Whether you’re planning to go on a hiking, skiing, kayaking or fishing escapade, some nice and comfortable waterproof pants should be at the top of your must-have items. Waterproof pants not only keep you dry in a rainy environment but also ensure that you stay sufficiently shielded against strong winds.While we have people who choose to put on their waterproof pants throughout the journey, others find it proper to carry their waterproof pants in their backpack and only put them on when its starts raining.

While we have people who choose to put on their waterproof pants throughout the journey, others find it proper to carry their waterproof pants in their backpack and only put them on when its starts raining.

Either way, one thing is for sure; we all want the pants to not only fit comfortably but also exhibit a stellar performance. In order to ensure that you get the exact thing you’re looking for, let take a look at the 8 best waterproof pants list.

8. Arctix Men’s waterproof Pants

Arctix Men's waterproof Pants

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Arctic men’s waterproof pants start up our list of the top eight products on market. Made from 100% top quality fibers, these pants ensure that you not only stay warm but also stay sufficiently protected from strong winds as while hiking. Of course, strong winds which penetrate into your skin can be a pain in the rear especially if they are striking in the cold season.

These pants offer 85 grams of thermatech insulation which ensures that you stay warm and toasty even in the coldest rainy season. And yes, they are lightweight to ensure that you move around freely and comfortably without having to carry too much weight which makes your journey cumbersome. The pants also boast 600-denier ballistics which is used to reinforce and strengthen the ankles, hem guards and scuff making them awesome for a daily use.

The reinforcement also makes them tear and wear resistant; a feature which makes them extremely durable. Their adjustable waist which is fitted with grippers makes them ideal and convenient for people of different sizes while the zippers and articulated knees add to their excellent design.

  • They come with boot gaiters which are fitted with grippers to offer adequate warmth.
  • They come with O-rings for storing keys.
  • The zippered pockets are ideal for storage of your items.
  • They allow water to penetrate after a while.

7. Geval Women’s Waterproof Pants

Geval Women's Waterproof Pants

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With a zipper closure and an excellent design, these waterproof pants are a must-have for any female hiker. Of course, you never know when the storm will strike when you’re out there having fun. For that reason, grabbing these pants will keep you prepared and ready for any weather changes which may occur as you indulge in any outdoor activity.

Made from 100% polyester, these pants not only ensure that you stay warm and dry but offer adequate comfort. The soft fabric makes them ideal for all outdoor activities. Of course, the pants can also be converted to casual wears for weekends or any other informal event you wish to attend in style. The breathable and water repellent coating ensures that you stay dry throughout while the inner polar fleece layer offers sufficient comfort and heat insulation.

Made stitch to stitch and cut to cut using the highest level of technology and exquisite workmanship, the end product is a soft and comfortable garment for every outdoor activity.

  • The two zippered pockets allow you to carry your stuff conveniently.
  • It’s quite versatile; can be used for hiking, climbing or traveling.
  • The fabric is quite comfortable.
  • Coatings don’t offer adequate breathability although they offer maximum waterproofness.

6. Helly Hansen Men’s waterproof Pants

Helly Hansen Men's waterproof Pants

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Made from 100% polyurethane, Helly Hansen is a name which has been gaining popularity fast among all people globally. With options for men, women, and kids, their long range of top quality waterproof pants ensures that your whole family is well-protected in the rainy season.

Making use of a PU waterproof fabric, these pants ensure that every man stays warm and dry during any outdoor activity. They come in various sizes for everyone to be able to share in the fun.

Their unique fabric not only offers adequate waterproofness but also guarantees proper breathability for exemplary performance.

  • They are lightweight for convenience.
  • They offer numerous size options.
  • Their level of breathability isn’t sufficient.

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5. Columbia Men’s Rebel waterproof Pant

Columbia Men's Rebel waterproof Pant

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Introducing a stellar combination of 100% nylon 70D for the shell and 100% nylon 210T taffeta for the lining, this pair of waterproof pants come in on the 5th tier position. Imported, they are a must-have for any hiking, camping or fishing aficionado who wants to have comfortable time out there.

Any nature lover with a vivid understanding of the volatility of weather conditions should be looking for these pants. They are machine washable; of course, you know what that means. If you are one of those people who like pulling out the latest fashion but don’t like the idea of having to wash every now and then, then you can go for these pants since they are machine washable.

They come in a height of 2’’ and a width of 16’’. These dimensions make them ideal for a larger majority since most of us fall into that category. And yes, the elastic waistband which is, of course, adjustable makes these pants ideal even for those who have a wider waist. A contrast embroidery logo is placed on the side to add to its unique and attractive design.

  • The drawcord makes it ideal for people of numerous sizes.
  • The adjustable leg opening makes wearing it a breeze.
  • Its elastic waist offers a snug fit.
  • Getting to the pockets while still on the pants is a back-breaking task.

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4. Helly Hansen Women’s Voss waterproof Pant

Helly Hansen Women's Voss waterproof Pant

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Just like the earlier sibling, these pants are not only waterproof but also windproof. They keep you well-protected from water, and also sufficiently shielded against strong winds. The Helox+ material which is used in its construction makes them weatherproof.

