is also what you should consider buying because they also play an important role in protecting your body. Protecting your head is not enough, so protecting your knees, elbows, and wrists is what we need to do as well when playing skateboard. The special thing about the protective gear pack is that it helps reduce the damage since it is equipped with a thick curved shell that is supposed to cover your knee, elbow, and wrist. Moreover, this tool also takes away your worries when you think that falling to the ground will injure you.

When choosing protective gear, it might be a little challenging for a lot of people because there a number of different options on the market. But, we have got a protective give pack from Gonex, and it includes a pair of knee pad, a pair of elbow pad, and a pair of a wrist guard. All of them feel comfortable when wearing it since they are breathable which means your hand will never sweat. Most importantly, you can choose one between three sizes in order to get the one that fits your knees, elbows, and wrists very well.

7. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

balance board

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After getting to know some of what you should own right now in 2022 as a skateboarder, you will need to consider getting a balance board trainer. Obviously, playing skateboard needs good body stabilization, and you can get it by training with a balance board. Additionally, it is a really valuable thing if you want to keep your back and waist go fine without any pain. The reason that this thing keeps away the pain from your body is that it helps you improve your postural muscle. As well as postural muscle, a balance board also keeps you reflexible because while you are standing on the board, you will always focus and be active.

Here, we have a really good product for those who are looking for a balance board that is durable and efficient. This one is coming from Revolution Balance Boards Store, and we decided to choose this because of several reasons. The first thing is because this product is pretty lightweight, and it is able to handle a weight of up to more than 400 pounds. On top of the balance board is cushioned pretty greatly which does not require you to wear your shoes while using it. It is also possible for you to carry it around thanks to its compactness and lightweight.

6. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 9″ BUBBLE FREE

#6 Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 9 BUBBLE FREE

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Another thing that just came to our mind is a grip tape for the skateboard. It is a normal thing that you would like to improve your grip on the skateboard because it is also a part of keeping you stable and provide traction. Another thing that this thing would do is that it will make your skateboard look clean and eye-catching because mostly it has a matte black finish. If you have this on your skateboard, you will absolutely love it since they also feel good with your feet as well. Besides, keeping the top of your skateboard is also a thing the skateboard grip tape can do too. That will prevent your skateboard from dust or scratching.

It might be a little bit hard for you to find the right grip tape to stick on your skateboard, and that is the reason why we want to recommend one to you. This pack of 2 grip tape comes from a brand called Mob Grip. As there are 2 sheets included in this pack, you will be able to apply grip to 2 of your skateboards. It does not matter if your skateboard is long or not thanks to the big size and long length of a single piece of grip tape. The best thing that you will be provided by this grip tape is the waterproof rating and tear-resistance. The tape is really sticky.

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5. Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

#5 Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

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If you think that lubricating and cleaning the bearings is tiring and hard, you can just change the bearings of your skateboards. Changing bearings of your skateboard is pretty effortless as long as you own yourself an all-in-one tool for the skateboard. If you think that your bearings are getting pretty old, and they do not feel good, you can just change it by yourself wherever you are without having to find experts. After replacing the old ones with the new ones, you will be ready to feel confident again when playing your skateboard. That is because almost all skateboard bearings on the market come with lubricant applied to them already from the factory.

In case you feel that you will need to change the bearings, let’s look at something not further than Bones Bearing Reds Bearings. This is a package coming from Bones which is one of the most trusted brands, and they include 8 skateboard bearings in the box. With these bearing, you will not face any sticky issues while you are playing or training with your skateboard because they are well-lubricated. Nylon ball retainer plays an important role in making the speed and strength of the skateboard more aggressively.

4. The Origami Skateboard Stand by SKATERTRAINER

skateboard stand

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As we were talking about a skateboard rack, those who own only one skateboard might think that what is another great choice for them. A skateboard stand is a really nice idea when it comes to talking about storing only one skateboard. Well, if you happen to only own a skateboard, using a skateboard rack will remain a much useless space. The reason that we thought it would be a great idea is that a skateboard only comes with one place to store your skateboard. Moreover, you do need to even drill your wall which does not look really good. So, we recommend getting yourself a skateboard stand from Amazon or any store near your house.

We know that choosing one of the best skateboard stands can be a really difficult and challenging thing because there a number of products on the market. Without having you to go browser around, we have brought all of you an ideal skateboard stand in order to showcase to all of you. This is the skateboard stand from SKATERTRAINER, and it has got a decently nice-looking body. Furthermore, you can store your skateboard vertically directly on the floor, so it would be a lot easy for you to pick it up. You do not even to worry about the type of skateboard you own since it will support a lot of kinds of skateboard.

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3. 2 Packs Skateboard Wax Anti-slip Skateboard

curb wax

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Of course, playing skateboards with the same old normal style can be a little boring, so it is good to learn something. However, rail grinding can be a thing that most skateboarders would really like to try. To grind properly and safely, you need to find something to smoothen the bottom of your board which can also increase speed and smoothness. Well, curb wax can be the best tool out there you can find to curb your board. Most importantly, you will be able to have your skateboard feeling and looking like a new one because it also keeps your board durable.

We would definitely recommend this package that is coming from Nuanchu. There are 2 curb waxes in this package, so you will be able to use them for a quite long period of time. Additionally, they provide a really smooth experience when grinding or sliding on the rail which means they is also safe as well. By using these, you will find them a lot useful thanks to their compact size which you can freely bring with you. These things will absolutely take your skating experience to the next level and make it more enjoyable than it used to.

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2. SkaterTrainer 2.0 the Rubber Skateboarding Accessory

skateboard rubber

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Other than using your skateboard to move around, you can use it to try the new moves or the old moves you have not done for a long time. But, as you do those moves, you also have to keep your skateboard super stable, and you might ask how. So, you just need to get yourself a package of 5 skateboard rubber accessories. With these things, you will be able to do any styles like Ollie and Kickflip, etc. by just putting them to the wheels. In addition, using this is a really helpful thing as well while you are practicing or training with your skateboards as well.

Since SKATERTRAINER is a really big company that makes good skateboard products, we decided to pick another product from this company. Now, we have a really great package of 4 skateboard rubber accessories, and all of them will be able to have your job done well. First, they can stop your skateboard wheels from rolling really effectively. More than that, these rubbers are able to fit almost all types of skateboard wheels without any obstacles. What we really like is that it is also really effortless as well for you to take them off your skateboard wheels.

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1. Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

#1 Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

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Now, we have got to our goal which is the thing that all of you having been waiting for quite a while. That is what you should own in first place if you are a skateboard owner. This time we would like to recommend you to get yourself a launch ramp for skateboard if you want to talk your skating experience to another greater level. It is a tool that will help you to learn skateboard trick quickly and easily. Besides, it will also provide you a smooth skateboard experience without any problems since all of them come with slip-resistance.

Since we were talking about the launch ramp for skateboard, we would also like to unveil one of the best choices as well if you are lookingfor a launch ramp. This is a product from Ten-Eighty Store, and it is super beneficial for all skateboard owners. With hi-impact polymer construction, this launch ramp will be able to last for a really long time. Another thing that we like, push fit rubber feet make the launch ramp stable when you are riding your skateboard on it. Also, this have got slip-resistance feature as well which is really important for you.

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When looking for the best skateboard accessories, be sure to check out the options listed above. All products that we have shown are really worth your cash. Do not gamble with your cash, and just simply pick one of these items and have a breathtaking skating experience.

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