In fact, these pants are ideal for both cold and warm weather conditions since they have adequate breathability in the warm environment and sufficient heat retention in the cold season.

They stretch to offer easy movement in order to ensure that you don’t have a hard time jumping over those cliffs as you move from mountains to mountains. Their quick dry lining offer increased comfort while the adjustable snap bottom hem offers a perfect fit.

  • They have an elastic waist to fit people of different sizes.
  • They come with welded seams for maximum performance.
  • The adjustable leg hems make wearing a breeze.
  • They aren’t so good above 50 degrees.

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3. Columbia Boys’ Cypress Waterproof Pants

Columbia Boys' Cypress Waterproof Pants

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100% nylon, Columbia boys’ waterproof pants make an entry into the top three slots leaving only two spots. They come with an elastic closure which makes them ideal for people of diverse sizes.With excellent moisture repulsion and breathability, these pants are all you need to have a nice and comfortable time out there. They are machine washable which means that you don’t have to worry about their maintenance.

What’s more, they are sufficiently seam sealed for optimal performance. Their adjustable leggings make putting them on and off a breeze while the soft fabric makes them quite comfortable.

  • Their hydroplus nylon keeps water at bay completely.
  • The elastic waist makes them ideal for people of different sizes.
  • They are sufficiently breathable.
  • They are pretty tight when worn over other pants.

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2. Frogg Toggs Waterproof Suit

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Suit

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Frogg Toggs take the second tier position amid the stiff competition. Made from 100% polypropylene, these are among the most comfortable waterproof pants on the market. Imported, they offer adequate insulation against water and wind even in the worst weather conditions. Although this is a full suit, we will channel our attention to the pants for purposes of convenience, and to also save your precious time.

The pants come with a 1’’ elastic waist which makes them convenient for people of various waist sizes. What’s more, the adjustable cords with cord locks make them incredibly comfortable while offering a proper fit.

The classic straight leg design makes these pants ideal for all outdoor activities as well as casual events. They also boast an adjustable opening which offers a quick in and out process.

  • They have four-panel cut for adequate fit and comfort.
  • The adjustable waistband makes them ideal for different people.
  • The leggings make them highly wearable.
  • They come with no pockets.

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1. Columbia Women’s Waterproof Pants

Columbia Women's Waterproof Pants

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Finally, the pick of the basket is the Columbia women’s’ waterproof pant which is made using 100% polyester for adequate protection and comfort. The drawstring closure makes these pants ideal for women of various sizes while being machine washable makes maintenance a snap.  The elastic waist also adds to their awesome and unique design making them ideal for different people.

They are not just waterproof but also windproof and highly breathable. The roomy opening offers a relaxed fit while the hook and loop adjustable cuffs ice the cake making them a must-have for any woman.

  • They are fully seamed.
  • They offer adequate warmth.
  • They are highly breathable.
  • They are rather too heavy.

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You Also  Have to Consider The Following Factors

The weight

Whether you want to carry the pants in your backpack and put on them later or simply want to put them on at the beginning of your journey, one thing is for sure; you will have to bear the weight. For that reason, you have to ensure that you take note of the weight before you pick waterproof pants.

Although less heavy pants tend to be less effective, it’s advisable that you take note of all the other factors while at the same time having the weight at the back of your mind. That’s the only way you can be sure to have the exact product you want. And yes, a considerable weight will definitely translate to adequate comfort.

The Material

We have several materials used in the construction of waterproof pants. These materials determine how effective the pants are as well as their durability. If you want to have nice waterproof pants which will last for years, it’s advisable that you take note of the material used in the construction.

Manufacturers are commonly using Gore-tex, Pertex and eVent materials in the construction of waterproof pants. Of course, the material will also affect the breathability of the pants.

The Level of Waterproofness

As the name suggests, waterproof pants have to exhibit exemplary waterproofing levels. After all, why would anyone buy waterproof pants which cannot keep water off from hours? You have to ensure that you get pants whose waterproofness is incredible. Companies are currently using laminates and coatings as the new waterproofing technologies.

Laminates are known to allow air to pass through for adequate breathability while the coatings are more preventive and do not allow moisture or sufficient air to pass through. For that reason, it’s upon you to decide on which of these two technologies you want to pick.


When I talk of convertibility, I am referring to the ability to convert the pants to something more comfortable in case the weather doesn’t work to your advantage. For instance, we have pants which can be unzipped at the knees and converted into a short when the weather becomes too hot while we have others which can be folded for convenience. It’s advisable that you establish whether the pants will be convertible into something more comfortable when the weather changes.


The price can never be overlooked, no matter how hard we try. You have to ensure that you pick a product whose price is reasonable and convenient enough for you. As always, the best products aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive; the best products are those whose price is reasonable and convenient.

Final Words

When looking for waterproof pants, whether you want them for outdoor activities or casual wear, you have to go for the best. Although we have a plethora of options when you take a walk down their aisle, it’s advisable that you pay extra attention to the material, size, and waterproofness. With the options listed above, you can never go wrong.

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